A Woman’s Touch In the Business World: Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is a woman that worked hard to get to where she is today. She is the daughter of the former president of the country of Angola. She has made it her mission to give women an equal foothold in the business world. For that determination and perseverance, Isabel dos Santos has become one of the top businesswomen in the world today and one of the richest women in all of Africa as well. 

When it comes to her career Isabel dos Santos says that there have been difficulties on her way to the top. She says that some people thought she could not get a big deal done because she was a woman. She did not allow this to deter her from reaching her goal. She had to be creative at points in her life just to be able to get ahead in the business world (Yaapd). 

Isabel dos Santos says the only way to change the attitudes of people is by challenging them one person at a time. When it comes to starting a business in Africa Isabel Dos Santos says for women to think about what the love to do and go for it. Isabel focuses on women empowerment, she says it will not be an easy road to travel but it can be done. They may face prejudice and bias but with grit and determination, they can make a success out of their chosen profession.

One of the main reasons that Isabel dos Santos has been so successful is due to her father’s positive influence. She was told at an early age that she could accomplish anything in life if she shet her mind to it. She was treated with kindness and respect. She did not have to follow normal practices in order to be a success in the world. She has always been grateful to her father for letting her succeed on her own terms.

These are some of the reasons that Isabel dos Santos has become a global influence. She was not limited in her choice and she made the best of it. All of that hard work is paying off. 


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Isabel dos Santos: Education and Empowerment in One

People who are educated will be able to adapt to social and economic changes as well as overcoming their challenges and failures in life. An Angolan businesswoman who is currently Africa’s richest woman and popularly known as the eldest child of the former president of Angola is Isabel dos Santos. With a net worth of almost $3 billion US Dollars, Isabel remained humble and continuously reaches out to people by focusing on their needs as well as prioritizing education all throughout their country, particularly to the youth. Being a successful woman in a world that has been dominated by man was not an easy task for Isabel, yet she conquered it as an African woman and became empowered than ever.

The Epitome of an Empowered Woman

According to a recent interview with Isabel dos Santos, she sees a steady growth of Africa and has a positive vision for it and its people. Opportunities such as developing small business and being able to provide a good quality education that is private as well as health care clinics that are technologically advanced.

Isabel is very positive about their growth as a nation and she wants all people to invest in education especially for adults who have children. Bigger opportunities await those went through education for it is very significant in attaining a person’s success in life. Truth be told, Isabel dos Santos knows education is the key to success especially in our world today where competition is tough and heavy. In order to be able to communicate intelligently as well as building yourself and shaping who you are, education is the answer.

In addition to this, Isabel also stated that education boosts the progress of a nation and develops the economic growth of the whole country as well. For Isabel dos Santos, one of the building blocks of a nation is having people that are well educated, and she is very amazed by how education gives people the right perspective of how things work around a nation. The future of a nation would depend on its people, and education fosters principles of equality and socialism.

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Dr. Kamil Idris Helps Build Nations By Protecting Its Intellectual Property

The building blocks of creation and invention is an idea. There was a time when people traded their ideas to create something new. For instance, from the observation of steam when water boils led to the development of power plants, sawmills, and locomotives.

Ideas are the stuff of all creations from a pen and ink drawing to the building of a rocket to the moon. Ancient Greek societies have recognized the importance of ideas that create works of art, useful devices, and recognizable brands which drive commerce. The things that people create in their minds are considered intellectual properties. A society and a nation move forward with the protection of the intellectual properties of its citizens. Dr. Kamil Idris is one of those kinds of people. 

The protection of intellectual property rights of those who create and invent should be protected, which is critical to the advancement of all knowledge. People have devoted a good portion of their lives protecting intellectual property rights.

Dr. Kamil Idris, Sudanese national, is the former director general for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), from 1997-2008. Dr. Kamil received a law degree from the Universty of Khartoum and a Ph.D. from the Geneva University in International Law. He holds honorary doctorates in law from nineteen Universities around the world and authored books in the areas of intellectual property, and international law and development.

WIPO is referred to as a specialized agency of the United Nations. Its goal is to monitor the transferring intellectual property across borders. Further, WIPO is committed to promote and maintain an International Intellectual Property system to advance economic development and protecting the public interests in intellectual property rights. As a UN agency, WIPO has a goal of preventing intellectual property theft, counterfeiting, piracy and speeding up the backlogs of patent applications, especially in the environment of Globalization. Kamil Idris is specifically interested in how globalization affects these rights:

For WIPO to accomplish its goals, it needs to ascertain:

* What the objectives are of a country in its political commitment to the development of Intellectual Property Rights,

* The nation states understanding and awareness of an intellectual property system,

* The countries need to respect the intellectual property rights of other nations,

* Protecting intellectual property rights through legislation with the public policy to encourage creativity and innovation.

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Thor Halvorssen Continues His Criticism Of Nicki Minaj

A planned pre Christmas festival appearance by Nicki Minaj has not gone to plan after her appearance in Angola led to severe criticism of her choice to attend the concert sponsored by a company owned by President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos. The Angolan President has been accused by a number of human rights groups of being a dictator who has taken a large amount of the resources of the African country for himself and his family. The founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen has been the most outspoken critic of the performances of Nicki Minaj and Gilbert Arenas.

Thor Halvorssen has seen human rights abuses affect his own family as the Venezuelan family he comes from have continued to be active politically despite their continued problems with government figures. Both the mother and father of Halvorssen have been injured because of their political beliefs, which has driven the film producer to attempt to assist others who are facing problems affecting their human rights.

After spending a large amount of his life working with some of the world’s most respected human rights groups Halvorssen decided to create his own foundation free from any political interference. The career of Halvorssen has brought him to the U.S. where he has based the Human Rights Foundation in New York, deciding on how best to work with the foundation saw Halvorssen create a board of directors consisting of former political prisoners and respected politicians.

Prior to embarking on her trip to Angola Nicki Minaj was the subject of an open letter written by Thor Halvorssen that explained why her trip was morally wrong. Since her return to the U.S. from Angola Nicki Minaj has not seen the problems caused by the trip die down, instead Thor Halvorssen has questioned the future role of Minaj in any U.S. based charitable work. The Human Rights Foundation founder has stated the money paid to Minaj for her performance comes from the money that should be owned by the people of Angola and not the President of the country and his family.