Are You Suffering from a Lung Disease?

Lung disease can plague your life in several ways. Many patients experience chronic fatigue and malaise making it harder to do everyday activities. Are you tired of spending money and time on doctors visits and treatments that simply aren’t working? You may be surprised to learn you’re not alone. According to PR Web online, the reason why these traditional treatments don’t have many positive results is because they only treat the symptoms of lung disease instead of treating what’s causing the symptoms. Over time, this results in allowing the disease to progress.

Stem cell therapy is the best treatment for many patients. It has considerably high success rates and can actually slow or even stop the progression of the disease. The Lung Institute is the leading provider in lung disease treatment for many reasons, but its use of stem cell therapy is one. According to a report by, patients of various medical history backgrounds can receive treatment through one of the Lung Institute facilities regardless of their stage of the disease.

The Lung Institute treats several types of lung disease from COPD to interstitial lung disease. You can find treatment centers throughout the United States and it is recommended to stay in town since it takes three days to complete treatment. First, stem cells will need to harvested through one of two methods, blood venous or bone marrow. Both procedures are minimally invasive and relatively safe. Next, the collected specimen will need to go through a filtration process to separate the stem cells from other cells and specimen. The final step is to inject the concentrated dose of stem cells back into the bloodstream.

The stem cells will reach the lungs within a matter of minutes. In the lungs, a pulmonary trap will occur which is exactly what you want to happen. The stem cells will copy the genetic codes from surrounding healthy cells and in turn, will replace damaged parts of the lungs. As simple as the procedure sounds, it’s best to have highly experienced staff and physicians who specialize in such treatment. The Lung Institute ( has some of the most qualified staff who treat lung disease primarily. Other doctors and treatment centers do not have the focus on this type of treatment which is why their success rates are much lower than The Lung Institute.

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