Sandy Chin Hosts A Summer Books Donation Drive For PS11 In New York

Apart from leading a highly successful career in finance and founding an equally successful alternative investment firm, Sandy Chin is also an avid reader. This is evidenced by the fact that she would go on and name her two children Taggart and Nolan after fictional characters from her favorite fiction books.

She hopes to inculcate the reading culture in more than her children and this has seen her taking a leading role in advocating for the allocation of more resources to PS11, an elementary school in New City where her children school. She even organized a summer books donation drive for the school based in New York City’s Westside.

Why do the books drive?

Sandy Chin notes that most summer engagements tend to draw children away from books and this often has a negative impact on their reading level. She mentions that when children don’t have access to reading materials like books and library service or aren’t motivated to read during the three-month summer break, their reading grade level tends to backslide.

The drive was, therefore, a call to parents and members of NYC’s Westside community to donate books to help the PS11 kindergarteners maintain their reading grade levels over the summer holidays. The reception and overwhelming support that the dive received would, however, see almost every student in the school took home a free book.

Books, boxes, and bodies

According to dailyforexreport, the drive dubbed ‘Books, Boxes, and Bodies’ was a call for parents to donate reading materials for the kindergarteners at PS11. Most parents and donors are however not familiar with the different reading grade levels and brought forth books of higher reading grade levels.

Sandy Chin and her team spent time sorting the over 3,500 books donated to the school according to the reading grades and that’s how almost every other student in the various grades were able to afford a summer book to carry home.

More about Sandy Chin

Chin studied law but would find great interest in finance and investment during her gap year that she decided to opt for a career in the industry. She started off as an Analyst at the Bank of America Corporation before moving to Neuberger Berman LLC and Visium Asset Management where she served as Vice President and portfolio manager respectively. Today, Sandy serves as the Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio manager at Tidal Bore Capital, an alternative investment company specializing in consumer staples.


Discover why Mikhail Blagosklonny is an exceptional in the field of science

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a known scientist. He has a huge desire in sciences that have developed since his childhood. He is keen to research of what makes things happen in a particular manner. It has led home to have an impact in the industry. Today he is mostly concerned with determining the relationship between age and the ailments it accompanies like cancer. High education has triggered his discoveries. He is a product of Pavlov State University. In the institution, he attained his M.D and later Ph.D. The qualification has made him act as associate professor of New York Medical College. He is glad to be a senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute. Moreover, Mikhail lecturers the oncology classes at Roswell Park Institute.

He is concerned with ensuring that the Oncotarget deliver quality information. In the press, he works as an editor. His position in the media is due to his willingness to sacrifice his time and resources to see the science field have a greater growth. Moreover, as a scientist, he has much to offer to the journal readers.

As cancer and other aging-related diseases are on the rise Mikhail Blagosklonny has embarked on many types of research meant to reverse the trend. He hopes his research will form a key pillar in ensuring that there is the establishment of the remedy for the diseases. He hopes to achieve this by making sure that the healthy cells are not affected by the factors that cause illnesses like cancer.

It has led him to be involved in many types of research like the TOR signaling. Here they are determining the relation of the mTOR and cell functioning. In the research, they are keen to learn why the mTOR attacks the healthy cells.

Mikhail links his success with the passion and determination plus hard work that has seen him have great success in the sector. He believes all the problems affecting the health of the persons could get eradicated if considerable research was done. Is in this believe that he has tirelessly got involved in the project after project making discoveries that may in future make the sector solve some of the worse crisis.

Jon Urbana: An Individual Helping Young Athletes

An exciting, relevant and much needed GoFundMe campaign has been created by entrepreneur and environmentalist Jon Urbana. Proceeds from the campaign are donated to Earth Force, a non-profit organization. The campaign hopes to embolden the young to become aware and active in protecting the environment. Urbana expects to raise $1,750. Based in Denver, Colorado, the non-profit Earth Force is actively promoting environmental awareness in the region. Raised in Colorado, Urbana has a fondness for his surroundings and realizes a need to take care of it.

As the preeminent lacrosse camp in Colorado, Next Level Lacrosse, is a day camp at the Vail Mountain School, in Vail, Colorado. The training camp is for male lacrosse players, U9-U 15. Next Level Lacrosse was established in 2011, by renowned Villanova University lacrosse legend Jon Urbana. It focuses on player skills, technique, and positioning and is staffed with former college lacrosse players and coaching personnel.

A certified airplane pilot, Jon Urbana is recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration, in the FAA Airmen Certification Database. Inclusion in the database is premised on pilots who have fulfilled or exceeded the extensive and rigorous license, education, and medical requirements imposed on them.

Most musicians take a liking to music early in their childhood or teenage years. Jon Urbana bucked that stereotype, learning to play the guitar as an adult. Taking advantage of contemporary technology in music, Jon is gifted in mixing music and write original compositions and has cultivated quite a following for his music on Soundcloud and MTV artists.

Jon Urbana on Vimeo: Above and Beyond

Jon Urbana is more than just a businessman, he is an individual with a banging Vimeo channel and many talents and interests. Urbana’s love for lacrosse earned him a spot playing for a professional team. He played competitively for a few years before deciding to retire, but his passion didn’t stop there.

He now runs a lacrosse camp that he co-founded in Denver Colorado, teaching youth about the sport. The name of the lacrosse camp is Next Level and it has quickly grown into one of the premier youth camps in the area.

As mentioned before, Jon Urbana’s interests spread far beyond business or sports, he has projects in both music (Swan Song by Jon Urbana) and photography (a popular Instagram handle). Lately, Urbana has been focusing much of his time and energy into raising money for local charities. He promotes much of his work through video.

Vimeo is one of the places in which Jon Urbana publishes his videos. In one video, Urbana filmed a moose in the Alaskan wilderness. It is a still film that is only around 10 seconds long, but the images that Urbana is able to capture are phenomenal, even when it’s just coffee. Watching the video will make a viewer feel as though they could reach out and touch the beautiful animal.

In another, more abstract and artistic video, Jon Urbana filmed a goldfish swimming in a cabernet glass. The video only lasts 9 seconds, but leaves much to be interpreted. The white background accompanied by the translucent glass makes the goldfish stand out remarkably. It is a very interesting video.

One of his longest videos is actually a promotion for his photography. The video is just shy of 10 minutes and it features countless photos from Urbana’s extensive portfolio. Included in the video are pictures from around the world of famous locations such as the Great Wall of China. In addition, there are some more abstract and artistic photos to showcase the many talents of Urbana.

Not all videos and songs released by Jon Urbana are about promotion or entertainment. He also releases many videos about the charities that he is raising money for. One video in particular is his featured video. In the video, viewers are introduced to the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society in Denver, Colorado for which Urbana is raising money for. The ARAS focuses mainly on stray or mistreated cats in the Denver area.

Hedge Fund Manager Kyle Bass Courts Clovis Oncology

Kyle Bass thinks that the stock market reaction to the news regarding Clovis’ manipulation of clinical trials is “overly punitive“. Clovis Oncology buffed up the numbers on the effectiveness of their new anti-cancer medication Rociletinib. The FDA called foul and ordered some tests of their own, which demonstrated Clovis had exaggerated. That’s a horrible thing for an organization to do which caters to millions afflicted by debilitating disease, but the reason Bass is calling foul is that Clovis Oncology is far from unique among pharmaceutical companies in this degree.

AstraZeneca recently received critical attention when it was revealed they used Asian patients to conduct clinical trials with, and the drug they were using had a high likelihood of being more conducive to Asian patients. Apparently, lung cancer treatments historically work well on Asians, and this data was known to AstraZeneca. None of this would be foul, except that the drug AstraZeneca was clinically testing had a marketing constituency of North Americans. AstraZeneca was clearly using legal means to fudge the numbers–they were “lying” within the rules of the game. But did anyone see their stock plummet seventy percent in a single day? Of course not!

Bass also still believes in Clovis Oncology because he thinks their next drug, Ruca, will impact the market in a way that he can capitalize from. Whether this capitalization is from an increase or decrease in Clovis’ stock is hard to say. Bass was able to make a killing several years back when he started an organization called the Coalition For Affordable Drugs. This coalition lowered the cost of many pharmaceuticals’ medicines, and subsequently lowered their stock value; which Bass capitalized on post-haste. As a result, American politicians across the political spectrum pulled in their horns and banded together in order that Bass’ loophole could be sewn shut. But Bass still capitalized off the loss he legally extracted from the Pharmaceutical organizations.

Is this humanitarianism? Shrewdness? A Scientology plot that’s funding Bass on the sly as UsefulStooges feels? Or is the man just a prime opportunist continually stumbling into profit? Well, the latter seems the least likely, and something many people are worried about regarding Bass is his relationship to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a well-known Argentine socialist. Bass himself is Argentine, however; could the argument be made that his relationship to de Kirchner is purely professional/nationalistic/relational? Of course it could, and there are also those who would spin it the other way.

Here’s the only thing anybody can know for sure: Bass right now has reason to support Clovis, he’s been successful in the past, and the man is downright sly. All these things cumulatively indicate Bass is a man to observe and suspend judgement about.

All Can Invest, Investor Accreditation Rendered Useless

Wiki shows that Bradley Reifler is a Bowden University graduate in economics and the founder of Forefront Capital and Advisory group as well as the managing partner, CEO and president of CIFCO International Group. He has experience in entrepreneurship and investment industries with success record with numerous companies that are based in the United States. He started his professional career in investments in 1980s by founding Reifler Trading Company. The trading company began as a firm that manages discretionary accounts handling millions of dollars but later changed to an institution that focuses on market research, global derivative advisory, executive services and dissemination of information. Through its consistence and delivery of quality work in the market, it became a market leader independent futures operations but in 2000, Reifler sold it to the world’s largest futures company Refco Inc.

By managing the company that had his name, Reifler had grew fond of capital markets and experience as well as skills were imminent. He found a new company in named Pali Capital in 1995. Pali Capital was like a broker agency that was dedicated to equity markets. Being a smart guy, he expanded hedge funds by conducting top research and combining the results with structures obtained from credit analysis and derivatives and gave sales persons a lesson on how to articulate strategies and bring them out to customers in the desired manner. The company paid off by increasing its turnover to over $1 billion and employing over 300 personnel with offices in four continents.

As a founder of a fast growing firm, there is need to offer more attention to it. Reifler is giving Forefront Capital, LLC attention and it is making tremendous steps through the assistance that it is getting from affiliate and subsidiary companies like Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisories. Affiliate company assistance and good service delivery has enabled Reifler and Forefront Capital attract top investment bankers, registered business advisors and business leaders. Such people symbolize or depict an image of a successful firm or one that is on its way to success.

Reifler announced the creation of an initiative named Forefront Income Trust Inc through Reuters. in 2014. This is due to the fact that he has been in business with non-accredited investors in business for a long time and knows exactly what such people can do. Stock Exchange commission defined accredited investors as those who have a net worth with another person’s spouse or own net worth that exceeds $1 million at the time of purchasing securities or a person whose income exceeds $200,000 in two of the most recent years or has joint income with a spouse exceeding $300,000 for a similar period. This has barred middle income earners from investing but Reifler is giving them an opportunity. Non-accredited investors can invest as little as $2500 which doesn’t charge management fee until the investor makes 8% of the invested money.

Yeonmi Park Discusses Her Life In North Korea Before Escaping To China

Yeonmi Park, a young woman who fled North Korea with her mother in 2007, has released her book, in which she shares what it was like growing up in a country with such strict government control.

Park was just 13 years old when she fled the country with her mother, and she currently resides in New York. Now 21 years old, she has begun talking about her tragic past, mostly through her book, called In Order to Live.

In the book, Park states that in 1990, the Soviet Union disbanded and Moscow stopped offering deals on exports to North Korea, which ultimately led to the country’s demise.

After 1990, the country’s economy suffered, so much so that Park says many of the country’s residents died from disease and starvation as a result of the famine.

Park’s book describes the living conditions during Kim Jong-il’s leadership. She mentions that proper ingredients weren’t available to her family, so they were forced to eat bugs, flowers, and other plants. She also states that many other starving citizens struggled to find food to eat.

As she describes her living conditions in the book, Park says it wasn’t unusual to see thousands of dead bodies along the streets. She also described what it was like to live under the totalitarian government. She mentions that she was ordered to rat out anyone who did or said the wrong thing.

After Park’s father was apprehended for smuggling her mother, Park and her mother hired a trafficker to take them to China. They were forced to leave Park’s father behind, and their journey to China was not an easy one. They had to cross the Yalu River and sneak past all of the border’s guards.

After reaching Chinese soil, Park says that the man who agreed to sneak them out of North Korea raped her mother. They had nowhere else to go, so they had to stay with the trafficker, and during that time, Parks said that he repeatedly raped her mother. She refers to this time as a “nightmare” in her book.

After two years, the trafficker finally let Park of and her mother leave his home. After leaving, she and her mother were able to travel to Mongolia, where they caught a plane to South Korea and left behind their nightmare for a new and better life.

Today, Park travels the world in an effort to raise awareness about the living conditions in North Korea. Her efforts have been successful, and a speech she gave at the One Young World Summit in 2014 has received millions of views on YouTube.