Getting to know Anthony Petrello

Anthony G. Petrello is a man of many talents and skills. He is a prominent figure in the United States of America who albeit unknown sit pretty as part of the corporate elite in America. Currently, he serves as the chief executive officer also doubling up as the president and chairman of the board of Nabors limited. He took a staggering 68 million dollars in salary for the year 2014 which is awarded based on the success of his company. Nabors limited is a corporation dealing in drilling oil and natural gas in America. Anthony Petrello is a man who believes in fairness and operates under a strict moral code. Combine these with his achievements and success, and you get a person who inspires admiration and envy from many people.

He is a kind man and always treats his fellow man fairly. These qualities have helped him achieve the success he has seen throughout his career, and through the growth of Nabors industries, created plenty of jobs.

Mr. Petrello had his fair share of struggles coming up. He grew up in Newark, in a neighborhood that mainly comprised of Italians. As a young man, he studied hard in school, mastering calculus and exhibiting an understanding of mathematics expected from logistic specialists. Growing up in a culture of that appreciates hard work and shuns dishonesty, Mr. Petrello carried the values in his core, practicing them through his career. He made do with the poor resources availed to him at his public school, always hoping to secure a future, brighter than his back then. His first break came when, just before turning 18, he was spotted by Yale University for displaying an excellent understanding of PhD-level calculus and linear algebra. Yale awarded a full scholarship to Petrello to further his passion.

Anthony G. Petrello continued impressing at the university. He handled very complex mathematical tasks that troubled other students which got him noticed by one of his math professors. Together they worked on Serge Lang, his professor’s, numbers theory and other more complex theorems. Petrello later shocked everyone when he dropped his mathematical prodigy dreams to pursue a career in law at Harvard law school. After completing his post-graduate studies, he went through several jobs, finally landing at Nabors. There, he slowly climbed up the corporate ladder to become the CEO. With the new position, came many financial perks, some of which Petrello and his wife donated to his community to the tune of millions.