ClassDojo Raises Millions for App Development

ClassDojo has impressed investors with its plans for taking school functions and communication and making them digitally accessible. Their plans seem so profitable that they were able to secure $21 million in venture funding.

Co-founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary have taken their new capital to expand their 25-person staff. They looking to hire one more programmers to better refine the features they hope will keep parents better connected to teachers and schools.

At present, ClassDojo is tool used by teachers to inform parents of scheduled events such as days when schools are closed and conferences between parents and faculty. But the app can also provide multimedia to parents that shows how their child is doing in school to better monitor their academic progression and overall conduct.

While ClassDojo encounters some competition from other tech companies in the educational sector, few have turned their attention towards communication. This has been quite helpful for the startup. With so few alternatives to bridge this technological gap, ClassDojo has been able to provide their app to more than 85,000 schools, both private and public, across the United States without being challenged by alternatives.

Another incentive that leads schools to open its doors to ClassDojo is the promise founders Don and Chaudhary have made to not make revenue off user data. It’s typical that developers of apps, even free ones, will have a steady revenue stream by selling off user data. But in this case, considering the added privacy concern over selling data that so heavily incorporates children as users, blocking that data from potential abuse by third parties lends a degree of credibility to ClassDojo and helps to better define their business ethic.

Moving forward, ClassDojo hopes to more closely mirror traditional social media for easier use by parents and teachers. This will hopefully allow for faster transfers of data from either party. And while ClassDojo does hope to monetize in some form in the future, either founder has been committed to making that revenue in an manner that benefits the needs of parents and teachers while also protecting the data of children.  Important link here.

About ClassDojo:

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary in the city of San Francisco, designed to better assist parents, teachers, and school administration officials to better communicate about the scholastic needs of children students and scheduled activities. Based on

ClassDojo has been put to use in schools across the United States and in 180 other countries around the world. With a team of dedicated engineers, designers, and dedicated educational professionals, ClassDojo has been able to secure influential partnerships with tech giants like Google and Amazon based on the effectiveness of their products.

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