Upwork’s Solutions For Staying Organized

Staying organized throughout the day can be a chore for most people. Staying organized throughout the week can be a nightmare if you’re prone to procrastinating. If you’re like most people, then you’re probably not as organized as you should be. Notifications, texts, post-its and emails will multiple at an alarming rate if you’re not on top of your game. If you have an email, and you just so happen to ignore your email for one day, then you’re probably setting yourself back by two days. Yes, this is absolutely correct. Upwork, a freelancing platform for businesses, has some tips and tricks to help keep you organized.

  1. Store all of your tasks and important information in one secure place. Most people are very sloppy when it comes to staying organized. Post-its here and text messages there can manifest into a nightmare. It’s very hard to keep track of an abundance of information, especially if they’re not in one location. Try incorporating some form of managing software, which will help you separate all of the junk mail that’s lying around.
  2. Define your priorities instead of randomly choosing things to do. To honestly state it, your day will always have some kind of unforeseen circumstance that could throw-off your schedule. This is just the law of the land. One of the better things to incorporate into your day is a task priority. Task priorities will keep track of every task via its priority. Allocating more time to the most important tasks will help you become more efficient.
  3. Implement a batch process to help save time. A batch process will lineup all of your phone calls. This will definitely help you get through the process much faster. The same thing can be done with answering emails or checking notifications.

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Talk Fusion Makes Strides with New App

Talk Fusion, the new innovative video chat, opens new inroads to both business and personal chat sessions that continues to revolutionize the industry.

This new communications program continues to expand across the world as it strives to reach the rank of the #1 communications app in many countries. While already reaching this goal in Indonesia the momentum is continuing to build as Talk Fusion achieves the high rank of #5 in Japan and 20th in Switzerland as it continues to gain in popularity.

One of the deciding factors in Talk fusions quick rise in popularity is it’s compatibility with many popular devices such PC’s, Android, Apple, Tablets and Mac. Not only is this highly compatible app easy to use, but the HD quality is unique making communications fun and enticing. This distinction of high quality and steadily expanding service can also be used to grow businesses that use this exclusive technology.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by CEO Bob Reina with a vision of using cutting-edge technology that allows its customers to share videos across the world. According to an article in Business For Home, Talk Fusion Video Chat Now #! Communication Program In Global Market by Nicole Dunkley, this new source of communication will be open to expansion with free trials in many countries the world over. Talk Fusion and many other apps will be included in free trials with no credit card bring the name Talk Fusion to the forefront of those in the know internationally.

Talk Fusion Video Chat app is now available for free in the iTunes and Google Play stores and many related products will soon be available with free trials in over 140 countries. These popular apps will revolutionize social media and business practices as Talk Fusion continues its international popularity.

How Handy is Growing to be an Unmatched Firm in On-demand and Handyman Services

Despite only being in the industry for 3 years, Handy is dominating the space whenever it comes to handyman services and on-demand cleaning. It announced a round amounting to over $50 million and being worth about $500 million, it makes it hard to contemplate how the space would be like if it never existed.

Before Handy, Oisin Hanrahan and Paddy Cosgrave launched the MiCandidate. This platform provided media firms with political content. The pair also established the Undergraduate Awards, which was a non-profit organization that has grown to become the largest of its kind.

On being asked whether going from political content to the on-demand cleaning was because he had a specific penchant for cleanliness or money was what attracted him, Oislin explained that while he was still in college, he spent three years working on development of real estate in Hungary. What he found was that it was challenging to get people do small chores inside apartments. It was not until he went to study at Harvard that Handy came to life. While in Boston, Oislin and his then roommate came up with the idea and they dropped out of college and decided to make Handy a real business.

After raising over $50,000, the pair deemed Boston unworthy for the growth of Handy. They decided to look for an optimal location for the firm, its clients and stakeholders. The two opted for New York as the ideal place, and that’s where Handy was established.

Handy is a leading platform that connects people looking for any kind of household services with professionals who are independent, vetted and experts in their field. Regardless of what one is looking for, from handyman services to cleaning services, Handy will instantly match thousands of customers each week with the most trusted professionals in cities all over the globe. With a booking process of less than a minute, secure payment, money-back guarantee, Handy provides the easiest and most convenient way for booking home services.

Flexible Benefits For Gig Workers May Come In Handy

With well-paying, steady jobs being increasingly difficult to find in this economy, many people have supplemented their income or even replaced it entirely with a variety of gigs. From house cleaning to pet sitting to home care, an estimated 53 million Americans now work for themselves or for companies who offer freelancing opportunities for those seeking gigs. While this is great opportunity for those seeking income it does not offer any long-term benefits for these workers.

A coalition calling for portable benefits and a Good Work Code is seeking to change this and make traditional employment benefits available for freelancers and gig workers. “Everyone, regardless of employment classification, should have access to the option of an affordable safety net that supports them when they’re injured, sick, in need of professional growth, or when it’s time to retire,” wrote the 40 people from CEOs and founders of companies like Handy and Etsy in advocating for these benefits.

Handy.com is just one of the businesses that signed this ground-breaking letter attempting to modernize traditional benefits. CEO Oisin Hanrahan says, “We’d love to see a form of safe harbor to allow platforms like ours to offer benefits, education and training.” Handy.com networks between those needing a handyman or even furniture assembly and the people who wish to provide these services. While they do not employ these people in a traditional sense, the company would like to be able to offer benefits for these contractors that are the backbone of their business.

Founded in 2012 as Handybook, Handy.com sought to offer a practical solution to finding trusted handyman and cleaning specialists. Hanrahan stumbled upon this need as he was seeking to renovate a series of apartments in New York City and experienced extreme difficulty finding reputable and reliable handymen. Since the startup, the business is now in 28 cities nationwide, booked over one million jobs, and recently earned $50 million in funding.

Assemblymen David Chiu stated, “Flexible work should not come at the expense of economic security.” These businesses are providing much needed work in this economy, as they becomes mainstream it is common sense that flexible benefits be offered to protect workers economic security.

When a Break From Stress is Neccessary!

Social media is an excellent way to forget about your issues and to find inspiration outside of your exciting and busy life. My favorite applications to use for social media is Facebook and Tumblr. Facebook allows me to reconnect with my friends and see what they have been up to on a regular basis. My friends also post events and daily inspirations from their life to keep me entertained when ever I stumble onto the app and view their page. Tumblr is an excellent place to find inspiration from people you don’t know. I follow a lot of photographers and find it an amazing opportunity to draw my idea’s from for photo projects or things to experience in my personal life. Its also an easy way for me to post my photography and share it with people I don’t know.

A new social media application I’ve recently downloaded and given a try goes by the name of Flipora. Flipora is a personalized content recommendation service that gained popularity in 2012. It allows the user to select content that they would find interesting and then finds websites and articles related to the initial interest. It originally started as a website that would search your browsing history and match that to your interest if you lost the site and expanded to what it is now. Flipora is growing exponentially and is now home to 6 times more site indexes then Wikipedia. It also grows by 150,000 members each day an holds a record of 8 million users that is constantly growing.

Starting my account was fun and promoted a promising experience with the social network application. There where almost an endless amount of options to choose from when selecting my interest that would further justify what I saw on the application’s home page. Following my selection of interest, I was instantly able to see post from others regarding what I initially thought I’d be interested in. I enjoyed not having to leave the application to view the articles from the home page. On normal social media sites that show you stories and article clips, you have to leave the application to read the remaining of the article. That can get very irritating and hard on your phones server, so it was a breath of fresh air and very appreciated.

Overall my experience with social media is positive. When ever life gets to me and I need a break from it all, you can catch me scrolling on my phone. It also comes in handy when you are waiting at the airport or at a party where no one is entertaining you. I plan on using Flipora as my daily news source for entertainment.

Skout Helped Me To Find Great Friends In Los Angeles

I recently moved to Los Angeles to go to school, and I was in need of a friend to show me around the area. I thought I would be able to find friends when I went to college classes, but unfortunately, people are not as friendly as I thought they would be. It doesn’t help that I’m shy either, but I really needed someone to show me around. I was also hoping I might find a cute guy to hang out with if I started looking. I decided to join Skout, and I only joined because my friends back home told me it’s a great place to start looking for friends in my local area.

I don’t know why I never thought of using an online social media network to find friends, but it could be because I’m very old fashioned. I signed up for Skout, and I created a profile with my picture on it. After I created my profile, I started doing a local search for anyone, whether they were a guy or a girl. After I put up my profile, I started looking for someone who had some of the same interests as me. I like to go to the gym, I like watching movies, and I like to bowl.

I figured that I’d be able to find someone who had some of the same interests. I was surprised to find tons of people who lived in my area, and a lot of them liked the same things as me. I started chatting to some of the people that I met on the network, and I was quickly able to find someone to go out with. The person was a young lady, and she went to a college nearby. Although we didn’t go to the same school, it turns out that we had some of the same classes, and it helped us to bond with each other.

We met within a week of talking on the Skout network, and we went out to a few places to have fun. She even introduce me to some of her friends, and we all ended up becoming a tight clique. Since I had so much success finding friends on the Skout network, I did additional searches, and I was able to find even more friends on the network. By using Skout (huffingtonpost.com), I was able to find an exercise buddy, I also found some great friends, and I hope to find in a relationship too.