The Advantages of A Diverse Portfolio According to Igor Cornelsen

One of the pieces of advice that investors frequently hear is to diversify their portfolio. One of the most interesting things about this is that a lot of newer investors are not aware of the benefits that come with a diverse portfolio. Igor Cornelsen is one of the investors that have experienced the benefits of having a diverse portfolio. Therefore, he is one of the people that would say that this is one of the best things that an investor can do. As a matter of fact, he would even say that an investor would do himself a disservice if he sticks with one type of investment.

One advantage that comes with a diverse portfolio according to Igor Cornelsen is that it increases the likelihood of making money. It does make a lot of sense. People are often told to not put all of their eggs in one basket. In many cases, there is going to be at least one basket that falls through. Another thing to consider is that people are going to need information on the different companies in order to find the ones they feel are going to profit them the most. One thing that can help is the type of image that each company has.

With a diverse portfolio is diverse prices. However, this is not the only way to go about investing. People do have to look at the different companies they can invest in so that they can find out for certain what they can expect for a turnout. One thing that can help is if they invest in companies they are interested in. After all, people own a part of the company when they own a stock.

Igor Cornelsen treats his investing as more than just the activity of giving money in order to get more back. He really takes this activity seriously. He finds companies he is interested in and makes sure that they are going in the right direction. This is where trends come in. When the business is going in a trend that is working to his favor, he can feel safe when it comes to investing.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Makes Announcement Regarding New President At Bradesco

Bradesco’s change in management made headlines, especially when the chairman, who served in the position of chairman of Bradesco decided to retire. The chairman of the company had been a part of the management at Bradesco for over two decades and had become an essential part of the Bradesco family. The retirement of this chairman caused the company to have to select a new person to take up this position, which stands as one of the most essential within the company.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who then served as the President of the company had come forward to announce that the board of directors would be putting in a vote to appoint a new chairperson. This announcement was made in October, and just a few days later, the board decided that they should offer this position to Trabuco himself. Trabuco had been serving in the position of CEO of the company for an incredibly extended period. He first took over the position as President in 2009 and since then proceed to contribute to the development of Bradesco. One of the first arrays that the company had started it was with regards to its territorial expansion. Trabuco wanted to be able to help the company grow and become a name which people would trust for all of their banking needs. Because of the plans that he implemented, Bradesco was able to improve the number of banks that Bradesco had in various parts of the country. More people were now being able to use Bradesco and all of its amenities, which further led to the company once again being able to rise to the number one position within the banking industry.


Bradesco has a number of rules that are implemented to ensure that their management works to the fullest of their potential. One of these rules is that one employee at the company can only hold one position within Bradesco. This meant that while Trabuco was being offered the new job of chairman of the company, he would no longer be able to perform the role of President of Bradesco. Because of this rule, the company thereon had to make a decision about who would be allowed to take on the position of President of Bradesco. After much consideration, Trabuco came forward to announce that Octavio de Lazari Jr would be taking over the place that Trabuco would now be relieved of.

About Bradesco

As the leading private bank in Brazil, Bradesco has emerged as an essential part of the Brazilian financial sector. The company over the years has grown to be an industry leader who has consistently set high standards for other banks to follow. According to, Bradesco has been trying to improve their services and develop their reach more so that they can be more accessible to people all over the country. The company has time and again demonstrated that they can adapt and evolve along with the changing market trends to stay ahead of the competition and other banks in the country.


Nexbank Capital Inc. Completes Placement of Its Subordinated Notes

Nexbank is a financial services firm that is based in Dallas, Texas. It serves diverse clients, supporting their goals and providing solutions that ensure that their needs are met. It was able to finish a multi-million dollar ($54) placement of subordinated notes to various investors in 2017.

The revenue generated from the closing was to be used to achieve the firm’s goals

Nexbank Capital, Inc. subordinated notes

The offering of the notes, which closed in September 2017, was solely overseen by Sandler O’Neill & Partners. They are irredeemable for the next five years and come with a fixed interest rate of 6.375%. Due to lack of registration under the Securities Act, it is illegal for them to be sold or offered in any state in the United States. This is unless they are registered or are excluded from the Securities Act’s registration requirements.

The company that was started in 1934 has achieved a lot over the years. It has been ranked as the 11th largest financial institution in Texas. It has more than eighty employees and has expanded to three locations. It specializes in three core areas namely commercial, mortgage banking and institutional services.

Commercial banking

The company helps its clients to access funding, enabling them to run their business operations successfully. It also works together with real estate developers to finance construction projects and exploit business opportunities. Their aim is to promote growth, maximize profits and improve efficiency.

Mortgage Banking

Nexbank provides new or extra warehouse lines so that their customers can better close their loans. Their team of professionals provides customized solutions to meet the individual wants of their clients. If you are a mortgage professional who needs any financial assistance or advice, it’s a good place to start.

Institutional services

It also provides services to other financial institution that need to grow. These include revolving lines of credit and tailored depository services. With their help, nationwide institutions are able to increase the productivity of their individual treasury operations. They are also able to maximize the income potential of their assets.

With the closing of the subordinate notes offering, Nexbank Capital Inc. now has $283M of debt and equity as from 2016. The firm is also a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) member.

Highland Capital Management: A Leader in Investing

In the field of investing, Highland Capital Management is already tried and tested. The company is one of the examples of investment and management firm, which typically handles held funds, investment funds that are distressed and structured investments. The firm itself is also actively investing in public equities around the globe, in fixed income, and in hedging markets, where their focus is on loans, bonds, and structured products. The firm was founded in 1993, and their headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas, but they also operate in other major cities around the world, like New York City, Singapore, and London. They have assets worth billions of dollars, and on 2010, they announced that they have already completed their value funds.


But how did they manage to get to where they are now? The answer is simple: for the last twenty years, they managed to transform into one of the financial industry’s largest credit managers by the joint venture of two of its founders. From then on, they began specializing in markets that have fixed income. Through research, observation and perseverance had given them the chance to grow their business into what will be known as the Protective Asset Management Company. They soon established the Ranger Asset Management, LP, which works as an advisor. A year later, they decided to change the name to Highland Capital Management, the same name as what it is called today.


The firm has helped investors throughout the years, and evident of their success would be their continuous expansion not only in the United States but also in other countries. Their strategic approach to giving hope to assets that are already in distress was highly applauded. Investors were very happy with the assistance the firm is giving them. Highland Capital Management tends to help and advise investors to reach their risk and return goals, via innovative strategies that have never been seen in the market. Today, Highland Capital Management enjoys their 20 years of experience in the business that serves as a reminder of how trained they are in advising people on where they could put their money to better use.