Brazilian Banker Ricardo Guimarães Thinks Anheuser-Bush New Incentive Plan Is Hurting Consumers

The Anheuser-Bush name is recognized all over the world. The brewery’s top brands, Budweiser, Bud-Lite and other craft beer labels have a huge share of the United States beer market. But even though Anheuser-Bush dominates the beer market in the U.S., the company wants more, and the executives of the world’s largest brewery are willing to pay to get it. AB InBev is paying distributors to get an even bigger piece of the domestic beer business in the states.

Craft beers have been eating away at AB InBev’s market share for several years. Craft breweries have popped up all over the country, and AB InBev has lost more than 4.5 percent in market share because of those craft beers. In 2011, AB InBev started to purchase craft beer breweries and since then, four small breweries are now part of the AB InBev stable of brands. Young beer drinkers want craft beers, and Anheuser-Bush wants distributors to push their craft brands instead of independent craft brands.

Ricardo Guimarães, a Brazilian entrepreneur and banker, thinks the new AB InBev incentive plan for distributors will hurt consumers. The AB InBev incentive plan offers distributors marketing and retail display reimbursements if they push AB InBev craft brands. The amount of those reimbursements could exceed $200,000 a year. That’s enough for some distributors to drop small craft beers and add AB InBev craft brands. Guimarães an avid soccer fan, beer investor and club sponsor knows the beer business. Foreign companies have been buying small craft breweries in the United States, for that last ten years. Brazil has two of the largest breweries in the world, and Guimarães thinks the AB InBev plan will hurt those foreign investors as well as American consumers.

The craft beer business has grown by 18 percent over the last two years in spite of AB InBev strangle hold on the domestic market. Guimarães knows what payoffs can do to an industry. Payoffs are common in Brazil and Guimarães doesn’t want the AB InBev plan to destroy the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in the beer brewing market. Ricardo believes in fair play and the AB InBev incentive plan allows distributors to play unfairly.

The Department of Justice may agree with Guimarães. The DOJ is investigating the claims of several craft beer companies that say the AB InBev incentive plan will hurt their ability to get shelf space in retail stores. Craft beer companies think Anheuser-Bush is trying to buy back some of the market share they are losing, and that’s not fair play. But Anheuser-Bush has enough money to make it hard for craft beer labels to get the exposure they need and therein lies the problem.

Mr. Guimarães thinks Anheuser-Bush is too big and is trying to control the market using money instead of making the best craft beers in the domestic market.

Marcio Alaor Made His Own Success

Success doesn’t come by dumb luck or being in the right place at the right time. According to Marcio Alaor, it comes from working hard and never giving up no matter how much you may want to. Advice for success should be taken from Alaor, he became a vice president of a bank after being a shoe shiner.

As a young man, Marcio Alaor worked as a shoe shiner. He knew that he did not hold the best position in the world, but he knew that he would be able to go far if he could do the best job possible. He wanted to make sure that he gave himself every opportunity and working hard with a great work ethic allowed him that opportunity. He had a great time doing the work that he did, but he also made sure that he managed to do a great job for the clients and the shoes that they had to shine.

There were many people that he helped, but the most memorable was a man who worked as an executive at BMG bank. They struck a relationship and became quick friends. The man liked the drive and dedication that Marcio Alaor had. Marcio Alaor liked to talk with the man about everything he did at the bank. He thought the man had a position that sounded like something he would like to do. At that point, it was a position that Marcio could only dream of and work very hard toward accomplishing.

Since the executive liked Marcio Alaor so much, he wanted to offer him a position with the bank. He wanted to show him that he was worth doing more with his life and that he would be able to make a great deal of money (and success) for himself if he did the position in the right way. He was not disappointed. Not only did Marcio Alaor excel at the position that he was given, but he was also able to move on to more positions with the bank. He was successful while doing the work in each of the positions that he held at the bank.

There were many things that he did to make his own success. He maintained a certain drive, he never gave up even when the work was extremely difficult and he always put the needs of the bank first. He wanted everyone to know that he was a great option. This eventually led to him being the vice president of the bank. Even as the VP, he has not given up on the drive and dedication that he has. He works hard to make himself, as well as the bank, better at doing banking.

Principles that set Marcio Alaor Apart

No bank is as successful as BMG in Brazil. From its inception in the early twentieth century to date, BMG has established itself as a force to reckon within the banking sector in Brazil. Today the banks success philosophy is spearheaded by Marcio Alaor. Marcio is the bank’s director and vice president. Indeed, one of Marcio’s principles has helped shaped BMG’s workforce. This is the principle of having self-drive. Marcio looks out for this value when hiring staff at the bank. And it is showing among the workforce. Every day, BMGs workforce is involved in the creation of new innovative products that are spurring company growth.

Having a strong work ethic is also another of his principles. Marcio believes in doing your best at whatever you do. This principle has seen him reap numerous benefits. Before joining BMG, Marcio worked as a shoe-shiner, a job which he did with joy and to the best of his ability. It is while operating his shoe-shining business that a former BMG executive, Dr.Wilmar took note of him. It was then that he was hired at BMG. At BMG, he exemplified discipline and hard-worker, which saw him raise the ranks to his current position.

With all the success that he has attained at BMG, Marcio still manages to be grounded. His down to earth personality allows him to mingle with community residents in a variety of projects meant to benefit the community. This has seen him earn the respect and admiration of the people of Brazil. In Santo Antonio de Monte, his hometown, Marcio has continuously encouraged the promotion of rural growth. Unlike other successful people who forget where they came from, Marcio is very much one with the people of his hometown.

Marcio also values friendships. And he should because it was through a friend, Dr.Wilmar that he got into BMG. He appreciates the value of keeping in touch with close allies and unlike other business executives who would do anything to earn an extra coin, he values people more than money. It is this humility and love for his people that propelled the people of Santo Antonio to open a food court in his honor. This food court, named Food Court Marcio Alaor de Araujo was officially opened during the thirty-third agricultural exhibition of Santo Antonio de Monte.

His ability to engage with people has seen him get involved with mergers that are benefiting the company. One such merger is with Itau Unibanco S.A, which saw the bank start to specialize in payroll loans. It also enabled financing for used vehicles.

A strong work ethic, value of friendships and people in general and a desire for innovation and grabbing opportunities is what has set Marcio Alaor apart from the other business professionals. BMG is certainly gaining from having Marcio Alaor at the top.

Ricardo Guimarães Enhances His Family Business With Football Sponsorships

Ricardo Guimarães is the heir to a family bank that has become the largest in South America, and his company is currently using football sponsorships to enhance the bank’s overall image. This article explains how the BMG Bank brand has improved with help from football sponsorships, and people who are consuming the popular Brazilian football league know the name of BMG Bank well.

#1: Ricardo Makes Personal Appearances

Ricardo Guimarães has chosen to make many personal appearances at football matches wearing jerseys and other accessories to note his support for the clubs his bank sponsors. Bank sponsorships are common in the football world, but BMG Bank is being more aggressive than other companies in the football market. Ricardo has been seen at football matches for Atletico Mineiro, and he will continue his support as the money flows to his sponsored clubs.

#2: Ricardo Is Taking Advantage Of The TV Broadcasts

Television broadcasts of matches have made the BMG Bank name even more prevalent than it was before. People who have not concerned themselves with financial matters before are noticing the name of BMG Bank when watching football on TV. There marketing push that Ricardo has started will ensure the bank is a household name across Brazil. Brazil has a growing middle class, and the middle class needs a place to keep its money. A middle class without a friendly bank is not a middle class at all.

#3: BMG Is Marketing Services To Its Customers Through Football

BMG Bank is marketing services to its customers through its marketing campaign, and the campaign is helping the burgeoning middle class of Brazil to learn how to manage its finances. The financial state of the country is easy for people to navigate when BMG Bank is offering the best services for its customers. There are many services BMG offers from investment banking to savings and loan services. These offerings are significant for a country that is finally becoming a world superpower in its own right.

The BMG Bank name is a powerful one in Brazil, and the Brazilian people are benefiting from services they find through football advertisements created by Ricardo Guimarães and his team. The heir to a large fortune and one of the largest banks in the world is a wonderful manager of people, and his understanding of marketing shows that he knows his constituents just as well as he knows his balance sheet.


Ricardo Guimares is a business executive based in Bero Horizonte Brazil. He is the current CEO of Banco BMG and was its president from 2001 to 2006.He is a business graduate from UMA and joined BMG as an office assistant in 1980.He did his degree in 1988 and was in 1989 named the CFO.Guimares became the vice president in 1996 and President in 2001.He was appointed the CEO in 2004.
Ricardo Guimares has been a pioneer of several financial products in Brazil. He pioneered Consigned credit in 2004 and has led his bank to today controlling 80% of the market. He also has a pioneered an unusual form of an investment bank that targets sports personalities. It buys their copy rights way before they are famous and seeks to cultivate their brands. It then monetizes that brand and earns from the usage of these copy rights. It is the best form of making sure a player will gain from his images for many years to come.
Ricardo Guimares was recently awarded an honorary degree by his local city thanks to his visionary banking career. He has grown Banco BMG from a start up in the consigned credit market to today where it controls 80% of the market. It was an event attended by most local leaders including Minas deputy governor. The deputy was full of praise for Ricardo noting his entrepreneurial spirit that runs deep in the family. He appreciated his sense of community and patriotism that starts at home.
During the event, the over whelmed Ricardo was lost for words. The little he could muster were to thank everyone for their recognition of him. It was joked that many wait till people pass to recognize them. He promised to continue leading the banking industry through its passes and to continue the BMG tradition of supporting sports sponsorship.
Banco BMG is the biggest sponsor of the sports team in Brazil. It sponsors over 100 soccer teams from all divisions in Brazil. It also recently announced the signing of tennis megastar Marcia Mello to its roster. The bank expects the tennis prodigy to fly the banks colors high wherever he goes.’
BMG has always seemed to set itself as the peoples’ bank. It thus promotes itself in areas that appeal to the masses in Brazil. Soccer is big in Brazil, and it has so far leveraged that to great effect. It has also built a big number of hospitals in Brazil.
BMG has achieved great status thanks in part to its leadership. It hires the most hard working and talented individuals and seeks to add value to the community.
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BMG Bank: One Of The Most Reliable Brazilian Banks

As numerous financial institutions are developing more and more, most people find it really difficult to find the most reliable bank that would at the same time meet all their needs. However, finding the right bank is very important, since all banks represent something that can ensure the clients’ stable financial position. Clients’ choice is often based on the bank’s reputation, and this is where BMG bank comes in, as one of the most reliable banks in Brazil.
The history of BMG bank
BMG bank represents a private financial institution that has a leading role in Brazil’s deduction credits. The bank is controlled by the Pentagna Guimaraes family, who has been involved in the financial world even since 1930. Since then, the bank services have been connected with wholesale and financing. Furthermore, it also represents one of the leaders in the financial world, and in the financing of one of the most important kinds of vehicles in 1980s. After that, it was engaged in providing loans to some of the most important companies, which is no surprise it has earned the trust of so many different clients.
In 2012, BMG bank made an agreement with Itau Unibanco S.A., which was just another step in payroll loans distribution in Brazil. Then, the two institutions decided to unite together, and BMG ended with 40 % of the total capital.

The bank’s strategy
As the reputation of any banks is very important, BMG bank as well is trying to bring about the success by creating new businesses that will meet the need of or clients. Marcio Alaor, the BMG bank’s vice president, is well aware of this, and he states that since the clients’ needs always differ, it is very important to keep in mind what their priorities are, especially as a way of ensuring the clients’ trust, which is something BMG always do. That’s why he has given Itau Unibanco access to various banking clients, which provided the bank with even more experience in the banking sector.
Another strategy includes profitability, which can be achieved by centering the bank’s attention of the loan portfolio growth. Mr. Alaor also makes sure that his bank always focus on conservative credit policy, and he can always rely on his team of professionals who can provide a detailed analysis of everything they need.
To conclude, finding the right bank can sometimes be extremely difficult. But, Marcio Alaor has some useful tips, and that is that all banks should first consider the needs of all clients in order to guarantee for the success.


Richardo Guimaraes is the found and the president of the BANCO BMG Bank Company in Brazil. Since 2004, he has served as the chairperson of the bank. The bank is leading company in the banking industry. The country was in a very favorable time in the economy, and the bank took advantage to grow positively. At the time BMG was started, Brazil economy was increasing, and the inflation was in control. BMG was focused on a market of 6 billion dollars, and BMG accounted for 20% of the market. BMG currently accounts for 60% over of the market. It’s impressive growth is due to hard work, dedication and professionalism of the company’s team.

BMG was the pioneer in the consigned credit market. Among the choice of the banks credit market, consigned credit market has been the most advancing. It’s the cheapest personal credit option for most Brazilians. The enormous demand has fueled high growth in the consigned credit market. The banks have only exploited less than 50% of the market. This gap still leaves an enormous portion of the market open for investment. This sector of the credit industry has untapped potential and despite it being the leading, a lot can be done to tap its fullest potential.
Being the pioneer in consigned credit market, BMG is considered the main the major bank in developing the sector. The bank is also the leading one in the operations of developing this important sector of the economy. BMG continues to be focused on the consigned credit market and has laid down the plan to take advantage of this untapped potential market. The bank holds over 80% in market share in consigned market. Despite the competition being high with more than 60 banks in the segment, BMG continues to be at the lead.
It has the biggest distribution channel in the banking industry of Brazil. The bank has over 3000 points of sales and over 50000 agents for sale that are all committed to developing the bank’s agenda. The agents are distributed in major municipalities in Brazil ensuring a wide distribution of BMG services. The bank has open access to the capital market through its bond issues.BMG is very attentive to new opportunities. The bank aims to remain closer to its clients by investing in various assets acquisitions. The significance of these assets is for BMG to attain a wider market and satisfy its currents customers with its services.

Ricardo Guimaraes BMG

One of the top leading banks in Brazil and Latin America is BMG Bank. This bank is headed by CEO Ricardo Guimaraes. Over the last several years CEO Ricardo Guimaraes has helped BMG Bank become one of the top financial institutions in all of Latin America. What makes BMG Bank among the top financial institutions in Brazil is the wide range of services the bank offers. When looking to bank with BMG, you will have the opportunity to use services which include investment services, credit cards, business loans, insurance and deposits. All of these services ensure that customers will be satisfied with the options necessary to meet their financial needs.

One of the top services offered by BMG Bank is investment services. With investment services, customers can have a number of things to invest in which include stocks, bonds and annuities. They can also deposit their funds in accounts that grow their savings and provide an interest income. Customers will also receive advice from financial professionals to help them learn more about what is available to invest in and what would be the best thing to store their funds with for the short term as well as the long term. Investment services are one of the more significant and beneficial services offered by BMG Bank.

Another common service offered by BMG Bank is insurance services. As well as looking to invest your money, it is also vital to protect it as well along with other assets you may own. BMG Bank offers customers a wide range of insurance products which can help protect your home, your business and cover your debts upon death. Insurance services give customers something they need to ensure financial security as well as protection from unexpected setbacks.

When banking with BMG, customers can also take advantage of credit cards, deposit services and also business loans. These products and services can benefit consumers in a variety of ways including having funds to pay for unexpected expenses, store their funds securely as well as getting money to finance business operations. These services are among the most common and give a wide range of customers more things they need to more easily manage their finances as well as improve their overall fortunes. By banking with BMG, customers will be working with a top financial institution that will enable them to get what they need in terms of financial management. These services will help individuals and businesses in a variety of ways which in turn will help the overall economy.