Top EOS Lip Balms – A Lip Balm Review

When it comes to top brands, EOS is a name that stands out in the minds of many and that oftentimes ranks high on the ‘best of’ lists. In fact, EOS is mentioned in many lists as the best drugstore lip balm, the best organic lip balm, and in many other categories. It’s no secret that EOS lip balms leave users impressed and wanting more.

Top EOS Lip Balms

EOS has dozens of different flavored, all-natural lip balms to choose from. Each nourishes the lips and hydrates them for added softness. Strawberry Sorbet is always a crowd pleasure and top product that customers love. If you’re not a berry person, you’ll love the highly recommended Sheer Pink shimmer balm. Not only does this lip balm soothe the lips, but it also adds a sparkle of shine. StyleCraze names Cooling Chamomille as a top medicated lp balm. It’s another one of the fine lip balms produced by EOS that you’ll want to try if harsh weather or other concerns have your lips aching for relief. EOS truly has a lip balm to suit every need. If its soft, kissable lips you want, that is exactly what you get using EOS.

Why Trust EOS Lip Balms?

EOS lip balms are fun to use, easy to apply, and easy to buy online or at a drugstore near you. Take a look at some of the lists where EOS has earned a name and make yourself a part of a trend in lip balms. This is a product that takes care of your lips and enhances all your senses. Flavorful and easy to store in a pocket or purse, EOS lip balms are designed for anyone who doesn’t want dry, chapped lips to stand in their way of a great day.

EOS Lip Balm Review Of Their Top Seven Flavors

EOS or Evolution of Smooth is an international company that makes all types of skincare products including lotion, shaving cream and their iconic spherical lip balms. This skincare creator focuses on creating natural and healthy products that infuse the skin with wholesome ingredients. The EOS lip balms are created with botanical ingredients to provide vitamin E to the skin and to help heal chapped lips. The lips balms are formulated with the exact ingredients to soothe irritated skin and hydrate dry lips. EOS lip balms are produced free of chemicals. Because of this, the brand has become popular among people who like quality lip products.

EOS lip balms come in a variety of flavors. The top seven flavors are sweet mint, lemon drop, strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, summer fruit, honeysuckle honeydew, and medicated tangerine. Most of these flavors are mostly organic. These flavors offer a good taste and scent. They also protect the lips from environmental external factors like the sun.

EOS lip balm truly stands apart from their competition because they have prohibited petroleum from being in any of their products. The brand believes in one hundred percent natural which means they do not allow petroleum to be in their products. They prefer to produce products with shea butter and vitamins. Shea butter truly penetrates deep into the skin and seals in moisture.

EOS lip balm can be purchased on their website or in select stores. Many healthy and beauty retailers sell EOS products. Beauty chain stores usually carry the lotions and lips made by EOS. The company provides a diverse lineup of products on their website and in store. Customers are offered these scents in either a 0.25 ounce spherical ball or a 14 ounce stick of lip balm. The stick only carries three of the EOS lip balm flavors.