Nicolas Krafft on How to Celebrate Diversity and Inclusivity

In 2002, Nicolas Krafft started his business career at L’Oreal. He was the MD for Kerastase. Krafft then took over the marketing department of Asia in 2004. Following his significant achievement at the firm, he also became the General Manager of L’Oreal in 2009. He has since held the position and spearheaded growth in the department. Krafft is an alumnus of the prestigious University of St. Gallen. He studied Business Management and joined the workforce to practice general management. He is devoted to providing an excellent customer experience at L’Oreal.

The Fashion Event is Held at River Seine

Le Defile L’Oreal Paris held its annual beauty as well as a fashion show on September 30. The event celebrated inclusivity and diversity. Paris’ best models attended it, and it was held in River Seine, a platform situated in one of the capital’s highlights. The event was graced by prominent personalities in hair and beauty products.

Who Attended the Event?

Nikolaj Coster of Games of Thrones, well known for his role as James Lannister was seen at the event. Some of the world’s top rated models were also part of the audience. Marie Bochet, the prominent Paralympic Ski champion also attended the iconic fashion event. She shared the runway with some of L’Oreal’s prominent models including Eva Longoria and Ella Fanning. Besides, the event was spruced by top talents such as Val Garland alongside Stephan Lancien. The duo created about 65 new hairstyles as well as makeup, particularly for the show.

Early Preparations

L’Oreal has been at the forefront of preparing for this event. It took them eight days to assemble the floating runway and disassemble it. They also used drones to capture the event that was broadcasted in more than 20 capitals across the globe. Two large screens were mounted at the entrance of the venue for those who wanted to watch the show from a distance. The event was also made possible with the help and support of Nicolas Krafft, VP for Global Business Development. The skilled entrepreneur has been serving in this capacity since 2018. He is currently the GM of Pulp Riot International.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada Finds Beauty In The Underestimated

There is beauty everywhere, there is beauty in everything around- all we have to do is just look around. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is our pacesetter in appreciating what the universe has to offer. Being the youngest manager and president of the grand beauty industry, our innovator, 40 years of age, continues to exhibit great skills in this digital era. Dan Bethelmy-Rada was born in Venezuela, lived in the United States then later moved to Paris. Our intellectual went to Sorbonne University in Paris to partake business studies as he was business minded.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s talent is being a leader. Why so? He has played an enormous role in encouraging the need for teamwork as well as putting to the forefront the need for diversified talents that have led to the striving of his company. He is a traveler and this has really inspired his anchorage to the field of the beauty industry. Dan sees the beauty and loveliness to the forgotten, to the underestimated and to the neglected. Dan brings to life his work as well as his ideas through photography because he is simply in love with the art. His stay in Paris has inspired the diversity he has and the creation of different unique ideas. He learned to take nothing for granted.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada began his journey officially way back in 2002 after completing his business studies. It was always his dream to venture into brands that are internationally recognized. After learning from his mentors, he worked tirelessly putting to use his various skills through marketing as well as advertisements which led him to be the director and later the Vice President of the brand. He is organized enough to balance his work and his family. His greatest achievement is making a new step each day.

The use of the Internet as a platform for marketing is the most exciting trend for him. Apart from that, Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s fascination is also hair color that brings to life trends of today. His working life plays a critical role in his productivity. He is perfect at making plans and implementing them. He continues to advise people that there is always sufficient time to be as productive as possible, there is time to grow and also to learn lessons in life. To be ambitious and dedicated is what he terms as the key to success.