Lime Crime and the Los Angeles Connection

Lime Crime has always been a computer dedicated to a vegan market. Their products provide a choice for those that also value a pigmented look that lasts. Their product line also offers customers skin products that are healthy for the skin. When they reached out to the Chinese market, they had a few things to consider. The primary issue was how to go forward. They had no idea what to expect.

Kim Walls handled it all. The company discovered a solution at the National Retail Federation’s Los Angeles conference. She is the global manager for the company. When she began working with the company she knew it wasn’t going to be easy. They knew that they needed help with the China market. She found that company in Los Angeles called Revolved. After negotiations they agreed to handle the product testing for Lime Crime. That allowed the company to sell to the China market. It also allowed them to maintain their vegan product standards. This was imperative for a company that based on being vegan. It meant no testing on animals. The China market tests on animals. That was almost a roadblock to the company going forward. This solved their issue.

Once the system was in place they were able to roll the product line out into the China market. The audience was ready to receive the products through advertising. Social media was valuable for creating an audience ready to go when the product line rolled out. Existing fans of the company were already ready to go. “First-tier influencers” were also used for the product promotion before the China release.

The China market is ready for a line of makeup that offers a healthy option to its consumers. Fans of the cosmetic company are already making purchases. This places them at the top in China cosmetics. The partnership with Revolved is an exciting one as well. They have a long past of success in the market and expect Lime Crime to be no different.