Reducing Sun Damage: Genucel and More

Genucel, by Chamonix, is a company that is dedicated to release the best anti-aging and skincare products – perfect for the summer season that is almost upon us. Sun damage is one of the leading causes of aging, as it can cause wrinkles, leathery skin, and cellular damage, and so it’s important to reduce how much one spends under the rays. During the summer there’s also more chance of regular sunburn, which can be both damaging and painful, and altogether unpleasant.

Based on, one elementary way to protect yourself from the UV rays is to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 35. In addition to a wide range of just sunscreens, there are many moisturizers with SPF already incorporated in them, making it extremely easy to procure and apply. One can also use creams with antioxidants, such as Genucel’s Eyelid Treatment and other skincare products, to protect the skin from harmful exposure and consequences. Exfoliating skin during and at the end of the day is another great way to reduce aging and harm.

Throughout the day, all the sunscreen, sweat, and dead skin can clog up the pores, so scrubbing all that off with a moisturizer or a peel can greatly increase the health level of the skin – over exfoliating, however, is also something to avoid. The easiest way to reduce sun damage is simply to drink plenty of water when exposed to the sun for even a short period of time. Eight glasses a day will keep the body and skin healthy and hydrated, although more is always recommended if one is under the sun for hours on end. Beginning to use Genucel containing SPF and antioxidants, such as those that Genucel produces, before you are 40 will produce an end result that both you and your body will be happy about.  To know about Genucel visit