The Definition of Beneful

The first half of the word “beneful” is similar to the word “benefit.” The second half, “ful” implies that beneful is full of benefits. Synonyms for benefit include “boon,” “blessing,” “gain,” “assistance” or “asset.” “Beneful” could be interpreted to be full of all of these things.

According to the company, the name “Beneful” means “full of goodness.” This term was decided on because Beneful’s dog food is full of healthy ingredients that benefit many different kinds of dogs. Beneful offers wet food and dry food in many different varieties, as well as puppy food and weight control food. These foods are clearly a benefit to dogs everywhere.

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Sanjay Shah And His Autism Efforts

Solo Capital is a financial institution that was founded in the year 2011 and is based in England, but it is under the umbrella of Solo Capital markets. England Financial sector, therefore, regulates it. It is also known as Solo Capital Limited or Solo Capital UK, any of the words will be recognized. Solo Capital was founded by Sanjay Shah, who also has other companies across England that offer financial solutions and in other sectors.


Shah is a very generous man who always gives back to the community. He is involved in charity activities such as a foundation known as Autism Rocks. It is a charity raiser that is dedicated to ensuring children suffering from autism are well-taken care.


Sanjay Shah started the campaign because of an experience he had with his son who suffered from the disorder in 2014.Shah has spent a lot of money to increase the research for the disease to stop it in future. He is not doing this alone, but he always partners with artists who increase the attendance for more donations.


The experience of his son made him realize where he could spend his charity wisely. He has been able to sponsor children in India who are suffering from the condition for a decade now, but he still yearns to do more and dedicate more funds towards the course.


The activities of Shah have been recognized by many who have applauded his efforts. It is a blessing to many kids who suffer from autism.


Sanjay Shah has grown to be a prominent name in the financial industry: he is the CEO and founder of Aesa S.a.r.l that manages Solo Group Holdings; and the latter controls Solo Capital Partners. He is a real entrepreneur who has all his focus on the financial industry. It is ironical Shah a professionally trained doctor, but he quit to follow his passion. He then became an accountant and was employed in financial institutions such as Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley among other where his skill financial and investment skills were sharpened.

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Purina’s Power: Beneful

The new Purina Beneful ad opens with an employee playing with his dog. That employee goes on to explain he works for Purina and that Beneful is all he feeds his dog. This sets the tone for the entire commercial. It is a montage of employees showcasing their love of their own pets, their dedication to their job at Purina and their commitment to feed their pets only Purina pet food products.

The ad is both thought-provoking and smart. It was clever to use employees in the ad who talk about how they actually make that food, and how they take pride in what they do. They also remind us they, too, feed Beneful to their own pets. It is a reminder that Beneful is being made by people who care about animals. I am sure many people have visions of grain swirling around in a gigantic machine, not kibble being carefully put together by fellow animal lovers who also feed Purina products to their pets.

Regarding ingredients, at one point in the commercial an employee is at a computer screen, making selections from an ingredients menu of sorts, and he is remarking about how he knows what goes into this food. The entire commercial reminded us that pet lovers work at Purina and are vigilant about what ingredients are used.

Ricky Gervais famously once said something to the effect that humanity will be judged by how we treat our animals. For people who have pets, they are a very much a part of the family and are treated accordingly. The feeling that we must protect them and take care of them is evident in everything we do. After watching this commercial, you feel like people who love pets as much as you do are making this food, smart advertising indeed.

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