The Best Men’s Dress Shoes

Confessions of a Male Shoe Shopper
As a man shopping for men’s dress shoes can be quite challenging. What looks best? Are they expensive, and if so are they worth it? Well without researching first, then nine times out of ten you’ll end up buying a pair of expensive shoes that you don’t really want, and would be better off giving to the dog to chew on. They crease, end up looking like you’ve had them for years, and aren’t even comfortable to begin with! I’m going to share two top quality Italian leather shoe brands that will change the way you feel about shoe shopping completely.

I’ll Try The Oxfords
Lets begin with Paul Evans. This brand was founded in August 2013, and provides men’s dress shoes, and accessories too. The styles of shoes which they carry consist of oxfords, loafers, monk straps and boots. Their prices range with $249.00 being the lowest, and $399.00, but for a pair of these shoes they’re worth every penny. Customers who have invested in buying a pair of Italian leather shoes from Paul Evans, and worn them have happily admit that they are glad they did business with them, and plan to do so again. Among being fashionable, and very well crafted, in several customer reviews Paul Evans shoes are said to be very comfortable too, which is hard to come by now in days.

How Much Are Those Gallo Bianco Shoes in The Window?
On the upscale side Gallo Bianco is a store that sells men’s dress shoes too. If you are someone who doesn’t mind spending a lot of money on quality dress shoes then this brand is for you. Whether or not you’ve heard of Gallo Bianco before, you can find a pair of stylish Italian leather shoes to fit your style from them. Most of their shoes are crafted with a solid piece of hand burnished Italian leather, and they have a very fine distinction about them, With prices ranging from $600.00 to even $1,000.00 a pair of Gallo Bianco shoes are sure to steal the show. They are comfortable, and have a gorgeous color leaving the customer satisfied. It’s OK to spend a lot for dress shoes. If you choose wisely they will actually be worth it saving you money in the long run.