Top EOS Lip Balms – A Lip Balm Review

When it comes to top brands, EOS is a name that stands out in the minds of many and that oftentimes ranks high on the ‘best of’ lists. In fact, EOS is mentioned in many lists as the best drugstore lip balm, the best organic lip balm, and in many other categories. It’s no secret that EOS lip balms leave users impressed and wanting more.

Top EOS Lip Balms

EOS has dozens of different flavored, all-natural lip balms to choose from. Each nourishes the lips and hydrates them for added softness. Strawberry Sorbet is always a crowd pleasure and top product that customers love. If you’re not a berry person, you’ll love the highly recommended Sheer Pink shimmer balm. Not only does this lip balm soothe the lips, but it also adds a sparkle of shine. StyleCraze names Cooling Chamomille as a top medicated lp balm. It’s another one of the fine lip balms produced by EOS that you’ll want to try if harsh weather or other concerns have your lips aching for relief. EOS truly has a lip balm to suit every need. If its soft, kissable lips you want, that is exactly what you get using EOS.

Why Trust EOS Lip Balms?

EOS lip balms are fun to use, easy to apply, and easy to buy online or at a drugstore near you. Take a look at some of the lists where EOS has earned a name and make yourself a part of a trend in lip balms. This is a product that takes care of your lips and enhances all your senses. Flavorful and easy to store in a pocket or purse, EOS lip balms are designed for anyone who doesn’t want dry, chapped lips to stand in their way of a great day.

USHEALTH Group; the Health Insurance Leaders

USHEALTH Group, a health insurance company, was incepted in March 2005 after Ascent Assurance (established in 1982), changed its name to USHEALTH Group. It is based in Fort Worth, Texas. Led by Mr. Benjamin M. Cutler who is the Chief Executive Officer, USHEALTH has been able to expand its branches to three offices currently, that is, Burnett Plaza, Cherry Street Unit and Fort Worth which is the main office. The firm has been able to win the publics’ trust through its commitment to quality service delivery.

The company is manned by the acronym’ HOPE’, which stands for ‘Helping Other People Every day’. Bearing this in mind the company always puts service above itself. Impacting lives positively is the sole reason for their existence.

Products Offered

USHEALTH has a wide variety of service offerings ranging from personal covers to family covers, and group covers. The major considerations put in place while designing these packages are reliability, flexibility, and affordability. The firm offers Secure Advantage, Med Guard, Premier Choice, Income Protector, Life Protector, Essential Health Benefit and an Accident Protector. These products have been meticulously packaged to suit their clientele across the board from the middle class to the high-end clientele.

To make it better, the products undergo thorough scrutiny and criticism by a panel of professionals and are also within the constraints of the law. This ensures that the products are fair, just, and legal for the customer. Most of our products are sold through well vetted and trusted agents.

Services Offered

USHEALTH Group offers superior services that are customer oriented in nature. Drawing from the mission statement of the company, “To protect our customers from financial hardship due to unforeseen illness or injury,” the firm struggles to ensure that all their services meet the needs of the customers and keep the promise they shared with their clients.

The firm offers home delivery services for their customers at a subsidized price. Depending on the prescription history of the client, the firm is able to track the personalized savings for future use. This assists in case an emergency arises. The firm is constantly carrying out researches on how to improve their services and products and fit the changing needs of their clientele.

In a bid to eliminate ignorance among their customers, the firm offers training and consultation services in order for them to make informed decisions. Customer care is readily available to the clients through phone calls, emails, and physical visits to the office. The service providers are not only well versed in the company’s products and services but also friendly and always eager to assist.

Suffice to say, USHEALTH Group offers superior and exemplary services. Experience the best as there is a lot to offer in the health insurance sector by calling us today on 817-878-3300.

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Ways to Keep a Happy, Healthy Dog

Pet lovers know how wonderful it is to come home to a lively furry friend, tail wagging and eyes alight with uncontainable joy, after a long day out and about. Such love and loyalty leaves a terrible quiet emptiness within a home when it is gone. And though death is inevitable for all living things, there are still steps one can take to prolong that sad day of farewell. Two of the biggest ways to keep doggy longevity is to make sure he or she is happy and fed a healthy diet.
Beneful is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. This brand of dog food offers a numerous variety of recipes to fit the needs and cravings for four legged babies of all ages. One recipe in particular that dogs seem to lose their minds over is Beneful’s Original dry dog food with real beef. Farm raised beef is mixed together with scrumptious spinach, peas, and carrots. Adult dogs get a full belly packed with the nutrients they need to stay playful and strong.

Next on the recommendation list is Incredibites with real chicken. It’s a recipe targeted for small breads with a big taste. Beneful’s number one ingredient, chicken, is given an extra zing with sweet potatoes, carrots, and spinach. Although this dish is meant only for adults, doting masters will see the pup within come back to life when their dog gets a whiff of this nutritious, vitamin enriched, dry meal.

For those who have a dog with a bit pickier taste buds, Beneful also offers wet dog foods [] with healthy ingredients. Mediterranean Style Medley is a wonderful recipe with a five star rating. The three ounce cans are filled with lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach. It’s a good way to give man’s best friend a delicious balanced diet and a taste he or she loves.

And last but not least, puppies can sink their teeth into scrumptious meals with the Healthy Puppy recipe. These little sweethearts need the best dog food they can get. Their food must be tasty but full of ingredients that help them grow big and strong. Made with real chicken, peas, carrots, and DHA to help their vision and brain development, this fairly new recipe will satisfy a pup’s hunger, keep the little one healthy, and bring joy to the family as a whole.

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Eugenia Shea is a Major Player in the Shea Butter Marketplace

Americans care deeply about their skin and they are willing to try anything to get their body in optimal condition. Numerous treatments have fallen in and out of style. Sometimes they are just fads, but one product has caught on and is having an incredible impact on people everywhere. Shea butter is an incredible product that will help men and women achieve the look of their dreams.

Shea butter comes from the seeds of Shea fruit. The product has been used in Africa and other parts of the world for centuries, but it has only recently caught on with Americans. Shea butter is extremely rich in Vitamin A, E, and F. Each vitamin offers great support for your skin. Shea butter is known for reducing inflammation in your skin, smoothing your skin out, and moisturizing your skin. Because Shea Butter is so beneficial to your skin, it has grown increasingly popular around the world. People everywhere are enjoying the skin benefits that Shea Butter has to offer.

Shea butter is a great option for those that want their skin go look good and glow every time they go out. Shea Butter is a truly amazing product, but you must purchase a high quality Shea butter to get all of the benefits. Eugenia Shea is an amazing health and wellness company, and their Shea Butter is an ideal choice for men and women everywhere.

Eugenia Shea is committed to producing the best possible Shea products. They hire sustainable farmers to produce their Shea, and then the take the Shea through a careful butter extraction process. This process produces an extremely high-quality Shea butter that is rich in Vitamin A and E. Recently, the leader of Eugenia Shea became the head of the Global Shea Alliance. As head of the Alliance she is bringing Eugenia’s commitment to quality to companies around the globe.

Shea butter can have a tremendous impact on your health. The product will infuse your skin with Vitamin A and other critical vitamins. Your body needs Shea butter, and Eugenia Shea is the ideal option. Eugenia Shea will continue to provide their products for years to come.

Rise and Shiny Hair: Emily McClure Reviews Wen by Chaz Den

Haircare enthusiast and Bustle writer Emily McClure tested out Wen hair by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner to see if it gave hair the shiny, sexy look she had seen on TV. Looking for shine, volume, and moisture, she chose the Fig Cleansing Conditioner and recorded her daily results for one week. McClure concluded on Sephora that Wen was a fantastic addition to her morning shower routine. Upon first use, she noticed that her roots and hair felt stronger immediately (she wrote that she normally has very fine hair.) After showering and blow-drying her hair, Wen gave McClure shiny, soft, and clean locks for a great hair day. She recommended the Cleansing Conditioner from Wen hair on ebay for anyone who wants amazing results as soon as they leave the shower.

Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioners have been shaking up the world of haircare since the line was first released in 2000. The Cleansing Conditioners function as a 5-in-1 haircare routine: shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. WEN hair do not contain sulfates; sulfates create lather, but are said to strip the hair of their natural oils. Without lather and without sulfates, Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioners leave hair more hydrated, shiny, and bouncy. Over 40 million bottles have been sold in the past 16 years. Wen by Chaz Dean also includes a line of mousse, styling creme, and intensive hair treatment.

How Madison Street Capital has taken over the Wedge Fund Business

Every firm aims at being the dominant force in the business it is involved in. Madison Street Capital is no exception. The firm is a leading multinational venture banking firm in the financial services business. Recently, it released the fourth issue of its hedge fund industry M&A outline showing business activity and M&A opportunities. The report states that in 2015, 42 hedge fund deals were made or pronounced worldwide. This is ten more than the 32, which were announced the preceding year. In addition to that, the transaction volume was 27% higher.

According to the report, the increase in the transaction volumes is owed to increased activity during the last three months of 2015. This and other factors have made experts in the field predict that 2016 will have the highest number of hedge fund M&A transactions ever.

Understanding the performance of the Industry in 2015

In 2015, hedge fund assets were at a record high. This is in contrast with the unexceptional performance across most hedge fund strategies that year. Despite the fact that there was a dip in the performance of the industry, recognized stakeholders are increasingly making allotments to the unconventional wealth management sector with the optimism of attaining higher required returns. This will help them match the increasing liabilities. Those managing smaller hedge funds are however not attracting new capital and therefore, their firms are functioning below capability. They are therefore experiencing high operational costs while the sources of finance are thinning.

Large firms like Madison Street Capital keep on attracting capital investment and therefore operate within their capacity. In addition the hedge fund setting favors them because it gives them a diversity of deal mechanisms than can be used to house both buyers and sellers. This was originally reported on

Madison Street Capital in Brief

This is a hedge fund management firm with clientele spread all over the globe. It is a major player in financial services and a business leader in investment banking. The firm provides a cohesive all round approach to fiscal and strategic advice and solutions to its clients. It also offers alternative ventures such as the emerging markets and short and long term equities.

As an investment bank, Madison Capital acts as a stockbroker in all dealings involving its customers and offers advice on the best sectors of the economy to invest in. Under its fold, it has an array of talented fiscal experts dealing in Hedge Funds, Asset Management and M&A Advisory. The specialists offer advice about Capital Introduction, Portfolio Valuation, Financial Restructuring and Financial Sponsor Coverage. It offers top-notch services and this has made it to be recognized as one of the best financial services provider globally.

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The Beauty In Makeup

From full coverage to no coverage, there’s no wrong way to apply your makeup.
While some prefer to just slightly enhance their beauty, others prefer to change it and that’s okay. When it comes to applying makeup, it is all about what makes you feel best. That is what’s most important.
There are several styles of makeup to choose from. From a smoky eye, to soft and simple, to a natural look, the options are there for everyone. Find colors that speak to you and apply them! For those who like to tone it down and keep it simple, a lovely look to follow would be –

A natural look In this look, you’re incorporating simple and elegant colors to enhance your already elegant beauty, to bring out strong qualities in your face. You can accomplish this look with light pinks and browns on the eyes, nude colors on the lips and just a simple mascara for a beautiful pop to your bright eyes. This look is going to make people double take, gasp, and question how your beauty comes so naturally. Only you know your secrets!

A bold look In this look, you’re incorporating darker colors for an intense and overwhelming boom of feeling and stunning enhancements of your flawless face. You can accomplish this look with dark browns, blues, blacks and grays, whites and silvers on the eyes, dark red on the lips or light colors; as to not overwhelm, and volume maximizing mascara to really bring out the biggest, boldest look for your lashes and eyes. This look is going to stun and awe, catch eyes and stop hearts as you walk by!

If you’re a gal you loves the bright colors, then there’s a brand you’re going to love. Lime Crime on Lime Crime is the ultimate, color loving, personality enhancing, attention grabbing, make up designing company around. With bright and bold written all over their description, they specialize in creating makeup that’s going to not only make you feel beautiful but also make you feel comfortable being true to you. From glam glitter shadows, to luscious lip colors and eye grabbing nail colors, they’ve got everything you need to bring all attention on you. If you want a brand to really enhance your personality, Lime Crime is it.

Ultimately, whether you’re natural or bold, colorful or subtle, makeup is made for you! and you should enjoy it how ever you choose. So forget what others say and LOVE your makeup, everyday. You’ll find a new passion, hobby and love within yourself; all thanks to the beauty in makeup.

Why People Want to Invest in Gold

Many people want to invest in gold. There are plenty of reasons for this. After all, Gold has a lot of valuable properties, and there is a rich history behind gold. Throughout history, Gold was used in business transactions to buy some highly valuable goods. Gold itself is held with a ton of value due to how unique it is as a metal. For one thing, it can be shaped in many beautiful ways. People can also sculpt the gold and carve out a wonderful image. Another aspect of gold is that it is biocompatible in that it will not harm anyone’s tissue.

Gold can be used in plenty of industries which include the medical industry. Another way Gold is used is to bring stability to monetary systems. The gold standard prevented governments from running up tons of debt through the creation of tons of money. Even with the value of gold, countries have often tried to do away with that standard in favor of a flat currency standard. The results of the change were disastrous. For this reason, the gold standard remains the valuable standard that should be followed so that governments and society can keep their use in check.

One company that knows a lot about Gold and its use as an asset in investing is US Money Reserve. U.S. Money Reserve is a company that knows about gold, but it knows about the different types of gold that one could buy. Among the type of coins that are commonly sold are bullion and coins. U.S. Money Reserve can help the user decide whether to buy coins, or bullion. They are also passionate about showing that they are trustworthy instead of expecting someone to just take their word for everything. They are all about demonstrating their worth.

When investing in gold, it is important to know the types of gold that are available to invest in and the price that is required to pay for the product. When one is able to buy gold bullion and coins, he will have something very valuable that he could hold onto as it gains value. When it gains enough value, then he could sell it and make huge profits from his activities. Like with any other asset, it takes a lot of understanding and research in order to make the right choices when it comes to investing in Gold and making profits.

The Best Men’s Dress Shoes

Confessions of a Male Shoe Shopper
As a man shopping for men’s dress shoes can be quite challenging. What looks best? Are they expensive, and if so are they worth it? Well without researching first, then nine times out of ten you’ll end up buying a pair of expensive shoes that you don’t really want, and would be better off giving to the dog to chew on. They crease, end up looking like you’ve had them for years, and aren’t even comfortable to begin with! I’m going to share two top quality Italian leather shoe brands that will change the way you feel about shoe shopping completely.

I’ll Try The Oxfords
Lets begin with Paul Evans. This brand was founded in August 2013, and provides men’s dress shoes, and accessories too. The styles of shoes which they carry consist of oxfords, loafers, monk straps and boots. Their prices range with $249.00 being the lowest, and $399.00, but for a pair of these shoes they’re worth every penny. Customers who have invested in buying a pair of Italian leather shoes from Paul Evans, and worn them have happily admit that they are glad they did business with them, and plan to do so again. Among being fashionable, and very well crafted, in several customer reviews Paul Evans shoes are said to be very comfortable too, which is hard to come by now in days.

How Much Are Those Gallo Bianco Shoes in The Window?
On the upscale side Gallo Bianco is a store that sells men’s dress shoes too. If you are someone who doesn’t mind spending a lot of money on quality dress shoes then this brand is for you. Whether or not you’ve heard of Gallo Bianco before, you can find a pair of stylish Italian leather shoes to fit your style from them. Most of their shoes are crafted with a solid piece of hand burnished Italian leather, and they have a very fine distinction about them, With prices ranging from $600.00 to even $1,000.00 a pair of Gallo Bianco shoes are sure to steal the show. They are comfortable, and have a gorgeous color leaving the customer satisfied. It’s OK to spend a lot for dress shoes. If you choose wisely they will actually be worth it saving you money in the long run.

Strategies of FreedomPop to Expand their Services

After weighing the possibility of selling itself, FreedomPop has opted to raise $30 million instead. The funds will be raised by Partech Ventures-a European venture capital as well as current investors Mangrove Capital and DCM Capital. The report released by Recode suggests that a strategic plan of the investment is to be released later.

Last month, it was clear the company was planning to expand to European countries, while at the same considering injecting more funds or selling itself. The CEO was quoted saying that they had multiple offers but it was premature to sell it. The company shelved it plans not to sell because it would be worth three to four times next year if it’s able to expand internationally.

FreedomPop is among new-wave service providers using transmissions from major carriers to offer their services. The company ‘s strategy is to offer limited amount of voice, data and text for free, and at the same time earn money while the limits are surpassed. The company is also planning to venture into retail partnerships around October.

So far, the company’s service and devices are found exclusively online. According to Stokols, the CEO, several retailers have an interest of selling the company’s gear and as such, they are planning to test the waters to see whether it will work. The company is working to improve its weak spot-customer service. This will be achieved by increasing human positions and upgrading the software used to manage customer service.