Wengie Makeup and Beauty Tips

Wengie born in Guangzhow, China on January 9, 1986 has created an exclusive channel catering to Asian beauty tips and products in Australia.
Currently, it is the most prospering channel dedicated to beauty advice which includes Asian makeup and skincare, hair care and make-up tutorials. There is also a segment pertaining to fashion tips, hair accessories, wellness lifestyle and even a seven day diet designed by Wengie to assist you in losing desired weight,complete with menus and cooking temperatures.
Wengie is promoting her new commodity line of facial skincare exfoliation products, which are to be used only after thorough and gentle cleansing of the face,the recommendation for utilizing exfoliation is no more than three times a week,in order to avoid irritating the ultra sensitive skin on your face.
There are a total of six various means of exfoliating the face,which essentially means carefully peeling off the outer layer of skin called,the epidermis which is defined as dead skin ultimately revealing the true skin just underneath called the dermis.
There are manual exfoliation scrubs,chemical exfoliates which contain glycolic and salicylate acids.
Aqua gel products, peeling gels, ordinary face towel and the Konjac porous sponge which is quite popular because, all you have to do is wet the sponge and semi vigorously scrub your face.
Any of the above variations will successfully accomplish the task of exfoliation, which eventually will reveal a radiant appearance of more youthful,clearer softer and subtle smoother skin, a definite glowing complexion.
Wengie is an ordinary young lady who is passionate about make-up and fashion who wanted to share her expertise with the world in regards to make-up tips,fashion and skincare.
Wengie began her blog initially as a pastime as well as an activity of self expression,and currently 185,000 visitors monthly go to her blog. She also does weekly advertised product freebies as well as videos.
In addition to her website and blog, she also has three YouTube channels, (Wengie):beauty lifestyle channel,(Life of Wengie) my advise and blog channel and (Wengie Official) my music and dance channel.


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How to Achieve Fame in Any Business

There is a step to achieving fame. Achieving fame is not as simple as it sounds. For one thing, there are many methods to achieving fame. The method depends on the medium. For YouTube, achieving fame depends on the ability to network and gain subscribers. In order to effectively market, it is important to find the target audience. This would mean figuring out the type of videos you either want to create or are going to create, and then finding the similar types of videos. Look for the ones with the comments and engage with the other users in many different ways.

One person that has mastered the art of marketing and is gaining a lot of subscribers is Wengie. Wengie has taken the time to do everything it takes in order to market her channel. One thing that Wendy Huang has done was engage with many people in videos that are similar to the videos that she makes. She as talked with people and has provided her link in the comments section. She has done it in an ethical manner that is not spamming. She has also provided useful information to people that are looking for it so that they can get something valuable from her.

This is one very important aspect of marketing. One has to provide value in order to get people to visit and subscribe. If one doesn’t provide something for people, they are not going to pay for it. This is one thing that Wengie has made sure that she did. She made sure that what she had to offer was something valuable. She built it. As she built it, she marketed it. Others came and saw that she had some valuable advice. They took it in and more people became aware of Wengie as she continued to present her site.

Achieving fame on YouTube is a very tricky matter. It takes a lot of work. One has to produce and edit videos. At the same time, someone has to market these videos so that people will be aware of them and be willing to view them.