Serge Belamant and His Blockchain Patent Holder

Blockchain technology created the cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC), which grew to over $800 billion in value by 2017. Economists believe that cryptocurrencies held the key to the future global economy as Ethereum and Bitcoin become household brand names. Although blockchain technology is the underlying force behind crypto. Experts argue that technology can stand without cryptocurrencies. Serge Belamant is a significant figure in the development of blockchain technology. Generally, blockchain technology is a ledge record linked together and highly encrypted. Initially, the technology aimed at helping financial services improve their transparency, security, and customers’ efficiency. Blockchain technology helped to move money globally with much ease and speed.

Other applications that depend on blockchain technology include smart contracts and reducing labor-intensive business. All these success stories of blockchain technology would not be possible without the efforts of founding patent holder Mr. Serge Belamant. Belamant developed blockchain technology via smart cards application. Before the success of blockchain, several patents filed in the past two decades. Serge Belament became successful after designing various technologies that helped solve banking problems. Serge Belament started his journey when he established Net1 Technologies. He designed the Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS) a bank application system that improves banks transaction activities.

In 1995 Visa hired Net1 to develop a new application that integrates Serge’s FTS/UEPS technology. Serge Belament took the assignment and produce COPEC (Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card), which became the primary security feature for Visa. The technology protects Visa against misuse, fraud, and helps to verify personal IDs. Additionally, in 1999, Serge firm implemented the UEPS within South Africa’s Cash Payment Service (CPS). UEPS supplied speed and security on the CPS system. The appointment of Serge Belamant saved SASWITCH, which was at the verge to collapse. Serge creative skills created a new National ATM switch designed with fault-tolerant hardware as well as parallel processing system. This ATM, together with Stratus computers made banking transaction more efficient. Interestingly, he secured contacts around Europe to supply the vendors with his hardware and computers. Serge Belamant left Net1 Technologies in 2017 and helped his son Philip establish Zilch Technology Limited that focus on banking inventions technology. Learn More.

Stream Energy Knows that The Community Matters

Stream Energy constructs a path forward by thinking in a holistic fashion. The company has been around for quite a while now and realizes that it must account for risk. Stream Energy realizes that it must not only simply account for risk, they must go ahead and mitigate it and optimize in each and every aspect of their operation. The idea of accounting for risk is not a new idea for the company as it has done that for quite a while now. The company will be accounting for risk in the present and in the future as well.

The company has come to appreciate the concept of stall speed in operations as well. Stall speed is where a company, that is made up of people who conduct different roles are likely to experience growth or debt. If these companies experience debt and continue to increase their debt they might find that they are not growing, if they increase their growth in a positive manner, they will be able to grow, survive, and thrive for the long term.

The company, Stream Energy realizes that just like organisms present within nature, companies can experience balance or lack of balance within their operations. Companies either succeed or don’t because of the quality of their people, their experience, their ideas and their interest within their positions to further the growth of the company.

Stream Energy realizes that a company can easily regress and head into a stage of decline if they don’t find new avenues or ways to reinvigorate themselves. They also know that each aspect of their business depends on the sentiment and life that is present within their communities as well. As such, Stream will continue to make certain that they make strategic investments within their communities and help when times get quite tough.

Stream energy knows if the communities that they serve stop growing they can start dying, as such, they will continue to invest, help, elevate and grow their communities. As such, Stream executives will continue to think in a cross-disciplinary manner and will continue jump on their figurative bicycle and keep driving forward.