The New Residential Champion Michael Nierenberg

Before becoming the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the company New Residential in the year 2013, Mr. Michael Nierenberg worked at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch as the managing director and also served the bank as the chair of their global mortgages and the products that are securitized.

Mike Nierenberg, during New Residential Annual Report in 2017, said that the objectives of the company are very different from other mortgage REITs. The dealings of the company are set in such a way that operations would not be altered when the new tax bills are implemented or when there are alterations in the latest strategies from the administration. Nierenberg’s claims have so far been proven to be true.

He had foreseen and shared in the Annual Report that the Fed, due to various administration objectives and policies, would increase the currently existing rates. The rates were raised in the year 2018 from 2.25% to 2.50%. The company, New Resident, was now able to take advantage of that hence giving them a competitive advantage since they were able to create an investment trust in the real estate business with the invaluable leadership of an experienced leader Michael Nierenberg. Even if the company was started in New York, it has established bases out of New York. It is one of the leading mortgage companies that deal with security, mortgage servicing rights, and other several opportunistic investments. The success of New Residential Investment Corporation has been contributed majorly through the leadership of Michael Nierenberg.

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Dabie Tsai’s Views on How to Embrace Big Data and AI in Accounting

Technology in accounting is one of the most discussed concepts in the world of management and, more importantly, in the future of accounting. There are multiple views on technology and accounting, but Dabie Tsai has one of the best professional opinions on the effects of technology in the accounting world.

First, she believes that the technology wave is important in the world of management and, more importantly, in the world of auditing and accounting. Tsai points out that what is achievable now was far fetched merely two decades ago. The ability to make better decisions is now possible due to the technological tools available in the world of finance. Dabie Tsai has seen both a technologically advanced environment and an environment that did not have the best technology tools in her client service career, and believes it is critical in today’s world to invest in the right technology.

Second, Dabie Tsai is a believer in the beauty of AI and big data in making accounting morevaluable. Tsai believes that data analytics can help management make better decisions by arming them with more comprehensive information.

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Krishen Iyer Can Optimize Your Email Marketing

What is the First Thing You Did Today Online?

After conducting your hygiene or even during conducting your hygiene and daily routines, it is quite possible that you are on your mobile device. It is quite possible that you are on your mobile device and that you are browsing your device on media platforms such as imgur, reddit, facebook, twitter, Instagram, and even regular news platforms.

You may also, alternatively, have another tab open on your device. This tab will most likely be your email provider. If you’ll notice, you will see that checking your email is a daily habit, you may even check your email a number of times throughout the day to make sure you didn’t miss any important bits and pieces of information. Follow this link to read more about marketing.

Email is still king. It is still highly relevant to our lives today as it was when it just came out, as a matter of fact, it might be even more relevant today as more people come online and seek to make connections with us on various topics.

Krishen Iyer, a managed benefits services specialist is interested in providing you with higher value from your email marketing efforts. If you don’t even use email marketing in the least bit, then it is something that you should experiment with for at least several campaigns. Professionals such as Krishen Iyer can show you how to utilize email marketing and how to do where you are able to maximize your potential.

Krishen Iyer Can Help To Bring More Leads Through Email Marketing

Email marketing is important and Krishen Iyer knows it. He’s spent a good portion of his life trying to increase the reach of many of his clients and he has learned a lot from his experiences.

After graduating from San Diego State University, Krishen Iyer dove straight into the business environment. He’s been able to compound his knowledge in the sector and increase in his creative talent. As such, he continues to pick up health and dental insurance clients throughout California to increase their business through aspects such as email marketing.

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Gareth Henry: Experienced Asset To Global Investment Firms

Gareth Henry was the London-based managing director of Fortress Investment Group where he was employed for over 8 years. His time with the company spanned from July of 2007 to December of 2014. Henry was in charge of securing capital in the African, European, and Middle Eastern markets. He worked diligently to build relationships and create established ties to insurance companies, wealth funds, and pension funds.

Prior to his employment at Fortress Investment Group, Gareth Henry studied actuarial mathematics at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He received First Class Honors from Heriot-Watt University where he graduated with his bachelors of science degree. Following his graduation in 2001, Henry worked in management research at Watson-Wyatt for a few years. After that period of time, Gareth Henry joined the U.K. based money management firm known as Schroders where he moved up in the ranks to become a product manager in the multi-asset global investment firm. From there he made the successful transition to his position at Fortress Investment Group. Additionally, Henry is a honored to be a fellow of both the Institute of Actuaries in the United Kingdom and the Society of Actuaries in the United States.

Fortress Investment Group has experienced growth in earning estimates and Credit Suisse analyst, Craig Siegenthaler, recently upgraded shares of Fortress. He believes that clarity on principal compensation and a stock dividend increase will drive the benefits of the company.

Fortress is heavily vested in the hedge fund and private equities businesses. As a global investment management firm, Fortress Investment Group appears to be well-positioned to experience favorable long-term relative fund performance.

Gareth Henry is currently based in New York. He was employed as the global head of investor relations at Angelo, Gordon, and Company where he was employed from January of 2016 until February, 2018.

Jose Neto Leads JHSF through Commercial and Residential Property Developmentt

JHSF is a high notch real estate developer in Brazil’s industry. Established in 1972, the company has cemented its brand name on the walls of the development as well as the management of premier residential in addition to commercial properties. Some of these properties include shoping malls, luxurious hotels, international airports and apartments on the high end estates of Brazil. In 2007, JHSF was ranked in the list of Uruguay and America’s business industry.

Moreover, JHSF operates multiple development divisions in some of the largest industries in Brazil. Some of these projects include the Iguatemi Mall in Sao Paulo, General Motors racetrack and Metro Santa Cruz and Fasanot Hotels as well as Ponta Negra.


Inclusive of its operating culture, JHSF has additional affiliates focused on providing supportive services to the development of different portfolios. The two affiliates are Sustainable Energy in addition to Sustainable Telecom. They provide affordable energy and telecommunications services to the company’s development.

Behind the management and operation of the company is one Jose Auriemo Neto who serves as the chief executive officer of the company. Jose Neto has walked JHSF through tremendous success stories that have all more than often involved tremendous growth in different projects. Apart from that, Jose Neto oversees the management of the firm from different departments that involve finance and management among others. He is highly qualified to integrate the public and private sectors of the business with the major objective of growing the business.

Moreover, as a leader, Jose Neto has established a strong portfolio of operation with one memorable groundbreaking project being the development of one Metro Santa Cruz that has a network of private shopping complex within. Neto has additionally been dedicated to growing the firm to a point of moving his family to wherever he needs to serve as a project manager and team leader.

Getting to know Anthony Petrello

Anthony G. Petrello is a man of many talents and skills. He is a prominent figure in the United States of America who albeit unknown sit pretty as part of the corporate elite in America. Currently, he serves as the chief executive officer also doubling up as the president and chairman of the board of Nabors limited. He took a staggering 68 million dollars in salary for the year 2014 which is awarded based on the success of his company. Nabors limited is a corporation dealing in drilling oil and natural gas in America. Anthony Petrello is a man who believes in fairness and operates under a strict moral code. Combine these with his achievements and success, and you get a person who inspires admiration and envy from many people.

He is a kind man and always treats his fellow man fairly. These qualities have helped him achieve the success he has seen throughout his career, and through the growth of Nabors industries, created plenty of jobs.

Mr. Petrello had his fair share of struggles coming up. He grew up in Newark, in a neighborhood that mainly comprised of Italians. As a young man, he studied hard in school, mastering calculus and exhibiting an understanding of mathematics expected from logistic specialists. Growing up in a culture of that appreciates hard work and shuns dishonesty, Mr. Petrello carried the values in his core, practicing them through his career. He made do with the poor resources availed to him at his public school, always hoping to secure a future, brighter than his back then. His first break came when, just before turning 18, he was spotted by Yale University for displaying an excellent understanding of PhD-level calculus and linear algebra. Yale awarded a full scholarship to Petrello to further his passion.

Anthony G. Petrello continued impressing at the university. He handled very complex mathematical tasks that troubled other students which got him noticed by one of his math professors. Together they worked on Serge Lang, his professor’s, numbers theory and other more complex theorems. Petrello later shocked everyone when he dropped his mathematical prodigy dreams to pursue a career in law at Harvard law school. After completing his post-graduate studies, he went through several jobs, finally landing at Nabors. There, he slowly climbed up the corporate ladder to become the CEO. With the new position, came many financial perks, some of which Petrello and his wife donated to his community to the tune of millions.

A Look At The JHSF Company And Their CEO, José Auriemo Neto

A Snapshot Of The Career Of Brazilian Executive, Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is a graduate of the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation which is a private university located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is considered to be one of the top colleges in the country. He studied both engineering and business administration at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation.

Jose Auriemo Neto started his career with JHSF in 1993. A few years later, Mr. Auriemo Neto started a service department division at JHSF. The service department division of the JHSF Group was founded when Jose Auriemo Neto founded a parking lot management firm that he called Parkbem.

One year after he founded Parkbem and established a services department at the JHSF Group, Jose Auriemo Neto was given the rights to develop the realty group’s first shopping center. This was the Shopping Santa Cruz development, which he managed and oversaw with great success.

Today Jose Auriemo Neto serves as the CEO and chairman of the board at JHSF. One of the major duties of Mr. Auriemo Neto is to act as an overseer of the JHSF brand’s stakes in hotel, office and municipal buildings. He also oversees the realty group’s retail and shopping center developments and stakes. This includes overseeing and managing developments such as the famous Cidade Jardim shopping center in the city of Sao Paulo, the upscale Ponte Negra neighborhood in the city of Manaus, the Shopping Bela Vista center in the city of Salvador, and the Metrô Tucuruvi underground metro shopping center in the metro system of Sao Paulo. Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto is also overseeing the construction of two now major real estate developments in Sao Paulo state that are slated to be completed very soon.

Jose Auriemo Neto is also credited with bringing retail into the portfolio of the JHSF group or JHSF Participacoes SA as the company is called in Portuguese. Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto signed retail agreements with the upscale stores of Pucci, Hermes and Jimmy Choo in 2009 and helped open their first stores in the Cidade Jarim shopping complex. Jose Auriemo Neto also helped bring the Valentino and R.E.D. Valentino store to Brazil’s shores in 2012 when he negotiated a deal with them though JHSF.

Ronna Borre from Humble Beginnings to Great Success

Rona Borre began small

Rona Borre is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, a Chicago based company that connects IT and finance professionals with firms. Not only does Instant Alliance help individuals and companies network, it also creates and develops talent. A graduate of the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in business, Rona went on to work for a global recruiting firm where her focus on clients led her to great success. Always willing to take risks, Rona left her job and started her own company in 2001. This was the beginning of Instant Alliance. Ms. Rona Borre began small, with no employees and no office, until her company grew to what it is today: a national powerhouse of talent. With Rona’s talent and expertise, her passion and attention to detail, she carved a niche for her company that larger companies do not fill.  Based on


Instant Alliance mediates between players in the IT and finance sectors. With strategic partnerships with hiring companies and developing talent, Instant Alliance takes the burden of hiring from finance and technology companies while also speeding up the process for employees and employers. Instant Alliance is able to quickly put the right person in the right position with the expertise of a larger company and the personal touch of the smaller firm. Borre’s ambition, urgency and work ethics still guides Instant Alliance. Now Ms. Borre sits comfortably atop a successful company, the winner of multiple awards, featured in various media outlets and an inspiration for future entrepreneurs.  Check on


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