Richard Liu Qiangdong’s,, Corners the Market

The Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of, Richard Liu Qiangdong, currently heads the largest and most successful e-commerce company in the world. Launched in 2004,, or JingDong, derived from a combination of Richard Liu Qiangdong’s last name, and the last name of a former girlfriend. Before becoming a pioneer in the world of e-commerce, Richard Liu Qiangdong tried his hand as a restauranteur, ultimately failing in this sector. During this time, Richard Liu was also a student in Beijing, attended classes for two hours each week, but in desperate need of finance due to a variety of family ills, he opened his first retail business. This move was in sharp contrast to the paths of many of his contemporaries, who instead decided to pursue government careers, as well as positions abroad. Due to his financial situation, this was not feasible for Richard Liu Qiangdong.

Beginning as a small operation, Richard Liu Qiangdong retail store saw success almost immediately, and he quickly expanded to twelve locations. In 2003, his career path would forever be altered, as the SARS epidemic began claiming the lives of multitudes of his countrymen. The SARS outbreak made it difficult to continue conducting business in the traditional manner, and, heeding a suggestion made by one of his managers, he decided to dabble in e-commerce. While the move to e-commerce was initially a supplemental one, upon reviewing the figures, he and his team discovered that online retail might, indeed, be the wave of the future. Over the course of the next year, Richard Liu Qiangdong closed down all of his physical locations, thus, completing the transition. While today, the e-commerce giant, Amazon, is a household name, during the early years of, there were a number of controlling entities in existence. By recognizing the chaotic environment of e-commerce at the time, Richard Liu Qiangdong and made a number of adjustments that allowed the company to rise to the top of the online retail market. Today, as China’s largest online retailer, boasts a market value of over $60 billion, while employing more than 150,000 people.

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Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neal Revitalizing Urban Newark

The Aspire is one of a long list of luxury residences within Boraie Development’s impressive portfolio. Opened in 2015, these state-of-the-art apartments continue to impress the up-and-coming trendsetters in New Jersey with both their ideal location as well the amenities the apartments and the building have to offer. Boraie Development, LLC is focused on re-energizing urban areas by providing real estate development, property management as well as real estate sales and marketing.


Located at 134 Somerset St. in New Brunswick, The Aspire consists of 238 apartments ranging in size from studio to two-bedrooms featuring very attractive leasing options. And, as usual with Borai, all the bells and whistles abound to pamper any discerning lifestyle. These spacious apartments are designed to spoil its residents with amenities such as a gourmet kitchens, European bathrooms, huge closets, and beautiful hardwood floors. The gorgeous over-sized windows, balconies, and terraces offer a great view of the downtown area as well as taking advantage of an abundance of natural light. Environmentally conscious appliances are also included in each unit. The full-service building boasts an around-the-clock doorman and private parking. Residents can enjoy a luxury community area with a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, game room, and an expansive terrace. On the 18th floor, there’s even a sky-deck offering sun-and-fun along with electric barbecues for outside cooking.  You can visit to see more.


The Aspire is one of many developments resulting from a collaboration between Boraie Developments and Shaquille O’Neal in the New Jersey area. Mr O’Neal grew up in the Newark area and is a huge proponent for its urban revitalization. He looks at his participation with Boraie as paying-it-forward for the community where his family struggled to keep him safe. He remembers the challenge for families raising children in the area and wants to see it re-energized with an environment conducive to a safe, family-oriented atmosphere where families can create lasting positive memories. Boraie has been developing the New Jersey area for several years. With the support and backing of Shaquille and others, they plan to continue in their efforts to add the needed energy and momentum to bring urban centers back to life. For more info you can checkout


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Sheldon Lavin, OSI Food Solutions Executive

Enjoy A Worldwide Food Solution

OSI Food Solutions, premiere food processors with over 25+ years experience, is a smart food choice. They have been able to safely feed thousands of families as one of the largest food processing networks in North America. Their team of professionals have been able to stick to the strict guidelines set forth by the federal and international food industry. Their estimated assets is worth over $60 billion dollars. They’re also trying to grow their international network by adding other clients that are dedicated to the food industry. Learn more about the popular by visiting the popular OSI Food Solutions website.

OSI Foods Top Team Executives

There are many team executives at OSI that have played a major role in their growth. You have the option of choosing a popular food network that has industry professionals backing their name including COO, Sheldon Lavin. He has been able to push for the growth of their international partnerships alongside their President, David McDonald. He has been able to successfully work with other team leaders to gain over $24 million in equity. Lavin says, it’s important to put the needs of their customers first and provide a safe meal for thousands of families.

Business News About Sheldon Lavin

The EU food industry is a major player in the international food trade. Sheldon Lavin took advantage of an opportunity to make a bid for their largest facility food plant and was successful. Today, OSI will process many food items along with their condiments and other foods. They have also made it possible for the Flagship Europe food network to expand their business portfolio. Lavin has also played a major role in inquiring a Baho Foods deal. Learn more about Sheldon Lavin from his professional LinkedIn account today. Eat smart with OSI Food Solutions.

HCR’s Wealth Advisors General 2018 Financial Outlook

2017 was one of the least volatile years in recent memory, with the largest stock market pullback being a mere -3%. However, according to HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory (RIA) firm, 2018 likely will not be as stable. Volatility may stem from a sharp rise in bond yields, a geopolitical event, a policy shift in China or another unforeseen event.

Nevertheless, HCR Wealth Advisors is not worried about another downturn. In fact, the firm believes that 2018 will be another strong year for both the US and Global economy. In the United States specifically, both consumer confidence and home sales have reached new highs for the decade. Furthermore, HCR Wealth Advisors thinks that “synchronized global recovery” will take effect because of extremely growth friendly central banks throughout the world. Because of this, HCR Wealth Advisors expects the Federal Reserve to consistently raise rates in 2018 as well as 2019 so long as the economy remains stable.

HCR Wealth Advisors manages over $1 billion for clients and cultivates independent thought among its advisors to allow for the creation of personalized financial strategies for clients. HCR Wealth Advisors’ mission is “to establish life-long relationships with our clients through education, trust, communication, and, most of all, service.”

Additionally, HCR Wealth Advisors see a potential spike in bond yields. In the past few years, bond yields have remained relatively subdued because of low inflationary pressures. However, bond yields are now approaching highs of 2.60% which has not been seen since the aftermath of the 2016 election. Meanwhile, the stock market has generated solid but not stellar returns in this timeframe. Still, HCR Wealth Advisors believes that the stock market has room to grow in the coming years because of strong earnings growth. In 2017, earnings within the S&P 500 grew by 18% and earnings are projected to grow another 17% in 2018. This aging bull market will likely increasingly attract wary investors sitting on the sidelines to equity funds according to @HCRwealth.

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Glen Wakeman graduated from Scranton University where he achieved Bachelor degree in Finance and BS in Economics. In Glen’s career he has held different positions for instance; CEO, president, director and even founder of various organizations like Nova Four and Launchpad Holdings. He is well known for his five confirmed procedure; aiming at risks, organizing, social capital, management capital and implementation in business. He is a prosperous writer and sponsor which has enabled him to motivate others. His experience in the marketing sector, working in more than 20 countries and more than 32 organizations, has encouraged other businesspersons and experts to undertake business.

Glen Wakeman claims that planning is significant. People usually fail in business because of their poor organization in spite of their noble ideas. People fail to understand the differences between organizations and plans. This made him look forward and started a software the Launchpad Holdings. He was also motivated by his interests to get answers to the problems affecting his clients. Having worked in various countries, he understands the issues that clients face it the field of business and their environments. In case he proceeds at this rate, Glen will be in the capacity to change the fate of the company.

In business, Glen Wakeman says that one should not expect to make a quick income at the beginning. It is progressive but always ensures that the target of the business is achieved. He says that his inquisitiveness helped him to succeed in business (Premiergazette). This attribute made him continue in spite of challenges, pioneering and also the strive to satisfy the needs of his clients. Being a writer attracted many clients to check on his products. Glen anticipates on keeping all friends and their records because they are the nearest clients to support an individual both in business.

Demand excellence and one can acquire it is Glen motto. This code helps him achieve his goals. The most crucial thing in business is understanding the challenges that are involved as this helps improve the quality and the rate of decision making in the industry. He advocated on teamwork.