Laerte Codonho Is Recognized To His Tremendous Contributions To The Brazilian Soft Drink Industry:

Brazilian entrepreneur Laerte Codonho is the creator of the innovative beverage company known as Dolly. The firm has become a force in the Brazilian soft drink market since Laerte Codonho founded it during the 1987 calendar year. An impressive fact about the founding of Codonho is the fact that Laerte Codonho was only 26 years old when he founded Dolly and the operation. By the decade of the 1990s, Laerte Codonho had built up Dolly into an impressive and successful operation within the Brazilian market. One of the claims to fame that the company can make is the fact that it is the first firm to introduce diet sodas to the market in Brazil. 

One area that Laerte Codonho has excelled in is the area of marketing. Possessing this skill has been instrumental in helping him to build up the Dolly brand over the thirty-plus year history of the soft drink company. He is also an individual who has not been scared to stand up to multinational companies and to push back against them. He has put in a great deal of effort in working with Brazil’s national media regarding this.

When Laerte Codonho first started Dolly, the operation was small but he knew there was huge growth potential within the Brazilian market. This is something that he sought to tap into from the very beginning. It was upon the introduction of diet sodas to the market in Brazil that Dolly started to experience an increased amount of success and growth (Istoe).

The creation of high-quality products that Laerte Codonho and his entire team believe in has been a major catalyst for the growth and success at Dolly over the years. Quality control is a priority for Laerte and the company routinely tests this out at its laboratory where it maintains a range of equipment that is utilized for this process. The creation of these quality products has enabled the Dolly brand name to continue to grow over the many years that it has been in existence. This growth is something that Laerte Codonho always knew was possible from day one when he first started the soft drink firm. 

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