Building Ships with Iskandar Safa


Iskandar Safa is the man behind Privinvest. He has a lot of skills in things like engineering, being a business leader, and being a philanthropist. Privinvest is a company that builds ships for small consumers and bigger groups including navies.

Privinvest puts a lot of thought behind their ship building. They use the most up to date technology. They try to put designers on board that think outside of the box so that everything is unique. Privinvest employs over two thousand people. They have many different facilities that are working out of areas that include France, Germany, and other locations. See This Article for additional information

Privinvest builds navy ships, yachts, small ships, and much more. They want to be able to provide their clients with everything that they are looking for and more. They want to have every option readily available. Privinvest goes above and beyond for their clients.

Jumping straight into creating a company like Privinvest was not possible without all of the years of schooling that Iskandar Safa went through. He had to learn a lot before he knew how to successfully run a business. Not only did he have to learn about how to run a business he also had to learn how to design and build ships. Those aren’t the only things he had to learn though he also had to learn how to market the ships so that they will sell to people who are interest. Get Related Information Here.

Privinvest cannot make it on creating ships alone. They also have to sell them in order to be successful. Iskandar Safa has gained a lot of success from Privinvest. Iskandar Safa has big plans for the future of the company. He knows that the future is not promised and that people could quit buying ships tomorrow, but as long as people are in the market for ships he is going to continue to keep designing and building them. The future looks bright for Iskandar Safa and Privinvest.


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Iskandar Safa Is The Leader Of Privinvest

Iskandar Safa is one of the cofounders and the chief executive officer of a company called the Privinvest Group. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Iskandar Safa is extremely well-educated and currently has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in business administration.

Iskandar Safa attended the American University in Beirut and obtained his bachelor’s degree. He attended INSEAD and graduated with his master’s degree. Once Mr. Safa graduated from college he had his hand in a number of different ventures. He eventually ended up managing construction operations in Saudi Arabia for several years. After this he co-founded Privinvest and this is a privately-owned shipbuilding group that is based out of Europe.

When Privinvest was facing hard times Iskandar Safa turned the company around in just two years. The company currently specializes in producing ships that are up to 70 meters. Privinvest is thriving and is currently very successful employing over 2,500 people. Mr. Safa founded the company with his younger brother Akram Safa. Mr. Safa is not just an excellent businessman but he is also a philanthropist, industrialist, and engineer.

His customers for his ship building company are spread all throughout Europe and in the Middle East. Mr. Safa and Privinvest also provides their services to civilian customers all over the globe and two countries who need ships for their National Defense as well. Privinvest is headquartered in Beirut and has been in business for over two decades. The specialties for the company are innovative ship design, timely production, and great engineering services. Privinvest also has three other shipbuilding facilities that are located in Germany, the Middle East, and France. Find Related Information Here.

Mr. Iskandar Safa and his company are responsible for building some beautiful yachts and some well-equipped battleships. The company uses the latest and best technology and has some of the best ship building engineers within the company who create an excellent product. Mr. Safa takes pride in the products that they provide to their customers on a global scale. See Related Link for additional information.


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CEO TJ Maloney And Lincolnshire Management’s New Members Are Helping The Firm To Grow

Lincolnshire Management seems to excel strongly as a private equity firm, and its area of specialization is acquiring small companies that are often private. Funding shareholders is also something that this firm is involved in, along with management buyouts, mergers and helping debt stricken companies with restructuring efforts. James Tozer was needed to take over Lincolnshire after its original founder, Frank Wright, passed. Wright’s launching of the firm was in 1986, which was a full seven years before the talented and dedicated TJ Maloney found his way to the organization. After Maloney joined up, there soon was a great amount of growth observed by this company, and TJ is quite deserving of some credit for this, as his leadership during that time was definitely stellar.

It wasn’t until 1993, though, when TJ Maloney entered Lincolnshire Management’s chief executive officer position, but he seemed quite ready. Maloney was equally ready to assume chairman responsibilities when it soon became required of him. His previous financial, professional and educational experiences have certainly helped Maloney enter the Lincolnshire organization as a strongly prepared member. After earning a law degree, which came from Fordham University, TJ found his way in the New York City financial realm, with securities law and acquisitions both becoming second nature the Mr. Maloney. In addition to enjoying some guest speaking appearances, Maloney was also generous enough to help Fordham Law School build a wonderful library named after him thanks to a $5 million donation.

TJ Maloney and his leadership strategies clearly seem to be working for Lincolnshire Management, as this equity firm is now valued around $1.7 billion, and its representation is quite strong not only in the United States, but also in Asian and European regions. Bringing into the firm individuals like Nicolas Vega Llona, George Stolt-Nielsen, Yashna Ginodia and Matthew Nacier was a great recent move. In 2010 and 2011, TJ Maloney’s Lincolnshire Management was recognized and praised by two prominent finance publications. The first was Private Equity News, and the second was CNN Money. Hopefully, these new four Lincolnshire members will be able to excel alongside Maloney.

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Ashley Brasier Takes Pride in Connecting with her Entrepreneurs

Ashley Brasier is, by most business people’s standards, still very young. Yet she has a long list of accomplishments under her belt. For one, she graduated from the prestigious Duke University. Upon graduation, she worked different jobs including Bain and Company, and the tech startup Thumbtack. She kept herself very busy at Thumbtack, jump-starting their Events and Wedding Platform and going to graduate school at Standford. Naturally, with all these accomplishments she was yearning for more and Brasier landed the perfect job at Lightspeed Venture Capital.

To know more about Ashley Lightspeed follow her at

Ashley Lightspeed experience is giving her the opportunity to help budding new businesses get their feet wet and get long-term, sustainable growth. How does someone this successful manage their time and energy though? To begin with, Mondays are a little different as she drives down from San Francisco to the office in order to meet with her colleagues and even her business school friends. This gives her excitement and motivation to keep going throughout the week. No matter what, she has meetings throughout the day and ends the day with self-reflection.

It amazes Brasier to think that within the next thirteen years, America’s demographics will change. We will have more people that are older than we will children. Through Ashley Lightspeed experience, she believes that the Boomer generation will be able to stay home instead of in nursing homes because of financial services, our ability to be connected through technology, and care services that are provided.

One of the best things learned through her experience is to befriend her customers. She prides herself on this, making sure that her calendar is set with important dates that are happening for each of her clients. This allows Ashley Lightspeed advice to happen when it is needed the most.

While young, Ashley Brasier is onto something and we can all take note and help each other out.

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Sheldon Lavin an Award Winning Seasoned Entrepreneur

Sheldon Lavin is a prominent award-winning businessman who serves at the helm of OSI Group as Chairman and CEO. Lavin joined OSI over 40 years ago and has been very pivotal in steering the company to success. Lavin is an accountant and a financial expert by profession and joined OSI Group then Otto and Son in 1970. OSI Group was initially a small meat shop that was founded by a German immigrant who migrated to Oak Park Illinois in the year 1909. The firm from a small meat shop as the demand for quality meat grew started growing and expanded from a small meat shop to a wholesale meat business. Lavin then joined the firm and ever since then has helped transformed the company to become the leading supplier of meat products to service companies such as the McDonalds and General Milling Corporations.

OSI Group today under Sheldon Lavin leadership supplies a wide range of meat and food products to renowned retail food companies such as Starbucks, Subway, Papa John’s, Burger King, and Pizza Hut among others. The firm food products include pork, meat patties, poultry, bacon, hotdogs, and vegetables, among others. OSI Group has received numerous awards for its innovations, safe food handling, observance of employee safety standards, and safe green sustainability practices. It is headquartered in Aurora Illinois and has a global reach. The firm has expanded to other regions through mergers and acquisitions and boasts of commanding a massive presence in over 17 countries and providing employment to over 20,000 people.

OSI Group, under the strategic leadership of Sheldon Lavin, has continued to grow to countries such as Europe. The firm in 2016 as part of its expansion strategy acquired a controlling stake in the Dutch-based Baho Food. Baho Food is a leading processed food provider in Europe and supplied food products to more than 18 countries in Europe. The firm has subsidiary firms under it throughout Germany and Netherlands, all of which after acquisition fell under OSI Group. Some of the food products that Baho Food supplied to retailers throughout Europe include sausages, meat patties, poultry, pork, chicken, hamburgers, and bacon, among others. Other recent acquisitions that OSI Group has made under Sheldon Lavin include the purchase of Flagship Europe, and Chicago based Tyson Foods among others.

The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group


If you are seeking an attorney of excellence, you want Todd Levine. He is schooled not only in the spirit of the law, so to speak, but he makes research and the law come together! Now, Todd Levine brings much experience to the table as an attorney. He is a credit to the law community, and knows his stuff! He is a top commercial litigator, and works on finding creative solutions to business disputes. Todd Levine is a founding member of the law firm known as: Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and Levine, P.L. He is adept at working with commercial real estate litigation. He represents real estate brokers, buyers, sellers contractors, subcontractors, institutions, and property managers. That’s a lot of litigation!

It is interesting to share, that Todd Levine is more than an attorney. He is creative, and uses his analytical skills to solve cases. As an attorney, he will focus or hone in on a piece of evidence that has been thoroughly researched and overlooked by other lawyers. Also, his arguments in litigation show that he seeks to find clarity in disputes.

On a personal note, Todd Levine is a musician and skilled artist. Many feel that Todd Levine is such a successful litigator because he combines his musical skills and creativity with his knowledge of the law. He can think inside and outside the box. He is your go to lawyer for real estate disputes, that’s a certain! He was educated at the University of Florida, and earned a degree in finance in 1988. Moreover, he attended the University of Florida Levin Law College. It was at Levin Law College where he earned his law degree, and with high honors in 1991. He is listed in Best Lawyers of America, US News and World Report for Real Estate Litigation 2018-19. His civic and community involvement is noteworthy, as well. He is a supporter of the National Parkinson’s Foundation. Lastly, don’t think Todd Levine is only committed to real estate litigation; he has handled many cases in the entertainment and sports field as well. He is without a doubt a master litigator, musician, artist, clever thinker, and citizen- a man for all reasons.

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Steve Ritchie Is Bringing Big Changes At Papa John’s

Pizza is one of the biggest passions of Steve Ritchie and he is now leading the efforts at Papa John’s to change the culture and the brand in general for the better. Recently, the businessman took over the position of Chief Executive Officer for the company after working for the brand for several years in different positions. As of January 1, 2018, Steve Ritchie became the Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s after formerly starting out at the company as an hourly team member working in their call centers. Over the years, his dedication and love for the company have led to him being promoted several times.

When Steve Ritchie began his career with Papa John’s, he was only being paid an hourly rate of $6 an hour as a customer service representative. It was 1996 when he began with the company and in 2006, he became the operator and franchise owner of his own store within the company. Steve Ritchie moved up again in 2010 after being given more responsibilities before eventually becoming the Chief Operating Officer of Papa John’s in 2014. The title of President was later given to him a year later in 2015.

Papa John’s isn’t just a job for Steve Ritchie. He has stated that he truly has a love for the company and enjoys his career with them. He was humbled when asked to take on the position and he will be helping to develop the company globally through their customer experience online and in-store as well as their marketing. Most of the managers of Papa John’s began their careers as hourly employees and Steve Ritchie is proof that at Papa John’s, hard work can be recognized and lead to great career opportunities. He believes that any opportunity is achievable at Papa John’s and he will be focusing on the members of his team.

From Rags To Riches

In 1998 Asia was going through an economic crisis. Vijay Eswaran and his partners decided to take advantage of the situation. They purchased office space and hired high skilled tech workers and Vijay became founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. Today these companies are a multinational conglomerate with interests in direct selling, real estate, education, technology, and hospitality.

In the last 20 years, his network of skilled workers trained and empowered over one million entrepreneurs across the world’s most emerging industries. He created a system reducing the time and cost of starting a business. Asian hospitality brands are reshaping the global travel industry. Malaysian entrepreneurs are changing traveling within the region with the ride and share concept created by Grab. China’s company, SenseTime is the world’s largest AI start-up in facial recognition technology. Singapore’s company, Visenze is revolutionizing e-commerce businesses through an image recognition tool. India is in a great position for startups to create business solutions affecting their daily basic needs.

The accomplished entrepreneur, economist, motivational speaker, and philanthropist Vijay Eswaran is also an author. “Two Minutes From The Abyss, 11 Pillars of Life Management” is a book that master the elements in life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This book motivates you to do better, inspire you to reach your goals in life and enlighten you spiritually. In another one of his books “In The Sphere Of Silence” he shares his life’s secrets to success and how to be still and listen from within to accomplish life goals.

From rags to riches Vijay Eswaran and the QI Group has changed the landscape of Asia, Malaysia, China, India, Singapore and many more. They have increased government investment, improved educational facilities, and led the way for advancement of technology that will dominate industries of all kind around the world.

Steve Lesnard: How to Start Success Marketing Campaigns

Steve Lesnard has been serving in the marketing industry for a long time, and he knows what most of the customers are looking for. The marketing executive has been creating marketing campaigns for his customers for years, and he is highly experienced in whatever he lands his hands on. Many digital marketing mediums have been introduced in the marketing field. Steve Lesnard knows most of these platforms, and he believes that customers need to learn how to use them. The modern platforms have shown that they can be useful in marketing, and they require little amounts of money. When not used in the right way, Steve Lesnard believes that modern marketing platforms can fail organizations. The companies that want to thrive in the market must always place the needs of their customers in the front line. You must learn to introduce your products in the market in obvious statements, showing consumers that the items in question will add value in their lives. Here are two paramount principles to use in marketing.

Make it memorable and straightforward at the same time

When starting your company, it is crucial to ensure that the storyline remains in the perfect direction. The ideal product introduction will be able to show all the benefits the consumers will get. This is not easy even for the most experienced professionals. Simplifying the information will make the marketing team become more innovative and look for the most relevant features before they can communicate. Pick the line that you believe will be memorable to the customers and then go for it. Complex terms will only complicate the whole campaign, and it will give you poor results.

Make it real

When you want to give your clients a great experience, you must bring into life whatever you are marketing. You can try and use videos and any other platform to make the customers understand and associate themselves with whatever they are about to purchase. Highlight the best features of your product in this stage too so that the customers can show interest.

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Krishen Iyer Can Optimize Your Email Marketing

What is the First Thing You Did Today Online?

After conducting your hygiene or even during conducting your hygiene and daily routines, it is quite possible that you are on your mobile device. It is quite possible that you are on your mobile device and that you are browsing your device on media platforms such as imgur, reddit, facebook, twitter, Instagram, and even regular news platforms.

You may also, alternatively, have another tab open on your device. This tab will most likely be your email provider. If you’ll notice, you will see that checking your email is a daily habit, you may even check your email a number of times throughout the day to make sure you didn’t miss any important bits and pieces of information. Follow this link to read more about marketing.

Email is still king. It is still highly relevant to our lives today as it was when it just came out, as a matter of fact, it might be even more relevant today as more people come online and seek to make connections with us on various topics.

Krishen Iyer, a managed benefits services specialist is interested in providing you with higher value from your email marketing efforts. If you don’t even use email marketing in the least bit, then it is something that you should experiment with for at least several campaigns. Professionals such as Krishen Iyer can show you how to utilize email marketing and how to do where you are able to maximize your potential.

Krishen Iyer Can Help To Bring More Leads Through Email Marketing

Email marketing is important and Krishen Iyer knows it. He’s spent a good portion of his life trying to increase the reach of many of his clients and he has learned a lot from his experiences.

After graduating from San Diego State University, Krishen Iyer dove straight into the business environment. He’s been able to compound his knowledge in the sector and increase in his creative talent. As such, he continues to pick up health and dental insurance clients throughout California to increase their business through aspects such as email marketing.

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