IDLife, For revolutionary Nutrition and Health

People are faced with lack of information on how to lead a healthy life guided by proper and well-guided nutrition. The gap created between the actual information and the audience resulted in the development of IDLife company. It has taken up the role of ensuring that it provides all the nutrition and health related services and products to the customers.

About IDLife

The company is categorized as a marketing organization that ventures in the provision of products that are issued to clients after conducting an online assessment of the person who intends to buy its products. IDLife puts its customers at the center of its operations. Moreover, the questions asked to aid in determining the best custom nutritional supplement that will meet the demands a client’s needs. The assessment is conducted through an online interactive questionnaire that takes into account the medications, lifestyle, diet, and the personal demands of an individual.

The products of the company cover all the members of a family including children and parents. The aim is to curb all the common dietary nutritional challenges that they experience from time to time. The products include skin care, which hinders the aging look on the skin making your skin to appear younger and healthier for 24 hours. The IDLife kids are the second category of products, and they have formulations that maintain the wellness and health of children ensuring that the kids have undivided attention in whatever activity they undertake.

The IDLife energy shot comes in as the third product that is formulated to provide a jumpstart energy without relying on any other supplement energy drink. IDLife sleep helps in putting users to fast and profound sleep while the IDLife appetite control helps you to monitor the intake of food. That enables you to have a diet-disciplined life, which plays a role in controlling weight. The last two products are IDLife shake and ID nutrition. The former is formulated to improve muscle strength, joint mobility, and weight loss while the latter is administered after the assessment according to the health needs and demands of an individual.

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A brief look at Eric Pulier and his Accomplishments

Most people would never believe that a face so young has attained so many accomplishments at first glance. Eric Pulier asides from being a distinguished graduate of Havard, is also a public speaker, published author, a public speaker, an entrepreneur, and a generous philanthropist who has established and grown a lot of successful start-ups.


Eric Pulier was born in the city of New Jersey. He began programming computers when he was in fourth grade. He already began a database computer company when he was done with high school in the year 1984. After he graduated, he immediately went on to attend Havard and there, he became the editor of the daily newspaper of the school known as The Harvard Crimson. Pulier also wrote for the paper. His editorial pieces which are very insightful can still be located on his profile for Havard writer. Pulier was responsible for writing a wide range of crucial topics which included the dangers of terrorism to the stigma linked with a degree from Havard. Pulier relocated to Los Angeles in the year 1991 in order to chase his dreams.


One of the most innovative start-ups established by Pulier is Xprize. The program consists of numerous prizes and conditions for individuals who desire to push themselves to their maximum potential. The aim Pulier had when creating this startup was to assist teens and adults who were determined but lacked the means to attain their dreams and get rewards for being successful.


Eric Pulier has a record of philanthropy that is quite impressive and long. In the 1900s, he worked alongside President Bill Clinton to locate cloud computing solutions at low cost to communities in need. Also, he was one of those who helped in the creation of multimedia platforms for educational purposes which could be used in the home. One of the crucial innovations was his program that provided individuals who were suffering from multiple sclerosis with in-depth details about the various parts of their conditions. Eric Pulier has four kids, and he lives in Los Angeles, California.

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