How Gregory Aziz Brought Unprecedented Growth to National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the President and CEO of National Steel Car. He became the CEO of National Steel Car in 1994. That is because he helped orchestrate the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco. National Steel Car is located in Hamilton, a place in Ontario, Canada. Gregory J Aziz was born in the town of London in Ontario in 1949. He studied at Ridley College. Then, he went to Western University, where he studied Economics.


In 1971, the young Greg James Aziz joined his family’s business, Affiliate Food. It grew, in just sixteen years, to a large supplier of fresh food to various markets in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Afterwards, Greg Aziz got involved with various projects and investments in the banking industry in New York.


After Greg Aziz helped orchestrate the National Steel Car purchase, he became the President and the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. Under his leadership, the company was extremely successful. It grew from producing just three thousand and five hundred cars a year to producing twelve thousand cars a year. It grew from having just six hundred employees to having over three thousand employees.


National Steel Car has over one hundred years of experience with engineering and manufacturing in the rail industry. They are known for their commitment to quality. This is also why they are recognized as the number one manufacturer for tank cars and railroad freight. It is all thanks to the amazing people who work at and run National Steel Car, such as Greg Aziz.


National Steel Car is known to always raise the bar so that they can improve their work. They are always improving themselves and challenging themselves to do better. They are the only railcar company in the entire North America to be certified ISO 9001:2008. They have received the TTX SECO award for over a decade on a consistent basis. See This Article for additional info.

National Steel Car has a sense of purpose. They value and honor their traditions of the past. They focus on moving forward with determination. They always lead and have a focus on quality.


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Gregory Aziz: An Honorable Entrepreneur

Train cars are beautiful. They look different from each other and fulfill different purposes. Some are shiny and gray, while others are different colors. Some are used for cargo, while others are used for passengers who want to get someplace on time. Some train cars go over hundreds or thousands of miles, while traveling through several or dozens of miles. There are not just companies that run train cars and maintain train cars; there are also companies that commit themselves to manufacturing train cars. One of the most well-known of these companies is National Steel Car.



If you are reading this article, there is a vastly good chance that you have not lived a moment on this earth during a time when rail-car-producing National Steel Car was not doing business. National Steel Car saw the light of day in 1920 when it was established by entrepreneurial residents of Hamilton, Ontario. The company was successful and spread out their operations over the decades. A revolution happened in 1994 when the firm was sold into the hands of an honorable man by the name Gregory J. Aziz.


What makes Gregory J Aziz so honorable? Well, there are plenty of things to talk about. First off, he remodeled the company into an entity that produced more train cars. In this pursuit, he hired more people. Him having hired more people is something to be impressed about, since it is always impressive to see that more employment is being created. Citizens needs employment, because money makes the world go ’round, and you cannot do anything without money. You cannot feed yourself or your family. You cannot pay rent, taxes or a mortgage. You cannot do nice leisurely things. If you are unemployed and don’t have money, then you are a prisoner in your life. Of course, philosophically, anybody can say that under any circumstance, we are all prisoners in our lives. However, when you don’t have any money, you really start to feel like that.  Read This Page for more information.


Greg Aziz is also very honorable because he does what he can to contribute to activities in the community that help out people other than himself and the community of workers within National Steel Car. He gives money to artistic places within the community. The Aziz family also supports a major agricultural fair that takes place in Ontario. The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is a mind-blowing event where onlookers come into contact with all sort of agricultural backgrounds. For example, there are horse people, rabbit people, goat people, bird people, cheese people, beeswax people, honey people and veggie people.


Gregory Aziz- The Man behind the Success of National Steel Car Limited

Gregory James Aziz is a Canadian native who currently serves as the President, Chairman and CEO of the Hamilton based major railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing company-National Steel Car Limited. This Canadian company is internationally recognized for over a century now for dominating in manufacturing, engineering and its commitment to quality. National Steel Car was founded in 1912 and has since built a reputation as an eminent railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. National Steel Car has manufactured and designed freight cars to cater for the changing needs and caliber of its clients and the railroad industry.


Greg James Aziz grew up in Ontario Canada and is a Ridley College graduate. He went on to pursue a degree in economics at the University of Western Ontario. Gregory later became involved in the family food business-Affiliated foods in 1971. Affiliated foods soon became famed for importing fresh foods internationally and providing all top-end fresh foods wholesale markets throughout the United States and Eastern Canada.


After a decade of serving at Affiliated foods Gregory J Aziz was able put money in several banking opportunities in New York and shortly after he had acquired enough returns to arrange the purchase of national steel car from Dofasco. Greg’s main focus was rebuilding this great Canadian company into a prominent railroad freight auto manufacturer in North America. The company’s cornerstone involves its strong engineering prospective, significant human and financial investment and teamwork. The company has progressed massively with its manufacturing capability tripling within a short period of less than 6 years with the level of hiring within the same period going from 600 to 3000.


National Steel Car has continuously been celebrated with the TTX SECO top quality award for over twenty years now. The company now dominates the industry in new car innovation through its endless striving towards manufacturing and engineering excellence while manufacturing hundreds of new railroad freight cars each year. National steel car is currently the only railroad freight car, engineering and manufacturing company to have held this honor for the past year through various extents of recertification.  Visit This Page.


Greg Aziz and his wife Irene are both prime participants in charity events as they are funders of Canada’s eminent agricultural fair – the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Their company devotes to the Hamilton community in which they helped fund several charities within the Nation including events like the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, the United Way and many others.

Gregory Aziz Iconic Contribution to the Success of National Steel Car

Under the administration of Gregory James Aziz, the National Steel auto has been positioned the best in auto producing. The organization is situated in Ontario. The organization has had over an era of proceeded with operation in cargo producing. Inferable from the requests of the customers, the association has been exceptionally enthusiastic about the creation of value autos to fulfill the requirements of the clients. Other than simply the assembling of autos, the organization is committed to giving a few other social works with the point of offering back to the group.


The early existence of Gregory James Aziz


Gregory was conceived in April 1949 in Ontario, London. He initially went to his school in Ridley College then later contemplated financial matters at the University of Western Ontario. After his investigations, Gregory cooperated with his family in their sustenance organization which developed after his information. Afterward, in the vicinity of 1980 and mid-1990s, he worked with various banks at an assortment of positions.


His impact in the development of the assembling organization


In 1994, Gregory Aziz ended up plainly one of the brains behind the buy of National Steel Car from Dofasco. At this point, the organization was just situated in Canada, and James Aziz would be advised to plans with it. After its buy, Greg concentrated on making the organization more grounded. He guaranteed that the center esteems are fortified. Over this, Gregory J Aziz ensured that the yearly assembling of autos expanded from 3000 to 12000 out of five years from its buy. With this change, the rate of work similarly needed to develop, and this gave numerous chances to the inhabitants. Read This Page.


Gregory’s prosperity as the president


Under his administration, the National Steel Car has been on the highest point of its rivals for quite a while. In North America, it is the main organization delivering quality autos. It is the main railroad cargo auto with that is ISO confirmed. Since 1996, Gregory guaranteed that the organization should concentrate on quality and market will create without anyone else. For more than twenty years, the National Steel Cars has been believed to create the most elevated quality autos, and it has gotten its affirmation over these previous decades. In five years, the organization expanded the work populace from 600 to 3000 in the vicinity of 1994 and 1999. His insight and involvement in the assembling fields have been ascribed to the fruitful operation of this organization.

Greg Aziz-The Brains Behind National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the president, CEO, and chairman of National Steel Car, a renowned “railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing firm” situated in Hamilton, Ontario. Gregory Aziz grew up in London on April 1949 and studied at Ridley College before going for further studies at the “University of Western Ontario”.



Greg’s Professional Profile

In 1971, Greg Aziz joined his family’s wholesale food trade, Affiliated Foods, and the firm grew within a span of 16 years to become an international dealer in fresh foods from South and Central America, and Europe. The company also dealt with distributing fresh food to markets across U.S.A. and Eastern Canada. After working for several banking opportunities in New York between 1980and 1990, Greg invested in the “National Steel Car” which belonged to Dofasco. Greg’s goal was to turn this Canadian company into the leading railroad freight car dealer in North America. Capitalizing on National Steel Car’s strong team building, engineering, and capital investment, James Aziz was able to expand the company’s manufacturing capacity from over 3,000 cars a year to 12,000 cars in 1999. Employment also grew from a work force of 600 to a staff of almost 3,000.


Greg James Aziz has shown great commitment to manufacturing and engineering excellence which as a result has caused the National Steel Car to be among the leaders in car innovation. Currently, National Steel Car is the only freight car, manufacturing and engineering company in North America that is certified ISO 9001:2008, and has had this honor for the past 18 years. The firm has also been honored consistently with the TTX SECO highest award since 1996. Visit This Page.

History of National Steel Car

National Steel Car has come from humble beginnings. The company was formed by Sir John Gibson, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario at that time. He first named the firm “Imperial Car Company“. He later renamed it “The National Steel Car Company”. From the first day to the time the first steel and wood freight cars were rolling from the production line more than 100 years ago, National Steel Car has been renowned as a leading freight car manufacturer in North America.

The National Steel Car Company is also recognized for its philanthropic activities. The firm has sponsored the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, The Salvation Army, The United Way, and many other charities. One of the notable rewards that National Steel Car has received since its establishment is a gold medal from the “Canadian Welders Conferences”. This medal was given to recognize the company’s paper focusing on “Heat Input and Arc Energy”. Another popular medal that has been awarded to the firm is the “Outstanding Technical Achievement Award”.

Sawyer Howitt, the Entrepreneur of the Future

Entrepreneurship is universal, and it is all inclusive. This simply means that you can venture in entrepreneurship at any age regardless of your gender, race or other social factors. It has absolutely no limits and Sawyer Howitt seems to understand this well. Sawyer is a young entrepreneur who is currently a senior student at Lincoln High School in Portland Oregon.

Just like most youths, Sawyer Howitt is quite smart. As a matter of fact, he is regarded among the most intelligent and focused young men in his hometown. If he is not on his school work, he sure is on an internship to learn more about business and finance. Moreover, Sawyer is not a dull kid. Besides class work, he has built himself a reputation as an athlete who mostly plays racquetball games, and he is a popular player at the Oregon Racquetball Club.

Looking at him may only give you the impression of a typical successful youth, but he is far from average. Sawyer Howitt has made tremendous achievements already in his formative years. He is a father’s kid and spends most of his time working alongside him. His father, David Howitt, is the owner of the Meriwether Group, and Sawyer serves in the firm as a Project Manager.

With leadership comes responsibility. Sawyer is tasked with handling several of the projects the company undertakes. Mostly, he focuses on those projects that seek to revolutionize commerce in the future and how business can develop through the adoption of new technologies.

At his tender age, Sawyer Howitt understands both financial and operational needs of an enterprise. You can bet he is up to any task from networking with clients, handling complex spreadsheets, presentations, filing, note taking in business meetings and a lot more. For him, every task entrusted to him is essential.

More so, Sawyer Howitt has a generous heart. He has been involved in different charitable events. Moreover, he has advocated for the mentoring of the youth as his father mentored him. He is also involved in fighting for the rights of women and leads the international ethnic study group.

Sawyer Howitt’s work plan is remarkable, and it cuts across the business, finance, and also customer care. He is set to join California University in 2017 to pursue an Entrepreneurial Finance degree. He is an entrepreneur in the making and his future in the field seems to be crystal clear.

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Fabletics Offers New Sizes Thanks to Don Ressler

Fabletics is a very successful athletic and leisure wear company on Zimbio. They have been serving many different people for a few years and that has led to the success that they have seen. Because of the convenience that they provide, they make a great fit for nearly everyone. Now, they are even more fitting for several different groups of people but they have been able to do what they can through different points in time and since they are able to do this, they can offer more options for those who did not fit into the standard category that comes along with being able to do different things.

When Fabletics first started by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, they only offered subscription boxes. The choices were very limited, too. Even the people who could purchase the boxes were limited by their size and this was a problem for the company. Since they only had the standard sizes available, they had cut their market in about half. People who were plus sized were not able to wear the clothes from Fabletics and were missing out on the brand. The company on was also missing out on money as a result to only offering the standard sizes for people who wanted to buy from the company.

There are many trends that are going on but the idea of including even plus sized people with regular brands is something that is taking a huge boom right now. Even athletic giants like Nike are getting in on the plus sized market and with the average size of women going up steadily, there are many benefits to having companies that offer something for even bigger women. Fabletics is also able to do this because of the options that they have for people to be able to enjoy what they are getting out of the market.

Since they have been offering plus sizes for people who want their boxes, Fabletics has seen a huge increase in the sales that they have. Don Ressler, one of the founders of the company, is responsible for the idea behind offering plus sizes. Ressler knows that people can get more out of the company when they are able to get the size that they need. He also knows the right way to market a company that offers something for everyone. No matter your size, you can enjoy what Fabletics has to offer in the athletic and leisure wear categories at

Understanding Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani was born in 1953. Sajwani is a citizen of the United Arab Emirates. He serves as the chairman and also the founder of DAMAC Properties which is an international development company. Sajwani is known as one of the first people involved in the expansion of property market in Dubai. Sajwani managed to construct various hotels to accommodate the rapidly growing population that came to the Emirates for trade and business during the 90s. Sajwani is an Investor. He is known to be an astute businessman. He has registered massive success in the global equity and capital markets.

Hussain Sajwani currently has securities investment portfolios for several global and regional markets. Sajwani is the founder of the DICO Investments Co. LLC which is a flagship investment company. He started this company in 1992 and grew it to become successful and internationally recognized. Other business interests of Hussain include Al Jazeira Services which offers support and catering services, Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co, and the Al Amana Building Materials. Hussain Sajwani serves on various boards including the JUNO Online, NY, Majan University College, Muscat, Oman, and Emirates Takaful Company, Abu Dhabi.

DAMAC owner Hussain was born in Dubai. He is the eldest child in a family comprising of five children. Hussain was always interested in businesses ever since he was young. He was in charge of his father’s watch shop. His spirit of entrepreneurship has grown leading him to become one of the wealthiest people in the world according to Forbes. Sajwani joined the University of Washington where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering. He started his professional journey as a contracts manager working for GASCO. He later went on to start his own business in 1982.

Hussain Sajwani currently manages over 200 projects across the world. He also services construction campsites, educational institutions, army camps, offshore and onshore locations, and 5-star hotels. Hussain owns various prestigious projects in big international cities such as Riyadh, Dubai, Doha, Jeddah, London, Abu Dhabi, Amman, and Beirut. His company known as DAMAC Properties has employed approximately 2000 employees. Its shares are traded on the Dubai Financial Market.

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Rick Shinto; the CEO of InnovaCare, is a holder of a medical degree and also a master’s degree from Redlands University. Before getting involved in InnovaCare Health, he worked at different work places in various positions. First he was the head of Medical Officers in Medical Pathways Company, where he took charge of the Operating department and also supervised all the activities within the hospital. He also served at Meds Partners and later preceded to Orange County, at this point he decided to start his own clinic in Southern California.

Ms. Penelope Kokkinides has a lot of experience in the medical field. She is the COO/CAO at InnovaCare. Before joining the InnovaCare Health, she worked at Touchstone Health care as an Operating Officer. Also she was an employee at Aveta hospital having the role of Chief Officer. Moreover, she has worked with government hospitals. At the Center light hospital, she had a responsibility of the upholding the hospital’s ideologies and ensuring that the management is up to task. She has also been heading the department of Disease Management and the care management in America. Above all she has taken part in the implementation and development of healthcare at the UnitedHealth Group of companies.

Shinto has been awarded by different organizations. One of the awards is the given to him by Ernst & Young for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012 which was given to him for his innovative tactics, commitment in his business and financial performance. He further received an award of Access to Caring where this award is given to individuals who have made efforts of ensuring that people are getting attention and medication required in every part of the country with ease. These awards are as a result of team work, patience, persistence and commitment in his work.

InnovaCare is a leading medical organization in the world. Its mission is to change the way healthcare services are done by improving the management and taking services given to patients to a higher level. Since it is among the top healthcare providers they are always keen on issues related to quality of services, use of modernized technologies for research purposes and also to keep records of the patients. They assure that the patients get value for their money and that the prices are affordable to people in all walks of life. The healthcare follows up on the patients to ensure that they take medicine as prescribed and follow up keenly on their progress.

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Adam Milstein Recognized For His Efforts

There are many people who take the challenge to step out from the crowd and become leaders. These people give of their time, talent, and money to help with a variety of causes that range from personal to professional. However, there are some people who go a step further in their efforts. They want to make a difference to a specific group of people defined either by nationality, race, religion, or other difference that sets the group apart from others.

For people who take the lead in leading specific groups, the challenges can be far greater than leading in other causes or situations. A specific group has its own goals and obstacles regarding reaching the desired goals. The leaders of these various groups must be willing to be out front in the efforts of the entire group. One of the people who has taken the challenge of being a leader of a particular group is Adam Milstein. Recently Milstein was recognized as one of the worlds top 50 influential Jews.

The people who are recognized as one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world are in elite company. The people recognized for this achievement are people who have made an impact in the Jewish community over the past year. The current list includes many high profile people who play important roles in many areas of life. The list includes Supreme Court justices, political leaders, philanthropists, Jewish leaders, and entertainers.

Adam Milstein fits well with this impressive list of people included in this top 50 list. The efforts and accomplishments of Adam Milstein are very impressive. He is the co-founder and chairman of the Israeli –American council. He is a respected philanthropist, and he is a leader in many highly regarded Jewish organizations such as Stand By Me, Birthright Israel, and AIPAC National Council.

In addition, Adam Milstein is well known for his work with the Milstein Family Foundation. The mission of the foundation is two fold, which is strengthening the Jewish people along with their homeland and to build efforts between various Jewish related organizations. Adam Milstein is a worthy inclusion on the list of the 50 most influential Jews in the world.