Economists Are Guiding Lights In A Capitalistic Society

Some economists talk a lot about socialism these days. There’s a social democrat running for the presidency, and more people are warming up to the idea that social medicine may be the answer to our deteriorating healthcare system. Joseph Schumpeter, the 20th century Austrian-American economist and professor at Harvard University, believed that capitalism eventually leads to socialism. Schumpeter said that perennial inflation plays an important role in the demise of the private enterprise system. That demise is initiated by the bureaucracy and the restrictions and regulations they put on the private enterprise system. These regulations become overwhelming and the system breaks down. Schumpeter said that this process doesn’t seem like a conscious choice, but it happens nonetheless.

There is no doubt that the initial signs of economic change are taking shape. Our political system is broken, and the government is drowning in its own pool of regulations. The United States is no longer the largest economy. That title goes to China, and its communist leaders. It is important to point out that communism and socialism are not the same thing. Socialism, as it is defined, is an economic mentality, and Communism is a political driven theory. Modern day economist are more concerned with our economic mentality not political driven theories. It is possible to have a functioning social democracy that supports people’s needs when a democratic system breaks down.

The Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management, Christian Broda, was a Professor at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. He is familiar with Joseph Schumpeter theory of “Creative Destruction.” Broda holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and a B.A. from Universidad de San Andres. He is also a James S. Kemper Foundation Scholar. Broda has written several articles on China, financial de-globalization, and the strength of the U.S. Dollar. Broda does not advocate socialism, but he is very aware that the economy of the United States is dependent on the economies of other countries. In one sense that is a form of socialism.

The World of Christian Broda

With the financial world in an increasingly unstable state following the economic meltdown of 2008, followed by the Great Recession, economic experts like academic and hedge fund manager Christian Broda are becoming much sought after voices of reason in an increasingly unpredictable world.

Broda’s background as a Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management and as a former Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago gives him a keen perspective on today’s volatile economic environment. Brody is also one voice in the economic world who’s still strong on the strength of the U.S. dollar. It’s a view that sets him apart from some of the other economic experts currently weighing in on the state of today’s global economy, but it’s one he feels strongly about.

Broda has weighed in heavily in favor of the dollar’s strength, even when it has put him at odds with other major economic experts. Broda is not alone in championing the ongoing strength of the dollar as the global currency of choice, however. Another economic academic expert, Eswar S. Prasad, of Cornell University, echoes Broda’s view that the dollar has lost none of its strength, even in today’s unpredictable world economy. It is Broda’s view that investors will do well to stay with the dollar, and that its strength will continue, even in today’s choppy financial waters.

Christian Broda has a Ph.D from MIT, and is the author of numerous books and articles on world economic issues, finance and business. His work, as a writer and researcher, has been seen in major journals including the American Economic Review as well as the Quarterly Journal of Economics. Broda, the married father of two sons, also serves as an associate editor of the Journal of Development Economics.

Haidar Barbouti: A Real Estate Torchbearer

Haidar Barbouti is the kind of guy who can be defined as a savior and sustainer. The Houston-based real estate developer wears many hats. He doubles up as a manager as well as a broker at Highland Village.
Barbouti has always been at the forefront in transforming Highland Village into a major business center. Since most companies are always looking for a location with tourists, established businesses, and locals, Barbouti has strived to develop Highland Village to this level. How does he do it?
He only chooses unique and focused clients with ideas that are beneficial to the center. He also asserts that tenants must work for improvement rather than degradation; perhaps the most hilarious definitions Barbouti gives Highland village is that it has a “soul”, which should be cared for.
Highland village was established during the mid 1940s. Before then, the land was deserted. The only activity practiced on it was agriculture.
Another major setback was that most Houston inhabitant concentrated in the Heights and the East. It was bad for business. However, the development of River Oaks and Westheimer sparked a new life into Highland Village.
Between the early 1960s and 1970s Highland Village was sold to a New York based firm and then to some Houston investors before it was finally sold to Barbouti. Since then, it has stayed a notch higher than everyone else.
Many people have congratulated Hadar Barbouti on his efforts and they have not been shy to speak their mind.
One of such individuals is Jim Adams, an executive vice president of Newmark Grubb Knight Frank and a descendant of the late S.N. Adams, one of the founders of Highland Village.
S.N Adams also founded the Highland Village subdivisions and Oak Estates that are located on both sides of Highland village.
It is also important to note that the name “Highland” was adopted because S.N Adams was Scottish.
The wide variety of architectural designs at Highland Village also brings about an interesting look. Buildings from all periods of history stand at all corners.
As more visitors trickled in, parking demands grew. Barbouti was forced to build a parking garage at the back of valet parking stations and P.F Chang’s.
Barbouti states that the area, together with its surrounding, has greatly changed. Likewise, retailers have not stayed the same. They now consider every detail of the environment before they can comfortably settle in.

Invest Confidently With BRL Trust

For most people, the need to save money is one of their most important life tasks. People need to save money for many reasons. Most people will need to save up money to have on hand in order to help them secure a good retirement if they are no longer working or simply unable to continue working as a result of old age or an unexpected illness. Most people will also need to save money in order to provide an emergency fund that allows them to meet unexpected expenses such as a car repair bill or a bill for a vet to help a beloved animal. 

Whatever the reasons for saving money, all people will need to make sure that any funds they have saved are able to at least equal inflation. Inflation is when the cost of various goods and services goes up. Inflation can have a detrimental effect on any person’s savings if you ask a few on LinkedIn about it. This kind of situation may mean that any fund they have saved up are worth far less in the future than at present. As a result of the this potential problem, many savers turn to professionals for advice. A professional can help them understand all aspects of the marketplace. Under the guidance of a company such as BRL Trust, the investor can help make sure that they are able to use the power of the market in order to avoid problems and earn an excellent rate of return on any funds they choose to save.

BRL Trust was founded by a Brazilian native with vast knowledge of the area of investing in Latin America. Under his leadership, the company has expanded into many areas of capital and banking. The result for his investors has been investments in the market here that have greatly aid off and often provided a comfortable living for those who work with officials here. Investing in a foreign market can be complicated and difficult so potential investors need to know that they have someone on their side that they can trust. Trust is the key to any transaction in this region of the world. Savers can confidently work with officials here in order to help them find the very best investment for their capital. They can work closely with staffers at BRL Trust to consider the various kinds of safe investments that are available to them in this area of the world.

Capitalizing on the wisdom of Igor Cornelsen

I never thought, in all my years of working, that I could find any money to invest. I assumed – from my limited knowledge of investing – that I could find the assistance that I would need from a financial investor. I am glad that I was able to do the research and find out about Igor Cornelsen. I was able to capitalize on his wisdom and use this advice to catapult my portfolio into something beautiful.

The first time I begin to consider investing on my own was when I got laid off. I had a 401K plan that I had to roll over into an IRA. That was one option. The other option was to just take the penalty and get the cash. I was reading various blogs where Igor Cornelsen was giving information to investors, and I decided that I would look into what he was saying. It seemed simple enough to engage in small investments in different stocks. After all, he wasn’t asking me to throw all the money from my 401K into big stocks. I will admit that I was tempted to put everything in Apple. At the time of the layoff Apple was the most valuable company in the world. That seemed like a surefire win to me. It was only be a couple of months later where Apple was losing ground to Samsung. Many months later Apple would be back on top while Samsung had a stock that was losing money.

Igor Cornelsen has already warned me that this type of thing happens in the stock market all the time. People get their emotions into it and get involved with companies because of what they are feeling emotionally. I know, from previous experience, that I can make insane decisions when I am emotionally invested in a company. I like it much better when I put forth the effort to truly research what the company is doing. This is something that was taught by Igor Cornelsen. This is one of his essentials to investing, as he points out on his Tumblr. He has made me realize that one of the most important things that a person can do is find out what the company is doing in the future.

There are an assortment of books and videos that people pay for to get investing advice. Some people even pay to go to seminars, but Igor Cornelsen gives quality investing advice freely.

Vijay Eswaran Award Winning Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Vijay Eswaran, the CEO of QNET and the founder of the QI Group, is a
successful entrepreneur and philanthropist alike. He has even been
referred to as a saint by affiliates of his direct selling
conglomerate. Vijay Eswaran received CEO of the year in 2013 by the
Asean Business Advisory Council Malaysia and his company QNET was
more recently voted one of twenty best companies to work for in Asia,
by HR Journal Group. The fate of the QI Group and QNET were
solidified when Vijay Eswaran and his partner attained the rights to
sell commemorative coins for the Sydney 2000 Olympics in 1998. It
was always in Dr. Eswarans vision to help his fellow man to achieve
higher economic status. His partner and himself came up with a
formula to merge direct selling and e-commerce. In 1999 the company
was recognized as one of the first Asian companies to use and master
online network marketing techniques. This enabled his company to
reach out and provide services to customers and affiliated businesses
all over the world.

From the beginning of Dr. Eswaran’s entrepreneurial journey he lived and
worked by wise words passed on by his father, “Service above Self.”
It is his dedication to personal customer service and daring to
never give up that brought his business from humble beginnings to the
multinational conglomerate he now runs. Over the years he has said
in interviews that he has realized that great employees have less
commonly assessed attributes such as being as determined, true and
loyal to a shared goal as he is. He extends this somewhat familial
viewpoint further than just his employees and works to change the
lives of people outside of his company as well according to

Vijay Eswaran’s first largely publicized philanthropic work was to hire
Disney on Ice for 200 orphaned children in Malaysia. Over the years
QNET has sponsored hundreds of children, actively participated in
natural disaster relief, made donations to relief organizations, sent
disabled children to major sporting events and the list goes on. For
this man even that is not enough, he wants to build a completely
green Harvard of the East and has been doing just this in partnership
with Blair Education Services and the Sate of Perak, Malaysia.