How Southbridge Capital Became A Financial Solution Company

Public companies can receive financing from a premier financial provider like Southbridge Capital. The firm helps its long list of clients meet their financial needs. They do this by having effective and ethical practices. Southbridge Capital offers clients assistance from their executive team of financial and investment experts. These experts have a thorough understanding of the market and economics. They have a deep expertise in creating financial plans to make sure the client’s goals are timely fulfilled. The company has invested over one billion dollars globally into fostering growth for other companies.


Since 1996, Southbridge Capital has had over 200 companies they’ve helped to achieve their financial goals. Their consultancy for public companies have caused them to grow at such a rapid pace. Their techniques for financing cannot be beat by anyone else in the industry, making them an incomparable financial company.


Southbridge Capital is under the leadership of Steven Ricks. He is the CEO of the company. He oversees and guides the strategies and operations for the company. His other responsibilities include business development and the execution of the development and strategies created for the company. He founded his company over twenty years ago in 1996. He founded his company with three decades of prior investment work history. His experience includes the investment topics relating to risk arbitrage, investment banking, financial structuring and derivatives. He studied at King’s College in New York where he earned a business administration degree. He then furthered his education at Fordham University by earning a master’s degree. For more details visit LinkedIn.


The founder’s idea for Southbridge Capital came when he working for a hedge fund company in New York. Then he returned to his home country of Australia where he began his own hedge fund Southbridge Capital. His typical work day for his company includes reviewing portfolios and listing goals for himself, his staff and his company. He also plans time during the day for him to tract his investments. With decades of experience under his belt, Steven’s company helps other companies to get financing. They also seek out companies who they believe could benefit from their services.


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Talking about Equities First Holdings in Australia

Discussing Equities First Holdings within Australia

Many of you out there may or may not heard of Equities First Holdings let alone the type of services that it can offer you. This company is mainly targeted toward those who are within a business or are planning to be a part of a big business and may be looking for some sort of alternative shareholding along the lines. This is where this company comes into play. Equities First Holding is legit company there is lined up with a number of workers that are ready to go and work with you on maintaining your business.

They will primarily focus on aiding you with keeping track of your financial income and making sure it all stays in check. This company has been around for over a decade and is located in various places within the world, including Australia. It’s site is short, sweet and to the point on what the company is all about as well as what you can expect from it when working with it. They will be sure to answer any and all questions that you may have if you are interesting in making a partnership with this unique company.

Every Time is Giving Time at Stream Energy

Corporate America gives. Companies give to those in need, especially when things are looking up, and the profits are huge. It is not something that just happens. A lot of planning goes into it, and there is always the usual hype about the particular company’s philanthropic efforts.

Interestingly, a lot of companies that give during good times do nothing when their benevolence would make the most impact.

One company, though, differentiated itself from the rest by moving fast and helping those in distress after Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston. Their giving was purely altruistic and unplanned — they helped because they cared.

When Hurricane Harvey Hit Hard

The disaster happened fast, leaving in its wake death, suffering, and destruction of property. Most companies in the affected area and across the United States just watched and sympathized, but not Stream Energy.

Patch featured the Stream Energy for having moved fast to give a helping hand to those the catastrophe had left homeless and devastated. It is clear the hugely successful energy selling business gave to alleviate suffering and not merely to gain recognition.

Stream Helped Texas Tornado Victims

Thousands of people in North Texas lost their homes and businesses the day after Christmas in 2016. Working alongside the Salvation Army, Stream Energy associates raised a lot of money to support the affected business people and homeowners. The company matched the donation, doubling the funds.

Stream Energy Cares Deeply

The Dallas-based company has always extended a helping hand, earning deep respect from the beneficiaries and others in Texas and beyond. The company has always supported those in need; their philanthropic efforts go back more than a decade.

Recently, the direct selling company launched a foundation, Stream Cares, whose sole mandate is to carry out charitable work in Texas and the rest of the country.

Desiree Perez’s Contributions to Roc Nation

Live Nation and Jay Z signed a $150 million deal ten years ago. The contract was to go for a period of ten, and that means that 2017 makes the end of it. The fact that Live Nation is currently not involved in buying recorded music makes it clear that the contract may not be renewed. Life Nation issued a statement saying that if they are to continue then the recorded music will not make part of the new deal.

Jay Z has several options and going to Roc Nation if just one of them. Many prolific artists relate to Roc Nation and call it home, some of these artists include Fat Joe, Rihana, Meek Mill, Shakira and Jay Z. The CEO of Universal Music Group held a meeting with Desiree Perez, a top Roc Nation’s executive, and Jay Z. The meeting raised a lot of questions and speculations that Roc Nation’s shares could be heading to Universal Music Group or the two are planning to sign a major contract. The two corporations have a good relationship and are even working together.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez has worked for Roc Nation since 2009 as a chief operations officer. Her eight years at Roc Nation has proved her competency in areas like marketing, publishing, and management. Roc Nation has enjoyed fare deals, thanks to Perez’s strength in negation. Desiree Perez also helped Rihana to work on her deal with Samsung.Jay Z and Desiree Perez have a working relationship of over 20 years in different capacities and corporations. The two are known to have contributed a lot to the music industry. Desiree Perez is a member of a team of experts that is responsible for running and managing Roc Nation’s operations. Perez has made a lot of contribution to Roc Nation that has led to it reaching where it is.

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Learn More about Elysium Health

Elysium healthcare is a unique organization that has embarked on efforts to provide a solution to the aging. They aim to incorporate the available knowledge to offer pills. They intend to use the chemical method where the chemicals will be converted into vitamin tablets. They believe that the pills are easy to use and distribute in large areas. According to the Elysium health experts, such distribution will fuel the quick adoption and the success of completing aging. The idea came through various lab tests that were conducted on the worms and mice. In the research, it was evident that pills increased the lifespan of the creatures. Likewise, they believed that the inclusion of the tablets in the life of people would have a similar level of magnitude thus providing a solution to the age-related ailments. The project has faced a significant boost of recent by Leonard Guarente, a biologist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who is willing to input his extensive experience in assisting to have an accurate report.

Leonard believes that a better health system and adoption of the pillars should work to slow the intensity of aging. He believes that aging is brought by the reduction in the metabolism activities. Leonard thinks that a repair or boost in the internal performance could replicate to the slowing of the aging process. He believes that the drugs which can prolong the life of a person could also have similar replication to people. Though he thinks that the adoption and the implementation of the methodology could take long .he is assured of success.

Due to the seriousness and delicacy of the whole process, Guarantee hopes to adopt the different methodology of handling the ailments. Leonard Welcomes separate research that could provide useful information that is required in the management of ailing.

The idea to develop the pills was formed out of the experience he acquired from his prior employer (Sitris Pharmaceutical) which is globally known organization. During his tenure, he got a chance to research resveratrol drug a drug that was to be used in the control of aging. Despite the fact that the whole project was unsuccessful, he got essential skills that he uses in his recent endeavors.

To ensure that the pills got an immediate ground perception, he advertises them as supplements to the diet. It is followed by a study on the impact of the drugs on the health of the patients. After which he hopes to survey the same. To have reliable accurate and verifiable data he has partnered with Dan Alminana and Eric Marcotulli.

Background information

Elysium health organization was born in 2014.Lenard Guarantee privately owns the company. The company deals with assisting with the diet supplement. To have the business grow and succeed at a higher speed, he has partnered with Dan Alminana and Eric Marcotulli. Since the foundation, the company has been growing from strength to strength.

Gregory Aziz Iconic Contribution to the Success of National Steel Car

Under the administration of Gregory James Aziz, the National Steel auto has been positioned the best in auto producing. The organization is situated in Ontario. The organization has had over an era of proceeded with operation in cargo producing. Inferable from the requests of the customers, the association has been exceptionally enthusiastic about the creation of value autos to fulfill the requirements of the clients. Other than simply the assembling of autos, the organization is committed to giving a few other social works with the point of offering back to the group.


The early existence of Gregory James Aziz


Gregory was conceived in April 1949 in Ontario, London. He initially went to his school in Ridley College then later contemplated financial matters at the University of Western Ontario. After his investigations, Gregory cooperated with his family in their sustenance organization which developed after his information. Afterward, in the vicinity of 1980 and mid-1990s, he worked with various banks at an assortment of positions.


His impact in the development of the assembling organization


In 1994, Gregory Aziz ended up plainly one of the brains behind the buy of National Steel Car from Dofasco. At this point, the organization was just situated in Canada, and James Aziz would be advised to plans with it. After its buy, Greg concentrated on making the organization more grounded. He guaranteed that the center esteems are fortified. Over this, Gregory J Aziz ensured that the yearly assembling of autos expanded from 3000 to 12000 out of five years from its buy. With this change, the rate of work similarly needed to develop, and this gave numerous chances to the inhabitants. Read This Page.


Gregory’s prosperity as the president


Under his administration, the National Steel Car has been on the highest point of its rivals for quite a while. In North America, it is the main organization delivering quality autos. It is the main railroad cargo auto with that is ISO confirmed. Since 1996, Gregory guaranteed that the organization should concentrate on quality and market will create without anyone else. For more than twenty years, the National Steel Cars has been believed to create the most elevated quality autos, and it has gotten its affirmation over these previous decades. In five years, the organization expanded the work populace from 600 to 3000 in the vicinity of 1994 and 1999. His insight and involvement in the assembling fields have been ascribed to the fruitful operation of this organization.

Greg Aziz-The Brains Behind National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the president, CEO, and chairman of National Steel Car, a renowned “railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing firm” situated in Hamilton, Ontario. Gregory Aziz grew up in London on April 1949 and studied at Ridley College before going for further studies at the “University of Western Ontario”.



Greg’s Professional Profile

In 1971, Greg Aziz joined his family’s wholesale food trade, Affiliated Foods, and the firm grew within a span of 16 years to become an international dealer in fresh foods from South and Central America, and Europe. The company also dealt with distributing fresh food to markets across U.S.A. and Eastern Canada. After working for several banking opportunities in New York between 1980and 1990, Greg invested in the “National Steel Car” which belonged to Dofasco. Greg’s goal was to turn this Canadian company into the leading railroad freight car dealer in North America. Capitalizing on National Steel Car’s strong team building, engineering, and capital investment, James Aziz was able to expand the company’s manufacturing capacity from over 3,000 cars a year to 12,000 cars in 1999. Employment also grew from a work force of 600 to a staff of almost 3,000.


Greg James Aziz has shown great commitment to manufacturing and engineering excellence which as a result has caused the National Steel Car to be among the leaders in car innovation. Currently, National Steel Car is the only freight car, manufacturing and engineering company in North America that is certified ISO 9001:2008, and has had this honor for the past 18 years. The firm has also been honored consistently with the TTX SECO highest award since 1996. Visit This Page.

History of National Steel Car

National Steel Car has come from humble beginnings. The company was formed by Sir John Gibson, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario at that time. He first named the firm “Imperial Car Company“. He later renamed it “The National Steel Car Company”. From the first day to the time the first steel and wood freight cars were rolling from the production line more than 100 years ago, National Steel Car has been renowned as a leading freight car manufacturer in North America.

The National Steel Car Company is also recognized for its philanthropic activities. The firm has sponsored the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, The Salvation Army, The United Way, and many other charities. One of the notable rewards that National Steel Car has received since its establishment is a gold medal from the “Canadian Welders Conferences”. This medal was given to recognize the company’s paper focusing on “Heat Input and Arc Energy”. Another popular medal that has been awarded to the firm is the “Outstanding Technical Achievement Award”.

Troy McQuaggee Steps to Success

Troy McQuagge has been named a gold winner as the CEO of the year during the recent prestigious One Planet Awards. He is the current Chief Executive Officer OF USHEALTH, an insurance holding company based in Ft Worth Texas. McQuagge joined USHEALTH in the year 2010, where he took up the task of implementing the strategies that could see the business move to a higher level. He was able to rebuild the business distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors, which was a success and brought about many positive changes in the business. This led to him being elected the group chief executive officer and the president of USHEALTH in the year 2014, the position he still holds to date.

During his term as the leader of USHEALTH Inc, McQuagge has contributed significantly to the immense growth and success the company has experienced for the years he has been there. It is with his hard work, dedication, and proper management that USHEALTH Company has been able to register huge profits in the highly competitive health insurance market. In his speech during the One Planet awards,Troy McQuaggee said that it was an honor to be named as a recipient of the esteemed industry peer recognition award. He added that the award did not belong to him alone, but to everyone in USHEALTH Inc. According to him, it was proof of USHEALTH commitment to solving the healthcare problems affordably by providing them with the innovative coverage that can grow as their needs grow.

The coveted one planet Awards is the leading global awards program, which is usually held to honor business and professional excellence in every industry from around the world. The award ceremony is eligible to all organizations, whether big, small, or the startups in every sector. Currently, the One Planet Awards, are bringing together almost everybody by categorizing the awards into sections which include, executives, new products and services teams, PR, marketing and corporate communications, and all organizations from all over the world.

USHEALTH Group Inc is focused on providing excellent health coverage for self-employed individuals and small business owners. By combining their talented employees and agents, USHEALTH primary goal is to market the most affordable and profitable insurance products. This is to help them capture a large market segment than any other insurance company. In realizing this, the company has always been on the first row to ensuring that they maintain the highest level of customer service in every aspect of the company’s operations.


The Copa Star Hospital; an excellent place to recover

Not many people associate hospitals with happiness or comfort. To most, it is the one place that you should only visit if you have to. However, there is an organization that is seeking to change the way that everyone thinks about the entire concept of staying in hospital by establishing the five star hospital experiences. The D’Or network has been establishing a network of hospitals around Brazil, with the latest one being located in Copa Cabana. One of the founding members of the society that is creating the hospitals states that it is a concept of its own kind.

The first thing that people notice to be different about these hospitals is the level of comfort that they experience when getting treatment there. The rooms which act as the wards have been brought to the standards of a five star hotel, meaning that the patients will be very comfortable when recuperating there. Then, the caregivers are selected and trained in a manner that offers them superior quality health care, but in an environment that is much better than the conventional hospital.

The marketing of the hospital is based around the sale of the idea that the hospital is still one of the best providers for quality health care services. The aesthetic and other qualities that have been added to the hospitals are secondary to the main purpose of the hospital, which is the provision of treatment for their patients. The hospital is well equipped to deal with cardiac and neurological units and 59 ICUs. All these are meant to deliver the best to all the patients.

The hospital also boasts suites that are spacious and the best recreational areas for the patients. These include meal delivery services, great pools, saunas and hot baths, spas and wellness centers and sunbathing lounges where one can relax and forget about the sad feeling that comes from being confined to a hospital.

The architectural build of the hospital done by Rafarquitetura is another thing worth mentioning. The hospital was designed by some of the best in Brazil and has been described as the perfect meeting of style and versatility. Everything from the state of the art lobby to the wards and all other amenities make a statement of elegance. The hospital boasts of patient centered care by first of all incorporating technology into their service delivery. They have top of the range MRI machines and professional employees.

The construction is five floors tall, covers an area of 10,000 square feet and was constructed at a cost of $115 million. They also have 105 wards, a diagnostic unit and 150 bed capacities. The hospital is one of a kind in Brazil and has been hailed as novelty in the provision of healthcare services. Visit and Like their page on Facebook.

How IAP Worldwide Has Managed To Emerge A Leader In Technical Fields

Founded over 4 decades ago, IAP Worldwide is a U.S.-based company that deals with technical services and logistics support to companies based in different specialties. The company has been able to develop a strong system that allows its customers to enjoy high quality services together with support that ensures continued maintenance services. Many companies in the aviation industry use the services IAP Worldwide offers that are designed to help them in maintaining their equipment.

Most importantly, IAP Worldwide has been working with the government in different areas to offer support that is vital to enhance performance. For example, IAP Worldwide works with the government to help in the development of strong security networks and a better infrastructure that allows better access to vital services.

Supporting the army in austere environments
The troops of the army that work with the company are based overseas in hostile environments. IAP Worldwide is the only company across the country that was picked to offer support to the troops.

The company works on the requests that are sent by the troops to supply essential items. With a reliable system that allows fast transportation, the troops have benefitted from the presence of IAP within their bases in austere environments. The government decided to prolong the contract IAP had signed before to ensure the troops continue to receive focused support.

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Power solutions
Power generation and distribution is an essential part of managing a business and this is one of the things IAP Worldwide pursues seamlessly. The company works with other entities to help them come up with both permanent and temporary power solutions. While developing a power generation system, IAP Worldwide considers the impact the network will have to the power needs of an entity as well as the environmental impact the process may have.

To protect the environment from pollution, IAP Worldwide has been using renewable sources of power generation. The methods used are also cheaper and dependable. Apart from installing the systems, IAP also offers regular maintenance services and if necessary the company installs upgrades.

IT and security
Another service that has pushed IAP Worldwide to dominate the market is IT and security. IAP Worldwide offers IT services that are designed to provide better ways of handling challenges and problems within the business environment. These services include networking and design of systems of communication for different departments. All the engagements that are included in the designs are encrypted to remain secure.

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