OSI Group Cherry-Picked as Co-producer of Impossible Burger by Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods is headquartered in Redwood City, which is also in the heart of Silicon Valley. Redwood City is surrounded by Global companies as Evernote, Informatica, and Oracle, to name a few, and only a short ride from Impossible Foods to famed Menlo Park where Thomas Edison set up shop in 1876. Impossible Foods established in 2011 with the very curious desire to find the solution to inventing a burger that had all of the qualities of a burger, but was plant-based. They wanted their burger to even “bleed” like a burger. Their persistence and a great laboratory filled with respected and competent scientist paid off; in 2016 the Impossible Burger made its debut in Momofuku Nishi of David Chang’ in New York City. See more on forcepoint.com

Order Were Pouring In

Orders began to pour into the headquarters of Impossible Foods, even their 68,000 square foot facility was having difficulty keeping up with the order demand. At first, the orders were only a few hundred, but by 2018, as many as 5,000 orders were being backlogged. Furthermore, by early 2019 that number had gone over 9,000 and growing. At that time Impossible Foods reached out to find a co-producer for their burger and the name OSI Group kept landing on their desk. The executive team at Impossible Foods was impressed by the track record of OSI Group and its long history, over a hundred years, of unprecedented service, as well as years of innovation. OSI Group also had all of the infrastructure needed to deliver its Impossible Burger anywhere with its presence in 17 countries. OSI Group also had 65 international locations and 20,000 employees on constant standby.

Co-Production Agreement

After a co-production agreement was reached OSI Group fitted out one of their Chicago plants to meet all the needs of Impossible Foods employees who would be signing in daily to continue the Impossible Food production. Spokesperson, Sheetal Shah, for Impossible Foods, said the Chicago plant is almost exactly like the Oakland plant of Impossible Foods. Sheetal Shah remarked that Impossible Foods is prepared to go anywhere and everywhere now that OSI has offered to co-produce and distribute the Impossible Burger.

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Isabel Dos Santos Explains How Agriculture Plays A Key Role In Developing Entrepreneurs

Isabel dos Santos has had considerable professional success by investing in ventures in multiple industries. Her first companies were established in Angola and other countries in Africa. She has since expanded into Europe, especially Portugal, where she is the majority owner of several companies. She is also active in philanthropic work which grew out of her professional activities.

She has created opportunities for young people across Africa. This is especially true of women, who she calls Africa’s greatest resource. She has helped them establish farms, for instance, which support the local economy while also providing an environmentally friendly source of food. Isabel dos Santos has helped them gain the education they need to operate these farms.

Africa has a vast amount of natural resources, including the people that live there. To best tap these resources, she says, it takes diversity. Diverse teams come up with ideas that homogenous teams do not. Her communications company, Unitel, has used diverse teams to make it become the biggest company of its kind in Angola. Read more about Isabel Dos Santos at ECO.

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Apoiar a produção nacional é uma das minhas grandes motivações. O nosso país é abençoado com uma terra fértil, temos um imenso potencial agrícola. Precisamos de criar uma grande rede de apoio aos pequenos produtores locais. Com estas mudanças, as comunidades agrícolas conseguem passar de uma agricultura de subsistência para uma agricultura que gera valor 🌾. Eu acredito que essa riqueza gerada volta para a comunidade, através de mais educação para as crianças, mais oportunidades para os jovens, novos negócios que crescem… é um ciclo virtuoso, uma nova economia a crescer. #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #agricultura #economia #Angola #business Supporting agriculture and national production is one of my greatest motivations. Our country is blessed with fertile ground, we have immense agricultural potential. We need to create a large support network for small local producers. With these changes, farming communities will be able to move from subsistence agriculture to value-generating agriculture🌾. I believe that this generated wealth comes back to the community, through more education for children, more opportunities for young people, new growing businesses… it's a virtuous cycle, a new growing economy

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Isabel dos Santos says that entrepreneurship in Africa is becoming more common and strong. This has required basic infrastructure to be built so that people have access to the essentials. These include education, clean water, sanitation services, clinics and hospitals, and food. Not long ago, nobody recognized any African entrepreneurs. They are now becoming internationally famous.

She believes in paying it forward and helping the next generation of entrepreneurs garner success. Isabel dos Santos has created a supply chain that is both civic and monetary. She helps to create focused projects in small communities. The goal is to create prosperity in remote parts of Africa which are areas that have not taken part in recent economic gains.

As urban parts of Africa become more prosperous this helps rural areas. The growing middle class wants higher quality food that comes from rural communities. Isabel dos Santos says that supporting national food production is a major focus of hers both as a person and as an entrepreneur. She sums this idea up as “First the seed, then the future.”

Reference: https://prabook.com/web/isabel.dos_santos/3754937?profileId=3754937

Igor Cornelsen Says Confidence In Brazil’s Economy Is Looking Good

With the instability that the economy of Brazil has been facing over the last several years, people lost their confidence in the market which made it fall even more. Fortunately, investor Igor Cornelsen believes that things are starting to turn around for the country. People are starting to regain their confidence in the economy which could yield some positive results.

Every successful person has confidence in themselves and this is an important trait for businesses to have as well. If an enterprise doesn’t have complete confidence in their products, brand, or services this will be evident to consumers and the market as well. Igor Cornelsen insists that credibility and a good reputation are necessary for a business to succeed. When you believe in your company, it makes it easier to attract customers.

This is the same when it comes to investments according to Igor Cornelsen. If you have an idea or business that you want others to invest in, you must be confident in the opportunity yourself. Once you are, it becomes easier to convince others about the opportunities that the investment has. Confidence can lead to a better reputation for your business due to the direction it is heading and the decisions that you are making. When you can present a business proposal clearly and with confidence you are more likely to get approval for your ideas from the people involved that can help you bring your ideas to life.

For the 5th month in a row, people’s confidence in the businesses of Brazil has increased. This is very good news for Brazil as the levels for October were the highest ratings since early 2014. As one of the biggest economies in the world, there are many opportunities for investors that had been avoided because of the economy’s instability. With confidence increasing, more people are expected to invest.

Blake Mallen – Entrepreneur and “Script-Shifter”

Blake Mallen was featured on TEDx Talk in June of 2018, where he presented his idea of why people aren’t making the growth they’ve been looking for in life. In his monologue he said, “We need to stop trying to be the person we’re told we’re ‘supposed to’ be, to become the person we’re ‘meant to’ be… it’s time to #ShiftTheScript.”

Blake describes himself as going to college to become an attorney because he felt that he was doing what he thought he was supposed to. Almost two decades ago, Mallen started a blog titled “Life off the Script“. In that blog, he published articles about living in a way that was different from what was expected of him. Visit his website blakemallen.com for more information.

In his early 20s, Blake Mallen co-founded a company named ViSalus, which has grown into a global brand. ViSalus is a multilevel marketing company (MLM). Based in Los Angeles, California, with offices in in Downtown Detroit Michigan. Blake Mallen is Chief Marketing Officer, which makes him responsible for marketing ventures taken by the company. He employed what he calls a “Challenge Marketing” strategy. This strategy has pushed his business forward to almost $2 billion in cumulative revenue. This venture succeeded in becoming the #1 weight-loss and fitness challenge in the US.

During the global the expansion of Vi, Mallen co-founded Liv, a lifestyle platform with the intention of inspiring people to exchange the idea of a ‘Bucket List’ for a ‘Liv List’. This new platform hosts life experiences for consideration by the general masses. Blake Mallen intends to respond to the growing concern among people that the old way of securing a desirable future just isn’t working anymore. This is the fuel that sparked his ambition to raise awareness of that growing concern, which was the main theme of his appearance on TEDx Talk. During that time in June 2018, Mallen’s presentation was the most viewed TEDx Talk globally.

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Profile of Colbeck Capital Management

Colbeck Capital Management is a firm in the financial services industry that specializes in providing lending solutions for businesses and institutional investors. These financial solutions are designed to help meet the needs of the firm’s variety of clients. With the financial solutions provided by Colbeck, clients have been able to resolve any financial matters that they have. In order to accommodate its clients, Colbeck provides a wide range of services that are designed to easily address the financial concerns of any client that it works with. Along with having a variety of services to offer, Colbeck Capital Management also has many professionals who are available to assist clients on a regular basis.

When it comes to serving its clients, Colbeck Capital Management provides strategic lending to assist them. The firm offers corporate loans that are designed to take advantage of the credit markets. Offering this type of financing has enabled Colbeck to consistently get high returns on a regular basis. During the past several years, Colbeck has used this funding to form partnerships with a number of leading businesses and investors who are looking to meet their unique financial objectives.

When it comes to serving clients, Colbeck Capital Management offers a variety of services. All of the services that the firm provides are intended to help clients deal with any financial issues that they have as well as help the firm stay profitable. Colbeck provides services that include structured equity financing, debtor in possession exit financing, second liens, senior secured loans and structured equity financing. These services are all offered to help clients pay back debts, restructure their debt, expand and also cover the cost of business operating expenses.

The secured loans offered by Colbeck Capital Management allow clients to receive funding that is based on the value of their current assets. They are also able to get funds that will provide immediate cash flow and also capital that is comparable to the equity of their business and/or other assets. These secured loans are quite helpful as they often provide clients with quick access to capital at important times for important situations.

There are some other services that Colbeck offers to clients. One of these services is debtor in possession exit financing which allows clients to restructure their debt and make arrangements to get out of a debt obligation. Colbeck also offers structured equity financing which allows a client to get another source of capital based on business or other asset equity. With these services, clients have been able to find effective ways to eliminate debt, make payments more affordable and also use their assets to access capital for other financial needs.

Colbeck Capital Management has many professionals who are dedicated to the firm’s success as well as providing great service to clients. The team of executives and professionals are experts in their fields and provide solid leadership for the firm as well. Colbeck is led by a team of managing partners and vice presidents who oversee all of the firm’s operations, There are also specialized professionals that are responsible for managing certain aspects of the organization. These include a business development professional who is responsible for getting clients for the firm. Colbeck also has a chief financial officer to handle the financial activities of the firm as well as chief technology officer to oversee all of the technological operations of the firm as well.

Maarten De Jeu, International Business Advisory

According to Premier Gazette, Successful businessman, Maarten De Jeu is a global advisory in commercial real estate and the financial market. Mr. De Jeu completed his Masters of Arts degree in 2001 at Leiden University, where his focus was Social Science. Earning his MBA at Oxford University, Maarten De Jeu continued on with an illustrious career advising other businesses from across the globe, such as in Asia and Europe. His vast knowledge combines his technical skills with his understanding

of business cultural settings from around the world. As the founder of SVM Business Advisory, Maarten De Jeu has had the opportunity to advise executives in the financial, and insurance area, as well as the technology startup world.


The directorship of Maarten De Jeu, according to Premier Gazette, is appreciated as the leader and managing force of SVM Advisory. His experience in strategic planning, and investment as well as his skill in business improvement and leadership, gives clients an edge in the international market. Maarten De Jeu as an advisory at TVDK Management Consultants has shared his experience on the international market with clients from Heinz to ING and many others. As the co-founder of SpeakUp®, a leader of ethics and compliance in Europe, De Jeu has had the opportunity to advise companies that are publicly listed. Learn more: https://maartendejeu.weebly.com/


Maarten De Jeu holds a unique position in advising business owners about the transformation of their business as they branch out into unfamiliar territory. His wisdom and vast experience help with the decision making of the businesses that rely on him. Maarten De Jeu offers eight factors when a business owner wishes to pursue expansion into the global market. According to Maarten De Jeu, if you follow these eight rules, any business owner will be ready to expand onto the global scene. Just remember to follow the rules below. 


  1. Committing to Quality 

2.Respecting Differences: 

  1. Developing Staying Power
  2. Considering Market Conditions
  3. Following accepted business practices
  4. Recognizing Import Regulations
  5. Finding Funding for Expansion and 
  6. Remembering to Remain Flexible


In Mr. De Jeu’s free time, he relaxes with his family, plays tennis and is active in numerous community associations. Like The Economic Club of Chicago, Museum of Science & Industry, and many others.

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Fortress Investment Group Merges With Softbank Group Corporation

2018 turned out to be one of the largest transitional stages for Fortress Investment Group. After two decades of taking the investment world by storm, Fortress Investment Group purchased the SoftBank Group Corporation for a record $3.3 billion. This integration ushers in a new era of the development in real estate and private equity funding.

Fortress Investment Group became a key player in the financial realm shortly after its founding in 1998. After working primarily in hedge funds, the company expanded its interest to global investing. Read the article about Fortress at The Wall Street Journal.

The company went public on the NYSE in 2007.

Fortress’s $40 billion in global operations are being managed by principles Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Peter Grieger. The company’s integration into the SoftBank global strategy is backed by global heavyweights Apple, Alibaba, Uber, and Sprint.

“Fortress has a spectacular track record. We look forward to benefitting from all the company has to offer,” SoftBank Group CEO Masayoshi Son.

Son went on to say that the expansion will immediately help with SoftBank capabilities and help them sustain long-term growth.

“It is a win-win. And it also gives us the opportunity to build a portfolio similar to other heavy-hitters like Blackstone Group and Carlysle.”

The one factor that makes the merger so successful is the willingness to adapt. And while both companies will remain separate entities, they will work together to meet mutual goals.

The acquisition of SoftBank Group is considered a visionary strategy. The cutting-edge financial expertise also helped the company springboard high-profile real estate and other tech startups.

In 2018, SoftBank announced the development of TSX Broadway. The New York Time Square mega-development has the retail space to attract tourists and large businesses.

SoftBank and Fortress plan to expand into other realms. Fortress Investment Group is currently raising billions of dollars to direct its direct lending fund. The money will be strategically integrated into areas that have the highest potential for long-term success.

More information about Fortress: https://www.fortress.com/about

Jeunesse Global: Wellness Products Receive Honors

Jeunesse Global is breaking new ground in its packaging and marketing department. Recently, the Communicator honored the company for the Reserve and RVL packaging. The Communicator is a business that studies packaging and grants awards each year. Their award system is divided into two parts. The highest prize is the Excellence trophy. The other level is called Distinction, which Jeunesse Global won 13 of, and they won 11 Excellence trophies. 

It is not often that you get to hear about packaging being honored, but it is something that is very important to consumers. Because of this, Jeunesse Global spends time and energy perfecting their dispensers, exterior designs, and boxes. Jeunesse Global believes that the outside of their products should be the same quality as the materials that go in their items.

Jeunesse Global is a direct selling company. This means they work with entrepreneurs who work from their home. The home-based workers sell the companies items instead of having to create their own. In turn, the company provides training, support, and technology.

Some of the products the entrepreneurs can focus on are beauty, nutritional supplements, or weight control. One of the most popular systems the sellers have access to is YES, which stands for the youth enhancement system. This program combines many products to make a complete package. There are nine items total, and each one focuses on an individual’s wellbeing both inside and out.

Reserve, one of the winners in packaging, is in the YES program. It is a gel-like liquid based on real fruits and plants. The solution is an antioxidant powerhouse. The packaging is unique because it is in a single-dose pack, and to take the product, you simply tear off the tab across the top and squeeze the solution into your mouth. Because of its size, it is easy to keep a few in your desk at the office or in your handbag. Store some packets in your glove box if you are on the go a lot. The size, shape, and dispensing tab are so convenient. It makes the product easy to have around so that you can be sure you are getting plenty of vitamins.


Ashley Brasier Takes Pride in Connecting with her Entrepreneurs

Ashley Brasier is, by most business people’s standards, still very young. Yet she has a long list of accomplishments under her belt. For one, she graduated from the prestigious Duke University. Upon graduation, she worked different jobs including Bain and Company, and the tech startup Thumbtack. She kept herself very busy at Thumbtack, jump-starting their Events and Wedding Platform and going to graduate school at Standford. Naturally, with all these accomplishments she was yearning for more and Brasier landed the perfect job at Lightspeed Venture Capital.

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Ashley Lightspeed experience is giving her the opportunity to help budding new businesses get their feet wet and get long-term, sustainable growth. How does someone this successful manage their time and energy though? To begin with, Mondays are a little different as she drives down from San Francisco to the office in order to meet with her colleagues and even her business school friends. This gives her excitement and motivation to keep going throughout the week. No matter what, she has meetings throughout the day and ends the day with self-reflection.

It amazes Brasier to think that within the next thirteen years, America’s demographics will change. We will have more people that are older than we will children. Through Ashley Lightspeed experience, she believes that the Boomer generation will be able to stay home instead of in nursing homes because of financial services, our ability to be connected through technology, and care services that are provided.

One of the best things learned through her experience is to befriend her customers. She prides herself on this, making sure that her calendar is set with important dates that are happening for each of her clients. This allows Ashley Lightspeed advice to happen when it is needed the most.

While young, Ashley Brasier is onto something and we can all take note and help each other out.

Read Article: https://nypost.com/2016/02/20/this-is-why-your-wedding-is-ridiculously-expensive/

Fortress Investment Group purchase of SoftBank fuels new large real estate projects

Growth and development are two things which any company in any would want to continue striving towards. This is definitely a key aspect of the business strategy for Fortress Investment Group, which began as a hedge fund in 1998. The firm eventually grew into a global investor and financier. In 2007, Fortress Investment Group moved forward with an initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). In 2018 Fortress made several key moves to expand the investment firm into new areas of business.

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One of the most significant purchases Fortress made was the purchase of SoftBank in December of 2017. As a result, 2018 saw Fortress Investment Group integrate its $40 billion in worldwide assets into the global strategies employed by SoftBank, which focuses on financing various information technology ventures and projects. SoftBank has stakes in various major technology firms such as Uber and Alibaba. SoftBank’s Vision Fund provides financing for various types of incubation stage technology ventures, including robotics, artificial intelligence, renewable energy and the Internet of Things (IoT).

High profile real estate

Fortress Investment Group has now started to leverage SoftBank’s array of tech startups by integrating Fortress’s experience and interest in real estate. SoftBank’s Vision Fund has started to invest heavily in startups which are related to real estate. For example, the Vision Fund has invested in companies such as, real estate brokers OpenDoor and Compass, construction firm Katerra and co-working space WeWork.

TSX Broadway

The purchase of SoftBank has led to one notable high profile real estate project, the TSX Broadway development project. The $2.5 billion project, which was announced in 2018, is a major development within New York’s Time Square. The real estate project is aiming to be a major traditional and hotel entertainment development in one of the most famous places in the world. It is also expected to become a world-class retail space. Read: https://www.wsj.com/articles/wesley-edens-is-an-investor-with-an-affinity-for-the-underdog-1532111122