BMG Bank: One Of The Most Reliable Brazilian Banks

As numerous financial institutions are developing more and more, most people find it really difficult to find the most reliable bank that would at the same time meet all their needs. However, finding the right bank is very important, since all banks represent something that can ensure the clients’ stable financial position. Clients’ choice is often based on the bank’s reputation, and this is where BMG bank comes in, as one of the most reliable banks in Brazil.
The history of BMG bank
BMG bank represents a private financial institution that has a leading role in Brazil’s deduction credits. The bank is controlled by the Pentagna Guimaraes family, who has been involved in the financial world even since 1930. Since then, the bank services have been connected with wholesale and financing. Furthermore, it also represents one of the leaders in the financial world, and in the financing of one of the most important kinds of vehicles in 1980s. After that, it was engaged in providing loans to some of the most important companies, which is no surprise it has earned the trust of so many different clients.
In 2012, BMG bank made an agreement with Itau Unibanco S.A., which was just another step in payroll loans distribution in Brazil. Then, the two institutions decided to unite together, and BMG ended with 40 % of the total capital.

The bank’s strategy
As the reputation of any banks is very important, BMG bank as well is trying to bring about the success by creating new businesses that will meet the need of or clients. Marcio Alaor, the BMG bank’s vice president, is well aware of this, and he states that since the clients’ needs always differ, it is very important to keep in mind what their priorities are, especially as a way of ensuring the clients’ trust, which is something BMG always do. That’s why he has given Itau Unibanco access to various banking clients, which provided the bank with even more experience in the banking sector.
Another strategy includes profitability, which can be achieved by centering the bank’s attention of the loan portfolio growth. Mr. Alaor also makes sure that his bank always focus on conservative credit policy, and he can always rely on his team of professionals who can provide a detailed analysis of everything they need.
To conclude, finding the right bank can sometimes be extremely difficult. But, Marcio Alaor has some useful tips, and that is that all banks should first consider the needs of all clients in order to guarantee for the success.


Richardo Guimaraes is the found and the president of the BANCO BMG Bank Company in Brazil. Since 2004, he has served as the chairperson of the bank. The bank is leading company in the banking industry. The country was in a very favorable time in the economy, and the bank took advantage to grow positively. At the time BMG was started, Brazil economy was increasing, and the inflation was in control. BMG was focused on a market of 6 billion dollars, and BMG accounted for 20% of the market. BMG currently accounts for 60% over of the market. It’s impressive growth is due to hard work, dedication and professionalism of the company’s team.

BMG was the pioneer in the consigned credit market. Among the choice of the banks credit market, consigned credit market has been the most advancing. It’s the cheapest personal credit option for most Brazilians. The enormous demand has fueled high growth in the consigned credit market. The banks have only exploited less than 50% of the market. This gap still leaves an enormous portion of the market open for investment. This sector of the credit industry has untapped potential and despite it being the leading, a lot can be done to tap its fullest potential.
Being the pioneer in consigned credit market, BMG is considered the main the major bank in developing the sector. The bank is also the leading one in the operations of developing this important sector of the economy. BMG continues to be focused on the consigned credit market and has laid down the plan to take advantage of this untapped potential market. The bank holds over 80% in market share in consigned market. Despite the competition being high with more than 60 banks in the segment, BMG continues to be at the lead.
It has the biggest distribution channel in the banking industry of Brazil. The bank has over 3000 points of sales and over 50000 agents for sale that are all committed to developing the bank’s agenda. The agents are distributed in major municipalities in Brazil ensuring a wide distribution of BMG services. The bank has open access to the capital market through its bond issues.BMG is very attentive to new opportunities. The bank aims to remain closer to its clients by investing in various assets acquisitions. The significance of these assets is for BMG to attain a wider market and satisfy its currents customers with its services.

Trust Is Earned And That’s What We Do – US Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of U.S. certified gold coins, silver and other precious metals in United States of America. With that, it meant their clients trust them and what they represent. They are AAA rated by the Business Consumer Alliance. U.S. Money Reserve being seasoned veterans who specialize in gold and precious metals are considered experts on guiding hundreds of clients who see the benefits of owning gold, silver and precious metals.

Their clients want to know that U.S. Money Reserve has the ability to help them choose coins that afford the highest value for their investment. Because of their continued wise purchases many clients have profited, and for many years clients have trusted their ability and guidance when purchasing U.S. Government issued gold, silver and precious metals.

U.S. Money Reserve is the ‘go to’ company to invest and reasons to trust them:
•They know how and what to invest in.

•They guide clients in their purchase of certified and graded gold coins

•They know about platinum coins

•They know the precious metals market

•They want you to make a profitable investment.

When you are ready to make the investment with U.S. Money Reserve, ask questions such as:
•How much do I need to make an investment?

•Do I purchase American only?

•Which is the better investment, coins or bullion?

•Are rare coins a good investment?

•Do you have a buyback policy?
U.S. Money Reserve work with you to make you as comfortable as possible about your investments. They encourage questions as that is their expertise and being veterans within the gold market allows them to keep you informed about any new products you could be investing in. Only buy from companies who are reputable and re-searchable, such as U.S. Money Reserve.

Gold, silver and other precious metals have been successful investments in the past and even more within the future. Allow U.S. Money Reserve to do the homework and know the best type of investment that is right for you.

Madison Street Capital Finalist for M&A Advisor Awards

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that has international operations. MSC delivers corporate financial advisory services to publicly and privately held businesses.

One service that Madison Street Capital provides to its clients is being an intermediary in mergers and acquisitions. This is one of the primary ways that organizations promote growth. MSC specializes in both buy-side and sell-side advisory services, for asset managers who are looking to enhance the overall value of their businesses. The advantage that MSC has in this area lies in their understanding that the most important asset to a manager is people. With this viewpoint, MSC specializes in structuring M&A transactions that provide the optimal outcome in financial terms as well as from a corporate culture standpoint.

This approach is gaining notice. According to, Madison Street Capital has gained a nomination for the Cross-Border Deal of the Year. MSC facilitated the acquision of FabTrol Systems by AVEVA, with Senior Managing Directors Karl D’Cunha and Jay Rodgers leading the transaction. The CEO of Madison Street Capital recognized that this was a great deal for both FabTrol and AVEVA.

This is just one example of the work that Madison Street Capital has performed since their inception in 1998. But it shows that MSC is currently at the top of their game, while valuing people greater than anything else a business owns. When they can find a deal that benefits both the acquirer and acquiree, then they seek to unlock that value to both parties involved. Perhaps one organization has strong operations but is having trouble gaining a foothold in overseas territories, while the other organization already is established in that overseas market but has had trouble developing its own products; that is one example of where Madison Street Capital can improve both parties. They offer insights and intelligence in the realm of mergers and acquisitions, which can be difficult for either party to understand on their own as they are usually more concerned with their own business than with the plans and visions of another. For seventeen years now Madison Street Capital has established the world’s premier network of mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and financing professionals. They have done this by means of a wide array of research, reporting, publishing, symposiums and awards.

Ricardo Guimaraes BMG

One of the top leading banks in Brazil and Latin America is BMG Bank. This bank is headed by CEO Ricardo Guimaraes. Over the last several years CEO Ricardo Guimaraes has helped BMG Bank become one of the top financial institutions in all of Latin America. What makes BMG Bank among the top financial institutions in Brazil is the wide range of services the bank offers. When looking to bank with BMG, you will have the opportunity to use services which include investment services, credit cards, business loans, insurance and deposits. All of these services ensure that customers will be satisfied with the options necessary to meet their financial needs.

One of the top services offered by BMG Bank is investment services. With investment services, customers can have a number of things to invest in which include stocks, bonds and annuities. They can also deposit their funds in accounts that grow their savings and provide an interest income. Customers will also receive advice from financial professionals to help them learn more about what is available to invest in and what would be the best thing to store their funds with for the short term as well as the long term. Investment services are one of the more significant and beneficial services offered by BMG Bank.

Another common service offered by BMG Bank is insurance services. As well as looking to invest your money, it is also vital to protect it as well along with other assets you may own. BMG Bank offers customers a wide range of insurance products which can help protect your home, your business and cover your debts upon death. Insurance services give customers something they need to ensure financial security as well as protection from unexpected setbacks.

When banking with BMG, customers can also take advantage of credit cards, deposit services and also business loans. These products and services can benefit consumers in a variety of ways including having funds to pay for unexpected expenses, store their funds securely as well as getting money to finance business operations. These services are among the most common and give a wide range of customers more things they need to more easily manage their finances as well as improve their overall fortunes. By banking with BMG, customers will be working with a top financial institution that will enable them to get what they need in terms of financial management. These services will help individuals and businesses in a variety of ways which in turn will help the overall economy.

White Shark Media Complaints And Solutions

Over the years, White Shark Media has had clients complimenting them. However, they have also had their share of complaints. It takes some time for a company to be built from scratch and have minimal complaints. White Shark Media eventually reached a point where they made their share of mistakes and paid for them. All the same, this has made them come out with a better service in the long run. In order to show their level of commitment, the company has listed some of the most common complaints combined with the solutions for the same. These are the complaints they have received the most in the last couple of years.
I have lost touch with my campaigns on AdWorsds
To avoid such a situation, the company has made sure every client has been explained to the outs and ins of their new campaigns. When a client knows their campaign before it begins, they are more likely to know where to go if they want to see the performance of a particular ad or keyword.
Communication is not very good
Communication is the most important task for any consultancy agency. In their early days, a lot of their clients did not feel that communication was good enough. Since clients had to go through a receptionist, getting hold of their contact person became quite frustrating. These two complaints had to be handled by implementing the following solutions.
GoToMeeting used to schedule monthly status calls
As requested, or every month, every SEM strategist and client reviewed the results from the past one moth as well as the monthly report that was sent to the client prior to the meeting. The meeting was done using GoToMeeting, an online conference tool. The tool allows the company to share a screen with their client. The employee and the client can go through the AdWords account and report while together. The move has been found to be highly effective and has received praise from many of our past clients who had been working with the company before the solution was implemented.
Phone systems with direct extensions
A big relief for most of White Shark Media‘s clients is allowing the clients to directly call their contact person. Once a client signs up, they will receive an email containing all the necessary contact information for their contact person and the contacts of the employee’s supervisor. Such a move allows a client to have seamless communication even if their contact person is out of the office.

How We Are Fixing White Shark Media

While we have had a lot of compliments given to us from our clients, we have to admit to our fair share of complaints, as well. But through it all, we do think that we have learned from our mistakes, and became a better company because of them.

We want to let our potential clients and other agencies understand the type of process that we are using in White Shark Media. We will use both compliments and complaints to move forward in the best fashion that we can. We will go through a list of typical complaints we have received in the past few years and show what we are doing to fix them.

“I Am Out Of Touch With My Adwords Campaigns”

From now on, we will be sure that every client is well aware of the ins and outs of their campaigns. You will know where to go when you wish to see how a certain keyword or ad is doing.

“Communication Is Lacking”

We realize that it was hard to get ahold of your contact person in the beginning, especially when you had to go through a receptionist. From now on, we will ensure that each client and SEM strategist reviews the results of all past 30 days along with monthly reports. Meetings will take place with GoToMeeting, so that we can share a screen with a client, to ensure we can easily look at the report and AdWords account together.

Clients will also have the ability to call their own contact person directly, as well as this person’s supervisor.

“SEO Services Are Missing”

While we cannot offer these just yet, we would love to review any and all SEO work and proposals that are given to you from your current SEO Company.

“Campaigns Are On Your Account”
If you have a campaign that is working well for you, we will continue working on your own account. We use a system to ensure that all new campaigns are started right from scratch.

“My Contact Person Didn’t Help Much”

After you sign up, we will have our Senior SEM Consultants follow you throughout your stay with us. This will last from the very beginning of signing up, up until the optimization phase. They will be available at all times for questions, even though they will not be your primary contact person.

“Most Of My Customers Are Through The Phone”

We have partnered up with Marchex to provide call tracking to every single client that we have. It is included in AdWords management plans, completely free, as it is crucial to track phone calls.

Diversify With US Money Reserve

A well balanced portfolio is vital in many ways. Most people will need to save a lot of money as they enter the work world in order to make sure that they can finance their retirement. This will often require them to spend many years of their lives saving money and then investing it well. Over the course of time, this is a great way to accumulate an impressive nest egg that can help the person retire when they feel ready to leave work or when they can no longer work at their primary job because of a disability of some kind.

In order to help make sure that any savings are invested well, it is necessary to consider investing in many kinds of investments. This is why many people have found it quite helpful to work with US Money Reserve in order to help them create a portfolio of investments that allows to reduce their risk of any kind of capital losses and increase their potential for long term gains and a reduction in taxes on such gains. The savvy investor is aware that investing in many kinds of investments such as precious metals can be one of the keys to creating the ideal portfolio for their specific needs and aims.

Officials at US Money reserve are very highly trained professionals who know how to spot investment opportunities and provide their clients with similar insights. Under their leadership, many investors have found that investing in gold and other metals can be the ideal way to help them financially. Staffers at this company have many years of experience in the field of investing in gold. They know that their customers rely on them for help in doing the same. Those who choose to work with US Money Reserve will find that working with the company makes sense for their needs. They will find a group of professionals who can help them get the kind of assistance they need to be able to get the ideal results they are aiming for when looking for investment opportunities in this area. More than one hundred staffers work with US Money Reserve, making it easy for anyone seeking help in a specific or specialized area of metal investing to find it here and get access to expert advice of all kinds. This allows the client to be assured they are doing the right thing.

White Shark Media, The Company That Helped Keep Me In Business

As a business owner I have run into much difficulty when it comes to marketing. I started my business about 10 years ago and every year the number of customers that I serve, have decreased. I must admit that I am very old fashioned when it comes to advertising. I previously only used print advertising methods such as business cards, newspaper ads, and even brochures. This method of advertising was not providing me with the results that I wanted. I needed more customers in order to make more profits. Either I needed to find a way to attract customers or I would not be able to afford to continue to be in business.

I was prepared to close my business until I heard about White Shark Media. White Shark Media helped me with updating my advertising approach. Instead of just using print methods of advertising, Shark Media introduced me to online marketing. I must admit that I was kind of skeptical about this type of approach but I took a chance. As a result of allowing Shark Media to market my business online, the number of customers that I had increased within a month or so. The tactics used by Shark Media allowed me to reach new potential customers that print advertisement would not have been able to reach.

In addition, to increasing the number of customers that I have Shark Media gave me the opportunity to have an online presence. Having an online presence allowed my business to be represented online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the help of White Shark Media’s expertise in ad words, my company’s website can be found with a simple browse using the search engine. No more is my company’s website a needle in a haystack. The number of visitors I have increased everyday with people that are interested in purchasing my products.

My increase in customers and profit could not have been possible if I did not take a chance with White Shark Media. I know they were the company to use because they were always honest with me about what they offered. They did not sell me an unreachable dream. The staff at Shark Media let me know from the beginning what my possibilities were. From day one then let me know what was possible and what may not be a possible goal. I appreciate the type of honesty that White Shark Media had. A previous company that I researched promised me results that were not believable.

White Shark Media really showed me that they care about their customers and about their brand. It has strong and positive reviews from all the customers.Their staff and customer service is very courteous and I would recommened them to anyone that is seeking to create or expand their online presence and or marketing.

White Shark’s Guide to SEO Keywords

In marketing a website and utilizing SEO, the most important part to remember are your keywords. Whatever keywords you use will dictate which audience you adhere to. Be it teenagers, adults, college students or business people. The internet is always evolving and always changing and it is important to keep up to date with its changes in order to have the best SEO management. A lot of old techniques are still being used (keyword stuffing) so try to stray from these methods and use more professional ones.
One question in the midst is how many keywords to use. It is always best to optimize for users instead of search engines to be more organic in your search results. To help, have your keyword in the page title. Put it in the headline. Always fill out your meta description. Don’t have just one keyword in the content, have two or three. Remember to have your keywords in your images. Also, don’t ever have too many keywords.
Another importance is of course what words to use. You can do some research and use sites like Ubersuggest, WordStream or Google Trends to help you find the perfect keywords. Categorizing your keywords also helps a great deal in organizing your website and your thoughts for business purposes. You can also make your keywords the title of your page or website. Don’t forget to use geo-targeting to better improve your overall SEO. Lastly, feel free to play around with your words. Synonyms can be very useful for variety and yield the same effect.
This article was written with the help of a White Shark Media article. White Shark Media specializes in digital marketing. They provide small and medium sized businesses with effective and professional marketing solutions. They offer their services throughout North America helping thousands of companies with their unique techniques and innovative tools.
White Shark Media was founded in 2011 by a Danish team of marketing professionals. They trained in offshore and domestic relationships and offered all of their services, along with everything they learned, to their customers. The company consists of more than 150 employees. They are located in 3 countries and have a strong standing in Google AdWords, display ads, Google Analytics and Bing ads. In July of 2014 they were awarded with the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership.