All About Vijay Eswaran

Dr Vijay Eswaran was born 7th October 1960 in Penang, Malaysia. Vijay’s childhood involved living in different parts of Malaysia, owing to the nature of his father’s career – he worked with the Ministry of labour. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Socio-economics from the London School of Economics, and MBA from the Southern Illinois University. These were obtained in 1984 and 1986, respectively.
Vijay has grown from humble beginnings to being an award-winning and celebrated entrepreneur, in not only Malaysia but also the world at large. The beginnings can be traced back Europe, where he took up odd jobs – plucking grapes in France, Construction worker in Belgium and Cab driver in London – after completing his undergraduate studies.
While in the United Kingdom, Vijay was introduced to Binary System Marketing. This gave him the enthusiasm to obtain a professional certification from Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and later the MBA. At this time, he was working for Synaptics and engaging in Multilevel Marketing (MLM) on a part-time basis.
He went on to work with top cadre corporations like IBM, in senior positions in Europe, Australia, US and Canada, before he decided to return to Malaysia in the early 1990s.
In Malaysia, Vijay was approached by Cosway Group to help start its Philippines business. This was his turning point as he began taking MLM more seriously. In 1998, together with a team of individuals with whom he shared similar interests, he founded a direct selling and training firm.
The company, QI Group, has since grown to be a multi-business conglomerate with a presence in over 30 countries across the world. QI Group regional offices are based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia.
Vijay is the Executive Chairman of the 13-year-old corporation and he has diversified into other ventures such as telecommunications, luxury & collectibles, lifestyle & leisure, education, property development and logistics, training and conference management.
Dr Vijay Eswaran is also a renowned author and a highly revered motivational speaker. He traverses the globe lecturing on diverse subjects, ranging from spirituality to business. His books include Sphere of Silence (2005), In the Thinking Zone (2008), 18 Stepping Stones (2010) and On the Wings of Thought (2011).
Also a philanthropist, he established the RHYTHM Foundation, the CSR arm of the QI Group. The foundation engages in philanthropic activities across the world. He also established Vijayratman Foundation – RHYTHM Foundation’s local chapter – in Malaysia in honour of his father. The Local chapter works with other charitable organizations on various child mentoring, special education, women empowerment and youth development projects.