End Citizens United Stresses the Importance of Re-evaluating the Rules on Campaign Financing

A number of reports have confirmed the role played by a company in Russia in influencing the U.S. presidential elections of 2016. The company that is closely associated with Kremlin bought advertisements, which are believed to have influenced the outcome of the election. As much as funding by foreign entities is not allowed in the U.S., it seems the election laws were not applied since Russia managed to influence the last elections intricately and extensively.

Investigations on the Matter

Robert Mueller, a special counsel, has been handed the responsibility of determining whether the Trump team worked in cahoots with the Russians. End Citizens United believes in the capabilities of the Special Counsel and believes that he will unearth the truth of the matter. However, the political action committee is not confident that Washington has the will to stop the interventions by foreigners on U.S. elections going forward. End Citizens United further claims that politicians from the right-wing and their cronies have continuously sabotaged the laws on campaign finance. This has enabled donors with deep pockets to use inordinate amounts during elections to further their causes and give their preferred candidates an edge over their competitors.

Need for Reforms

End Citizens United has referred to the recent interference by a foreign government in the country’s presidential elections as one of the major reasons why reforms on election laws are necessary. The PAC argues that the interference demonstrated how weak the U.S. election laws are and need to be fixed as soon as possible. End Citizens United is calling for speedy reforms as it is not only the foreign governments the country ought to be worried about but also billionaires and large corporations who are well connected to politicians. These parties can influence their election to further their cause using their money.

It is not yet clear how much money was spent by the Russian company and sadly this will not be the last time. End Citizens United is calling for reforms in order to make smooth various technicalities in law that allow large corporations, super PACs and billionaires to spend lots of money on politics without care. The group claims that the law enforcement agencies are not doing enough to stop the big money influence on politics. There are so many cases of money being used to influence elections but Washington only lacks the will to do something about it.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United has embarked on a mission to see the end of big money politics in America. The PAC wants to improve the current system, which it considers to have been rigged. End Citizens United is hoping to achieve its plan by endorsing democrats who have shown an interest in bringing about reforms in campaign finance to Congress. They aim to bring an end to the decision that allowed untraceable and unlimited donations in politics.

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