The Experience of Professional Investor Michael Nierenberg

In terms of getting the most out of a professional you can trust, there is no better investment executive than Michael Nierenberg. This is a professional who is going to help in many ways and get you exactly what you need for any type of project you have in the upcoming future. You can feel confident hiring Michael Nierenberg simply because he has been working with Bear Stearns for so long and is one of the high-end investors of his time. Not only has he been working for this company, but he is well known for some of his other ventures within the field as well.

With the help of Michael Nierenberg, you can finally get the investment opportunity that you need without having to resort to any other type of problem.

You can make use of this expert and know that he is there to help in many ways rather than just get the most out of this as an option for yourself. You will enjoy what Michael Nierenberg is doing for his clients and what he can do for you when it comes to finding a professional who will truly help you in your quest to having financial assistance.

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If you are seeking an attorney of excellence, you want Todd Levine. He is schooled not only in the spirit of the law, so to speak, but he makes research and the law come together! Now, Todd Levine brings much experience to the table as an attorney. He is a credit to the law community, and knows his stuff! He is a top commercial litigator, and works on finding creative solutions to business disputes. Todd Levine is a founding member of the law firm known as: Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and Levine, P.L. He is adept at working with commercial real estate litigation. He represents real estate brokers, buyers, sellers contractors, subcontractors, institutions, and property managers. That’s a lot of litigation!

It is interesting to share, that Todd Levine is more than an attorney. He is creative, and uses his analytical skills to solve cases. As an attorney, he will focus or hone in on a piece of evidence that has been thoroughly researched and overlooked by other lawyers. Also, his arguments in litigation show that he seeks to find clarity in disputes.

On a personal note, Todd Levine is a musician and skilled artist. Many feel that Todd Levine is such a successful litigator because he combines his musical skills and creativity with his knowledge of the law. He can think inside and outside the box. He is your go to lawyer for real estate disputes, that’s a certain! He was educated at the University of Florida, and earned a degree in finance in 1988. Moreover, he attended the University of Florida Levin Law College. It was at Levin Law College where he earned his law degree, and with high honors in 1991. He is listed in Best Lawyers of America, US News and World Report for Real Estate Litigation 2018-19. His civic and community involvement is noteworthy, as well. He is a supporter of the National Parkinson’s Foundation. Lastly, don’t think Todd Levine is only committed to real estate litigation; he has handled many cases in the entertainment and sports field as well. He is without a doubt a master litigator, musician, artist, clever thinker, and citizen- a man for all reasons.

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Article Title: Serge Belamant’s Biography and Work in the Creation of Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain is referred to as a list of the ledger of records that are linked to cryptography. Single unit ledgers are consist of a cryptographic timestamp as well as transaction data. The first blockchain technology was formed to help financial institutions in administering their services. It also played a role in fostering security in organizations. Customers could safely make transactions over different counters. Read more on

Background Information

Born in France, Serge Belamant, 66, is a patent holder of the blockchain technologies. He moved to South Africa with his family at a tender age. Belamant didn’t understand English. The revered technology guru learned English in order to be able to communicate with teachers and students at Highlands High School. He majored in sports too. He would later enroll at prestigious South Africa’s Witwatersrand University where he pursued engineering. Serge Belamant’s interests shifted to computer science. He also majored in applied mathematics. In his second year of school, he quit education. Serge Belamant started his professional career at IBM. He served as a computer expert and has maintained the position until now.


Once labeled as the Bill Gates of SA, Serge Belamant is also a founding partner of the blockchain technology. He holds several patents. The software developer has created several innovations that are currently used in the sector of finance. He is prominent for creating the first blockchain technologies. These systems have since been the backbone of numerous cryptocurrencies. Serge Belamant used smart cards coupled with a micro-controller that can help create an independent transaction ledger. The technology also allowed banks and governments to process different payments through a secure investment. It also facilitated the deposit and withdrawal processes. Belamant also worked on Cyber computers where he created various applications intended to analyze RSA’s water levels in dams. These applications were often based on establishing optimal water levels in the resources to predict future drought. Serge went ahead to develop intricate computer models for various projects at the CSIR. His vast skills in the sector were recognized when he spearheaded the Witwatersrand and Vereeniging planning project. He worked with computers to find breakthroughs in various statistical methods such as digital mapping and creating graphical interfaces. Visit

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