ClassDojo: A Revolution in Parent Teacher Communication

In a world that seems to be getting faster paced by the second, parents often find it difficult to maintain lines of communication with the child’s teacher. Teachers become equally frustrated with attempting to keep parents abreast of happenings within the classroom. Enter ClassDojo. ClassDojo has the singular mission of opening lines of communication between teachers and parents.

ClassDojo is a small company that was founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. Initially, the app attracted approximately 80 teachers. As the word spread about the app, an additional 12,000 teachers began using it. Now, ClassDojo is reported to have users in approximately two-thirds of the schools across the United States. Additionally, ClassDojo has been marketed internationally.

ClassDojo is primarily used in schools with PreK-8th grade classrooms. It operates as something of a virtual classroom to maximize communication between school and home. Within the app teachers can share information about conduct and assignments as well as exchange messages with parents.

In the midst of an abundance of edtech businesses, ClassDojo stands out from the rest. Most edtech companies focus on curriculum or ways to facilitate testing. ClassDojo was the first app designed for communication needs.

ClassDojo is run by a team of 40 people. Since its creation, the app has experienced rapid growth in the edtech market. The free app has led to a subscription service known as Beyond School which allows families opportunities to expand the educational horizons of their students. ClassDojo recently raised $35 million toward the expansion of Beyond School.