Former Tyson Foods Plant on South Side was Acquired by the OSI Group for $7.4M

The Aurora-based processed food company OSI Group had acquired Tyson Foods plant in Chicago for early for $7.4 million in early 2016, according to the official records with the Cook County Recorder of Deeds. The acquisition of the food plant had offered employment to more than 200 former employees of Tyson Foods with the OSI.

A spokesperson for the OSI Group said that they could not reveal the information about the future plans for the facility as well as the products and its consumers. A brief announcement on the company’s website dating back to June 8th, 2016 said that the 200,000 square-foot facility located in the Back of the Yards neighbouhood would provide the necessary infrastructure to the other facilities in Chicago for supporting continued business growth.

According to Kevin Scott, senior executive vice president of the OSI, the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago will greatly enhance the company’s capacity and will help meet the evolving needs of its customers. With operations in 16 countries and more than 60 facilities, OSI Group is a privately held company known for its wide-ranging meat products such as breakfast sausage and bacon.

Initially known as Otto’s Meat Market, the OSI Group, LLC was founded in 1909 and had later changed its name to Otto & Sons in 1928 and OSI Industries, LLC in 1975. They also supply various processed food products to many retail brands as specified on the company’s website. The company has been a recipient of several accolades and ranks 58th on the Forbes list of largest private companies in the US. OSI Group is also known to be the sixth-largest meat/poultry/seafood processor according to a recent report by the Refrigerated and Frozen Foods magazine.

Tyson Foods, on the other hand, was known for preparing meals for the hospitality industry. Tempura chicken, omelettes, soups, sauces and meatballs are a few among the several items made by them. At the time of closing, the executives of the company said that the Chicago facility couldn’t keep up with changing consumer demands. The other two facilities owned by Tyson Foods at 3548 N. Kostner Ave, and offices at 400 S. Jefferson St., are currently in operation. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago

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OSI Group: One Of America’s Largest Companies

OSI Group is America’s 58th largest company. This is massive growth considering this company’s humble beginnings. In 1909, OSI Group was Otto and Sons, a local meat market in Chicago. It was run by a family of hardworking German immigrants. In the 1950s, the owner made a deal with the man who started McDonalds. This deal would propel the business into exponential growth that is continuing today. Since OSI Group is one of the sole suppliers of McDonalds’ beef, the need for expansion has been obvious.

The numbers behind this group illustrate the exponential growth. OSI currently employs over 20,000 people, although that number grows daily. They also provide more than just beef, as the company also works with poultry, pork, fish, vegetables, and more. This diversification has led to further growth and success for the group. Currently, the annual sales for this company exceed 6 billion US dollars. OSI has an incredibly reputation, one that they have carried with them for over 110 years, since the company’s founding. Additionally, they won the British Safety Council’s 2016 Globe of Honor. One of the reasons that OSI has been so successful is the leadership team. They are focused on running this massive company with the same personal touch as the original 1909 meat market.

The OSI company has grown rapidly in the last decade. They have acquired several other companies in non-hostile takeovers, such as BAHO Foods and Rose Packing. With these acquisitions, OSI has kept the entire staff of the acquired businesses, as well as most of their facilities. By keeping these in production while ownership changes, OSI can keep up with massive demand. OSI has also bought several more meat packing facilities lately. Because the growth of the company and demand is rising so quickly, there is not time to construct brand new factories. OSI now supplies not only the McDonalds beef, but also the food products for several other multinational food corporations. It is obvious that the global market has led to success for OSI as well as its subsidiaries. Hopefully they can continue to keep up with demand. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

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The OSI Group Different World View

The OSI Group is certain that if you let your imagination run wild and go completely negative you can stay that way and eventually lose your peace of mind. The OSI Group has seen that we all want to have a good, enjoyable life but the fact of the matter is that we will be faced with unpleasant situations.

The OSI Group has seen its fair share of different troubles much like many other companies in the course of its history.

But there is one thing that differentiates the OSI Group from others.

See that special thing is something that everyone can learn from in their own lives as well.

It is something that can help to change a life and a view of the world.

What matters is how we handle those situations and what we learn from them. Instead of dwelling on the negatives instead of focusing on the positives you can eventually turn into someone who works hard and stays true to contributing to the real world.

Being able to show that the company will strive to minimize losses in the short term while investing in the future in this environment will certainly be to the liking of investors.

At the same time, investors need to know that companies will be able to show that they are getting to a specific path of profitability by managing capital in the best way possible. Scale always plays a role in the making of an empire, as a matter of fact, the scale is what makes an empire an empire. With a proper scale, a company can act as a cash generating machine.

A key component of any business is the right hires. With the right people, a company can generate real value, as such, it is important for a company to measure the value of their people by the revenues that they generate today and what they can contribute in the future. If a company is able to attach contribution of individual labor to their compensation via equity in the company, then the company might see proper gains. Incentives are aligned. OSI buys former Tyson Foods plant on South Side for $7.4M

Jeunesse Global Is A Highly Reputable Network Marketing Company

Jeunesse Global is one of the most reputable network marketing companies out there. The company has highly knowledgeable professionals on its advisory team and is fully committed to ensuring the highest quality products and service. 

Jeunesse Global often has events where the company presents valuable information about the industry and what works. These events can help you establish business relationships with others in the industry.

When you see the team behind the organization and when you meet like-minded people at the event who are doing very well, you will develop a strong belief that you can achieve success in the industry. You will no longer have doubts about your ability to join the ranks of successful network marketers. You will discover that the leaders and top income earners in the company are just ordinary people like you. 

It is highly recommended that you find out when the events take place and sign up. Attending these events is critical for business growth and personal development.

When it comes to choosing a network marketing opportunity, you need to consider the quality of the product line, compensation plan, and reputation of the company. Although there are many companies in the network marketing industry, not all of them are created equal. Although there are many companies out there, it’s imperative to choose carefully. You’ll want to go with a company that is well established in the business world.

Jeunesse Global is a top-rated company and has built a strong network of sales representatives. Its representatives are well trained and are highly knowledgeable about the industry. 

Jeunesse Global has a track record of developing and marketing top-notch products, and customers rave about the outstanding service and excellent products they have received. The company has been in business for years and has a great reputation.

Jeunesse Global encourages its members to serve others with humility. Jeunesse Global recognizes that customers are their greatest assets, and the company is dedicated to providing its sales representatives with the training and tools they need to promote and market its line of products successfully. Jeunesse takes appropriate steps to ensure that its representatives reach their financial goal.

Article Title: Ted Bauman Talks Publishing, Work In Editing World.

Article Text:

Ted Bauman first joined Banyan Hill Publishing back in 2013. Since joining the team, Bauman has gone on to become the lead editor for the Plan B Club, the Alpha Stock Alert, and the Bauman Letter. Over the past half decade or so, Ted Bauman has established himself as an authoritative voice with regards to government oversight, corporate greed, and the benefits of self-reliance. Today, we are going to spend a little bit of time getting to know Ted Bauman so that we can see what brought him to become the worker he is today.

Ted Bauman has lived truly global life. After being born in the United States, Bauman would go on to relocate to South Africa. Bauman would emigrate to Cape Town, South Africa, in order to study at the University of Cape Town. Bauman would secure his History and Economics degree en route to working in the private sector. In Cape Town, Bauman would become known for his work in the non-profit sector, working as fund manager for housing projects in lower income areas. One of Bauman’s most celebrated efforts involves the Slum Dwellers Internationals foundation which has helped over 14 million people throughout the world. While Bauman made a huge impact in South Africa, the country was not his home. Bauman has since moved back to Atlanta, GA, where he lives with his family and works with Banyan Hill Publishing Company.

As a writer, Bauman knows that his day is often decided before the sun rises. Bauman gets up early in the morning in order to get ahead of his work before taking his children to school. Once his children are out there door, Bauman goes back to his desk where he commits to his projects. In order to succeed in Bauman’s specific niche, he has to stay updated on all of the moving parts within the economic world. As a result, Bauman is as often doing research as he is working on columns. Bauman’s goal is to use his real-life research in order to teach his readers about the concepts that they need to embrace in order to succeed both financially and emotionally.

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Article Title: Paul Mampilly- A Guru Helping The Average Investors

Article Text:

Paul Mampilly is an investment adviser, author and knowledgeable person about financial matters. He understands a lot about investment, something that puts him on the list of the most successful people in the investment sector in the world. Mampilly moved to the U.S in search for higher education but upon graduating, just like many other persons, decided to make America his permanent home. He landed a job at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager, and since then, his life has never been the same again. He has moved from one success to another. He has managed accounts worth billions of dollars in his career in Wall Street, which lasted for two decades.

Today, Mampilly is only interested in making lives of people better. His focus is on the average investors who struggle to make profits from their investments. By following his advice, cases of unnecessary investment will be a thing of the past. From his experience, he now understands when to enter or exit a stock investment.

Paul Mampilly makes regular updates about what is happening in the financial market with the aim of helping the average investors to understand what needs to be done to make the industry better. Mampilly believes that the right information about investments should be given out to everyone. It should not be a preserve of a small group of people in Wall Street. It is for such reasons that some people will be making millions from their investments while a huge number of others will be struggling to make profits.

Paul Mampilly is ready to change the way the average investors approach investment opportunities. He wants them to make decisions based on facts and not just speculations. If you’re going to invest in a stock, you must have the necessary backing of credible information. Paul Mampilly does not recommend a stock investment opportunity without the necessary knowledge of what is happening behind the scenes. Since he relies on thorough research, he is able to pick out stock investments way before they happen. He is also very good at realizing fake moves in stock market. He avoided the dot com crash of 2000 because he could tell that it was a fake move in advance.

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Article Title: Agera Energy – How It Is Helping Cities Lower Energy Bills

There are many small business and industrial units that have to pay a hefty electricity fee each month. It has become a burden for many commercial units, and that is why many commercial, as well as residential users, are switching to Agera Energy. The company offers sustainable energy solutions for the customers, both residential and commercial. The good thing about the services of Agera Energy is that they provide you customized energy solution, so rest assured you do not have to pay the same electricity or gas supply fees as large-scale industrial customers.

Agera Energy Company has many electricity plans to choose from, and you can be sure that with the help of their energy plans, you would be able to save sizeable amount annually. In the states that Agera Energy is active, the users are switching to the company’s services at rapid pace. The most recent city to make the switch is Cambridge.

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You can continue to change the settings for what your Rollup will contain. Sources can be removed, added, silenced and re-prioritized at your will. By sending you a single Rollup for each of your email accounts, you can easily prioritize or even ignore this content as you wish. Things can be moved to your regular inbox as well, meaning these items don’t have to be stored on’s servers, you can move the ones you want into your own email accounts. is compatible with all internet browsers and most major email service providers, including Gmail, Yahoo and Google Apps. It is not currently compatible with AOL and some other providers, but says it is working towards being on all platforms soon. When you sign up for your free account you give them access to your email accounts, which they scan and sort in a matter of minutes. This scan is conducted automatically when you begin your service or add a new account. has some room to improve, with additional filtering options and the ability to merge multiple email accounts into a single Rollup being prominent on the list, but it is a usable and convenient service offered for free.

Article Title: Agera Energy

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Agera Energy Can Help You Save Money

Are you interested in getting low rates on your energy costs? Want to switch to a company that offers great features and affordable rates on electricity and gas service? When it comes to reasonable rates, great features, and service plans, Agera Energy is unbeatable.

Agera Energy has been serving residential and commercial customers since 2014 and is a well-known company in the industry. This renowned company aims to ensure that customers get access to top-notch features and services they need to meet their energy needs. The company has more than 1.8 million customers and comes highly recommended in industry.

If you are on the lookout for a great company with a team of highly knowledgeable professionals, then check out Agera Energy right away. Agera Energy aims to be your reliable guide, educating and empowering household and businesses on energy needs and consumption.

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The Talkspace App

In this day and age, there is an app for literally everything you can think of. There are even apps where you can have therapy sessions, though there is some concern as to whether or not you can really get an intimate therapy session over an app as you could in-person with a therapist.

However, there is a new therapy app on the digital market called Talkspace that is designed to give therapy to individuals and couples from a smartphone or computer platform. Talkspace allows individual people and couples to message a licensed therapist directly and talk with them about issues they are going through. You can use the app from anywhere including your home, your office, or any stressful situation, and you can use it as many times a day as you want too. Read more about Talkspace at

Using an app and messaging a licensed therapist has also proven to put patients at more ease because the process is completely anonymous. When people attend a face-to-face appointment with a therapist or even do an online video therapy session they can feel a little hesitant to open up which makes it hard to get to the root of the problem. This app allows the appointment to be completely discreet so patients feel more at ease with opening up and talking through their problems.

The Talkspace app is also much more affordable than regular therapy sessions are. One session with a licensed therapist can cost hundreds of dollars. Meanwhile, a whole week of unlimited Talkspace therapy sessions only costs $59 and you can get unlimited messaging with a licensed therapist and two check-ins over the phone every day.

When doing a couple therapy session, the couple will log onto the app each using their own phone, and begin talking with a consultant in real time. The consultant will go over the couple’s needs and then connect them with a therapist that has the most qualifications that are best suited to help you and your significant other through your situation.

Therapy is not a one size fits all thing. Different therapists may be better in one area than another, and it is important to find a therapist that can help you through your issues whether its through an app or in person.

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