Sunday Riley, the Woman, the Brand

Texas born entrepreneur, Sunday Riley, gets her name from her father who wanted her to have a great business name. Intuition proved, skin-care enthusiasts know the Sunday Riley beauty brand, founded in 2009, for being effective skin-care, and for what Riley calls its “green technology,” where science-based active ingredients are balanced with botanicals.

Success is the overall feel of the company, and Good Genes is a top seller that is known for being a powerful product that produces results. The Sunday Riley beauty brand is also noticing consumers boosting sales in the products—Power Couple which contains Good Genes, U.F.O., C.E.O., Luna, and Tidal—and shoppers are also displaying support in the acne domain of the brand as well.

Riley credits success in the creation of the products to encompassing the full experience that the product is expected to provide. With a vast knowledge of cosmetic formulation, Riley uses a lot of trial and error amalgamated with chemistry to create the perfect product—textures, scents, etc.— to the consumer.

If you want great skin, Sunday Riley says you’ve got to start with the first—and oftentimes missed—step of washing your face and exfoliating because even an infinitude of the best cosmetic products will be ineffective on dead skin cells. She shares her own skin care routine that includes washing her face twice daily and using various products from the line such as Good Genes, C.E.O vitamin C serum, and Tidal. Before applying foundation, Riley protects her face with sunscreen. At night, after the second face wash, Riley will use Luna, followed by Tidal or C.E.O. cream, and a once a week usage of U.F.O. to clear the pores, not omitting the occasional massage with Juno, which Riley expresses an affinity of, stating that it’s an item in her purse.

Foundation is the latest development in the Sunday Riley brand. The sheer formulation has a minimum of 20 shades, which can diverge into two or three additional different skin shades, and leaves a “real skin finish.” And for hair enthusiasts, it may be a possibility that Sunday Riley could someday expand into the hair industry, with Riley expressing a love of the industry that she would engage in in a heartbeat.

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