The Joys of Hyland’s Teething Tablets!

Babies teething is the equivalent of crying, screaming, and sleepless nights. Babies typically start to teeth at about six months old and the parents are probably the ones doing most of the crying. When you hear your baby cry and scream in pain the sound is devastating and no matter how exhausted they are, the pain never seems to give in. No need to fear mommies and daddies, Hyland’s Teething Tablets are here to relieve.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets naturally relieve oral discomfort, oral pain, and sensitive or swollen gums. Hyland’s has been creating natural remedies since 1903 and for over a century it has been trusted by many generations of parents. The product is established in the United States that contains NO artificial flavors, dyes or chemicals. The products are made with natural ingredients! Hyland’s Teething Tablets are soft for your little ones comfort and dissolve almost instantly, providing your baby with no pain.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets are safe and reliable. Babies can experience gum sensitivity and soreness as early as three months old. Hyland’s is a homeopathic medicine company. Hyland’s Teething Tablets are formulated to gently relieve your little one of their pain, swelling, and fussiness. Babies can teeth into their toddlerhood and as a parent, all you want to do is to relieve them of their pain. Parents find Hyland’s Teething Tablets to be reliable at all times and best of all their little ones are not fusing and crying, giving mommies and daddies fewer tears and more sleep as well.

The company uses scientific proof of how the human body calls their own natural defenses to help deal with pain. Hyland’s Teething Tablets has stood their ground as a homeopathic medicine against the mainstream because the companies medicine is effective for infants and the elderly, without side effects! See the company’s history here

When babies experience oral pain they often refuse to eat or drink, but Hyland’s Teething Tablets is specifically formulated to provide relief your little one is seeking!

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ShafikSachedina- A Brief History

ShafikSachedina is a professional dental surgeon, a skillful administrator, and a philanthropist based in England. He collaborates with humanitarian organizations that ease human suffering, as well as those that try to mend the living standards of underserved citizens.

ShafikSachedina’s Educational Background

ShafikSachedina was born in Tanzania. In his teen years, he immigrated to the United Kingdom.

In 1975, Mr. Sachedina joined Guy Medical Hospital, a medical college where he pursued a course in dental surgery. After some time, Mr. Sachedina joined the University of London’s Dental School to polish his expertise in dental surgery.

After graduating from the University of London, Mr. Sachedina began practicing as a dental surgeon in England. Read more about Shafik Sachedina at Behance.

ShafikSachedina career background

At present, Mr. Sachedina is Sussex Healthcare Company’s joint chairperson. The award-winning healthcare organization serves senior citizens living with dementia, PMLD, and other neurological disorders.

Besides healthcare, Mr. Sachedina’s Sussex Healthcare offers holistic care services, and it supports youths who wish to join the medical industry.

As a holistic care facility, Sussex Healthcare has a facility equipped with a specialist gymnasium, hydrotherapy pools, and sensory rooms. These holistic care facilities serve people living with behavioral problems, impaired motor skills, chronic pain, muscle injuries, compromised immune system, as well as chronic stress.

Besides Sussex Healthcare Company, Mr. Sachedina is a senior executive in the Institute of Ismaili Studies, a center that promotes the Islamic culture and religion. Mr. Sachedina collaborates with other executives to ensure that the institute runs smoothly and efficiently.

ShafikSachedina’s Philanthropy

Outside his dental practice, Mr. Sachedina volunteers his time and resources helping the less fortunate. He works for Aga Khan Development Network, a philanthropist organization that supports agricultural, financial inclusion, education, and healthcare causes. Also, the Aga Khan Development Network promotes tourism, supports enterprise development, delivers humanitarian assistance, and safeguards historic cities.

Mr. Sachedina is the chairperson of Humanitarian Assistance International, a charity organization that supports underdeveloped countries. The humanitarian organization supports the people affected by natural disasters and violent conflicts.

Sachedina is FOCUS Humanitarian’s chairperson. The humanitarian organization provides relief assistance to people affected by earthquakes, epidemic diseases, floods, and other natural disasters.



Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Aim To Connect More Dentists With Sleep Apnea Patients

Dr. Avi Weisfogel specializes in the unexplored medical field of sleep apnea. He is a holder of a BS in Psychology and Biology and DDS. Avi gained interest in the relationship between sleep disorders and dental complications while working as a dentist at Old Bridge Dental Care. Avi set up Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999 and earned many recognitions, praises, and awards, such as Best Dentist while managing the firm as founder and chief executive officer. In 2010, Avi set up Healthy Heart Sleep to educate and equip dentists with information and skills required to manage successful sleep labs. In 2012, he started Owner Sleep Patient and lectured dentistry students on how to treat more patients with sleeping complications. Dr. Avi realized that his passion for dentistry and marketing was a start towards establishing improved services for sleep apnea patients and went ahead to launch Dental Sleep Masters in 2014.

Dr. Avi is a reflective visionary who cherishes his morning routine. He starts his day with an hour of prayer to center his thoughts before engaging with his mentor and life coach for another hour. Avi spends his days handling the normal office duties of Dental Sleep Masters such as taking calls, attending meetings, writing blog posts and delivering speeches. He enjoys drafting new ideas on his notepad repeatedly until he achieves a clear and practical vision. Avi values his personal relationship with employees and states that through them, he picks up invaluable information and wisdom about differentiated topics in dentistry and life.

Through Dental Sleep Masters, many physicians and dentists in the US report an increase in the number of patients that seek their services. The firm creates innovative marketing strategies that connect more sleep apnea patients with dentists who have received training on the ailment’s diagnosis and treatment. Dental Sleep Masters offers an extended training model to every dentist who signs up for the course. Gary Huber is a medical officer who attributes his growing success in dentistry to Dr. Avi’ training model and the firm’s marketing strategies. Avi Weisfogel revealed that the course equipped him with tools that would have been expensive to acquire independently.

Touching Avi Weisfogel: