Donata Meirelles’ Biggest Fashion Items

Over the past few decades, Donata Meirelles has been steadily climbing the ladder in Brazil’s fashion industry. To date, she’s been successful and held a variety of notable positions with prominent fashion companies. Most recently, Ms. Meirelles held a somewhat prominent role with Vogue Brazil for several years. Throughout this time, she’s been able to develop a variety of different skills and a substantial amount of knowledge about fashion. Combined with her love for fashion and she’s been one of the most notable figures in the Brazilian fashion world over the last few years. Throughout this, she’s also been vocal about what trends she’s a fan of, as well as which kind of fashion products she can’t live without. Read more Donata Meirelles at

One of the most notable of these has been Ankle Boots. While this may be surprising, Ms. Meirelles does have a few different reasons as to why she has a few different pairs of Ankle Boots in her wardrobe. The first of these is just how much of a range that they have; for example, she’s noted that they can be perfect for the likes of a Spring dress. However, she also noted that they’d be perfect with jeans and other pants’ during Winter. Because of this, Ms. Meirelles has noted that they can be one of the more versatile types of shoe currently available. However, the standout features don’t end there. With the variety of textures and colors available for Ankle Boots, there can be quite a different amount of styles to choose from. Furthermore, Donata Meirelles has also noted that they can also be quite comfortable. Because of this, she’s noted that they can be one of the more practical of the footwear options available. This will make them perfect for anyone who’s on their feet for much of the day but who still want to look stylish.

Having said that, Ankle Boots aren’t the only things that Ms. Meirelles has fallen for in recent years. She’s also noted the comeback of Bucket Bags, which were first popular in the 1990s. As a bit of a nostalgia fan, Donata Meirelles was instantly a fan of the trend. However, she’s noted that there are a few different things that women could love, with the most significant being the style that Bucket Bags offer. Similar to Ankle Boots, Ms. Meirelles has also noted that they can be incredibly practical for day to day life.

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Internationally Recognized Interior Design Company, Richard Mishaan Design

Based in New York City, Richard Mishaan Design is a highly regarded interior design company. For more than 26 years now, the company has been providing clients with high-quality designs. The company’s founder is Richard Mishaan. He is a respected interior designer with broad experience in the industry. Richard is well-known for his lavish interior, and superior architectural work. Mishaan has been featured in many design publications, such as Interior Design Magazines and Architectural Digest.

More about Richard Mishaan

Some iconic interior works associated with Richard include the Trump World Towers as well as the Shelburne Hotel. Having been in the interior design sector many years, Richard has gained a lot of experience. He is arguably the most qualified interior designer in New York, and clients love having their commercial and residential houses designed by him.

Born in Columbia, the designer attributes his unique style from the colorful Colombian cities. While still a teenager, his family moved to Italy where he was partly raised. In 1978, Mishaan moved and settled in New York where he enrolled at the University of New York to study arts. Mishaan later studied architecture at the University of Columbia. After his studies, Mishaan worked at Philip Johnson’s Offices as an apprentice. It is at Philip Johnson’s Offices where he gained the experience in architecture, fashion, and interior design he has today.

It is not easy to come up with quality furnishings coupled with lively and functional designs, but Richard does this with much ease. He specializes in individualized styles something that helps him create beautiful rooms full of stunning colors and artwork. Moreover, his styles are always sophisticated and very classy. For his ability to comprehend and recognize quality and luxury, most clients have made him their apparent choice.