Multiply Your Profits with LocationSmart Through IP Geolocation

IP geolocation can help you in maximizing your business growth and achieving high targets. LocationSmart, provide the platform to their customers to improve their business in critical ways with the help of technology. The IP address is a unique combination of numbers which is assigned to every individual device.

From using IP address we can locate the geolocation of the customer. The IP address is connected with internets, extranets, and internet frameworks. Using IP geolocation, we can open new doors of success and target more specific market using their location.

LocationSmart Follows Legal Regulations:

IP geolocation helps you to determine the users’ accurate location without having individuals proof. We can locate the customer and provide the services by using the parameters of legal regulation.

For instance, a country doesn’t allow an online business of alcohols and if you are lack of knowledge and expertise in technology you might be ending up with doing something illegal without any intention. Now, we can able to identify the users’ location and provide the business or services under all the legal terms and regulation.

Prevention from Online Fraud:

Major and serious problem which business faces the most is online fraud and companies are using multiple techniques to counter the element.

IP geolocation is the major one, using this technology whenever the customer makes an online purchase using a smart device. Internet shows you their IP geolocation and the business can identify its customers by matching the information with their stored data and location.

Double Verification with Real-Time Communication:

Your business can obtain real-time data and information about the physical location of their customers when they use their smart device or connects to the internet. If business founds something suspicious they can contact with the customer by various means such as emails, push back notification or by calling them, etc. Read more: LocationSmart | Crunchbase  and LocationSmart | Wikipedia

This verification technique makes better bonding with the customers and becomes the reason for business growth. This type of personal communication helps the business to progress by targeting the customers with using geolocation, offers them special promotion and prices as all means of communication with the customers are customized yet more accurate.

Prevention of Network and Assists:

Through IP geolocation, effective utilization of technological advancement may lead you to identify which user is connected to your network and where. You can prevent hacking attempts and other malicious activates by using live stats. A company can track the devices given to their employees and this can decrease the risk of financial loss.

Copyrights of Digital Data:

Company’s major risk is to make sure that no other party uses their content because this leads to loss. IP geolocation can be used for prevention of your copyright digital data, a business can locate where the content is used and control the flow. No matter where in the world a person uses your digital data, you can always access it because everything is connected to the Internet.


LocationSmart offers an extensive range of geolocation in order to improve your internal operations as well as customer service. IP geolocation benefits you to increase your business in various critical ways.

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LocationSmart: A New Location Services Platform Expanding in Canada

LocationSmart is a company that provides location services to mobile phones, and they are currently recognized as the largest company in the industry. Last year, LocationSmart announced that they will be expanding their services to Canada, benefiting more than 30 million mobile subscribers.

The expansion of the platform was decided by the company’s executives who have seen a lot of potentials for the company to grow if they will be tapping into the Canadian market.

LocationSmart highlighted that the company will be providing services like SMS, secured network location, and consent management among others. Additionally, 90% of all mobile users in the country will be given access to various contents available on the platform that will give them a better mobile experience.

Network location services have been available to Canadians for so many years, and it can be achieved by working directly with the major wireless carriers, as well as their subsidiaries. After the subscriber has given the consent, businesses in Canada can locate a mobile device in real time, even without the help of software programs or mobile applications.

However, LocationSmart delivers the services better because they ensure the safety of those who are using the platform. Consent management, which is one of the major features of LocationSmart, allows the user to locate a device securely. In addition to the consent management feature, users of LocationSmart can locate different types of mobile devices. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

It is important to obtain real-time information for those who are using mobile devices, and locating them exactly would be helpful for many services such as roadside assistance, transaction verification, and toll-free call routing.

The chief executive officer of LocationSmart, Mario Proietti, stated that the expansion of the company to Canada opens up new opportunities for the locals. He added that they will also develop new apps that would be catered to the public, hoping that it will allow them to discover new opportunities for the people.

A beta version of the program was released in Canada last year, allowing the public to try out LocationSmart. The platform has shown a lot of potential after its implementation, and the company is having an optimistic view of how the app can be used by many people living in Canada.

LocationSmart has become one of the most trusted companies that provide location services. Their decision to expand will be helping the company in terms of becoming more popular, and when the Canadians discover how helpful their application is, the company would have the chance to introduce more software programs that have been developed by the company.

LocationSmart is looking forward to providing assistance to the 30 million mobile phone subscribers in Canada, and if they turned out to be successful they can start reaching to other countries to expand further.

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