The Tantalizing Tastes Of The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard started in 2001 as a subsidiary of Geerlings & Wade, which is a popular wine cataloger. It then went on to becoming an industry that handles direct sales of the highest quality wines and distributing everywhere within the United States.

The Traveling Vineyard’s concept is to bring wine tasting with a new refreshing twist such as the wine tasting parties. The wine consultants set up weekly wine tasting parties with some of the finest wines from all over the world. Some of the wines selected include Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Inzolia, Orvieto, as well as some other wines. These superb wines are imported from Italy, France, Spain, Australia, the United States, and from some other countries as well. The Traveling Vineyards’ wine cellar provides all of the wines, and they also offer various wine accessories and all the party trimmings the party requires.

The wine consultants are equipped with starter kits to begin their Traveling Vineyard wine business. The tools include the party invitations and wine tasting supplies such as wine bottle openers, wine tasting buckets, order forms, a consultant manual, and the wine catalogs. The wines offered are such a wide selection with affordable prices that the guests will surely find something they enjoy. The Traveling Vineyard consultants also get their own website so they can sell their products online and have a link to social media where they can display the wines and grow their number of customers. Social media offers a great way of showcasing the wines while promoting the name and gaining popularity.

The wine consultants receive sales commissions anywhere from 15% to 35% depending on their monthly sales. And of course the more effort they put into their work, the higher their commissions will be. Besides the commissions, wine consultants also receive host discounts and complimentary bottles of wine depending on the amount they sell.

Furthermore, guests can qualify to receive discounts based on how many wine bottles they purchase. And with most of the wines starting at $20 it’s affordable to purchase a selection of wines. For the top selling wine consultants, they get a chance to earn vacation trips as well.

A wine consultant for The Traveling Vineyard is a fun, stress-free way of earning a substantial income while meeting new people, by hosting wine tasting parties, selling online, distributing catalogs, or selling one on one. Anyone can participate to host a wine tasting party since it’s easy, enjoyable, no out of pocket money is spent, and they’re able to taste some of the most delectable wines of the world.