Milan Kordestani: Distributor of Organic Goods

The demand for organic goods is on the rise, and many Americans prefer organic foods versus commercial ones. Milan Kordestani, an American entrepreneur, has invested in producing organic products. Though he is still young, it did not stop him from thinking about ways on how he could become rich. He invested a lot in growing herbs and producing organic eggs. He used the hydroponics method to grow his saffron herbs, and the quality of the product is impressive. He is also encouraging his employees to raise chickens humanely and then selling its eggs for a low price. Milan Kordestani launched his organic farm in 2015 when he was still in high school, and he claimed that all of the procedures involved in his company was his ideas.

Milan Kordestani is also a writer and an equestrian, and when he is not busy at his farm, he will go out to practice his sport. He has been awarded several times because of his skills in horseback riding, and he has also joined competitions in the past to show his skills in riding a horse. Milan Kordestani has been winning competitions both locally and internationally, and he would be writing about the experience in his column at the Huffington Post. The media company gave him a chance to be a writer because they wanted young people to be more involved in writing. He is also influencing other people to try out his sport, and learn how to tame and ride a horse. He said that riding a horse made him more disciplined, and it helped him think faster and decide instantly.

Presently, Milan Kordestani keeps on managing the Milan Farms, and it continues to grow exponentially. More people are becoming aware of the farm, and they are buying its products because of how it was produced. Milan Kordestani is also active in researching for farming techniques that would help his farm become sustainable and far from being a pollutant. The products from Milan Farms are now being exported overseas, and it makes Milan Kordestani happy because his hard work is now being recognized.