BenefulIncredibles Are Simply Awesome

Your small dog needs special food for its tiny teeth to chew. One of the best kinds on the market is the Purina BenefulIncrediBites. They are specially made with small dog breeds and puppies in mind. Your pet will just love the taste of them too.

The IncrediBites are filled with all kinds of nutrients so your pet will be nourished. There are 23 kinds of vitamins and minerals and 27 grams of protein in each cup of the IncrediBites. You will want to get the best flavor in your IncrediBties so you want the beef flavored one. There is also real carrots and peas in it to give it more flavor that your small dog will love. All the ingredients in the IncrediBites are real.

The price is right for the IncrediBites coming in at $13.99 for a 15-pound bag. You will find that coupons are available online if you search for them. Make sure that you are also hitting the stores on sales, and look for other promotions that you can take advantage of to save even more money.

Honey The Bernese Mountain Dog Loves Honey As Much As Beneful

I have a Bernese Mountain Dog and her name is Honey. The reason Honey has the name she does is because she is always trying to get the jars of honey I have on the counter. One time when I wasn’t home Honey actually was able to reach one of the jars and chewed it open and licked it clean of all the honey in it. Honey is mischievous sometimes but other than that she is very loyal and is always there to cuddle with especially when you are upset about something. Honey eats Nestle PurinaStore‘s Beneful dog food because my sister recommended it to me and said she fed it to her Bernese Mountain Dogs. Honey is actually one of the dogs that came from my sister’s dog’s litter. Honey eats four different types of Beneful dog food and she picks which one she wants out of the four of them daily. I like that I can buy on Amazon multiple things of Beneful dog food due to the fact that it is priced reasonably. The four different types of Beneful dog food that Honey has to choose from are chopped blends in the turkey flavor, Mediterranean style medley, simmered chicken medley, and savory rice and lamb stew. Chopped blends in the turkey flavor has not only turkey in it but it also has sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach which gives it a home cooked flavor and provides a well rounded healthy meal for Honey. Mediterranean style medley has lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach in it. A lot of Beneful dog food’s have spinach in them which is a good heart healthy food for your dog. Simmered chicken medley is different from the Mediterranean style medley and chopped blends in the turkey flavor because it doesn’t have spinach in it. Instead of spinach, it has green beans, carrots, and wild rice which is also extremely nutritious and healthy for your dog. I love that Beneful keeps Honey healthy and that she has never had any problems on it like other dogs have on other dog food brands. It can be hard to find a good quality dog food nowadays but Beneful makes it easy.

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Dog Food Has Never Seemed so Appetizing

Dog food is usually looked at as something functional. Most people plan their own meals as a combination of entertainment and health. Some aspects of a meal will be planned to provide the proper amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional components on But when people plan a great meal they’re usually thinking about taste. However, when people plan a dog’s meals they usually only concentrate on the functional aspect of the meal. They simply never consider that taste might be as important to a dog a it is to a person.

But a recent article in the Daily Herald might change the way that most people look at dog food. The story begins with a reporter who’s taking a look at the products of a new dog food company. The company on in question is one of many new companies which seek to create a more gourmet experience for dogs. Their standards are so high, in fact, that the people giving the tour even did a quick taste test of the finished product. The article goes on to show that this is hardly unique to one company. More and more dog food brands are branching out to include higher quality options. This might come as a broader choice of flavor, ingredients or both. 

But while the public is only just now learning about gourmet dog food, it’s not quite as new as many might think. In fact, one of the prime innovators in the field has been doing it since 2001. This high quality dog food brand is known as Beneful. Their main mission statement can be easily gleaned from the name. Beneful was founded to create the most nutritionally beneficial dog foods in the world. But they factor in to the discussion of gourmet dog food because of the path they took to reach that point. 

Beneful wanted to ensure that their dog food was just as nutritionally packed as the meals canines would find in the wild. This prompted the company to create meals using only the freshest organic ingredients. In doing so they ended up creating dog food which wasn’t only healthy, but also quite tasty. The freshest ingredients will always lead to great natural flavor. And this became even more true when Beneful worked to create a whole line of different recipes. And while each has a unique taste, they all remain focused on high quality ingredients. 

Are “Humanized” Dog Foods Worth the Increased Price Tag?

With out a doubt the market for pet food is expanding. While there are still the basic, tried and proven, well known pet food brands, there are now more expensive and, what they would like you to believe, more delectable and healthy foods for you pet. These select luxury/premium pet food companies – such as Freshpet and Blue Buffalo Company – have been increasing our standard as well as our budget for pet food recently. Certain claims are they offer grain-free food for your furry friends, and blend more luxurious ingredients in to their kibble, such as lamb and salmon. According to George Puro, president of Puro Research Group, these luxury pet food companies are always on the prowl to try and come up with the latest innovation on Faceook that will drive pet owners to buy their products. This strategy is known as the “eat-like-your-owner” strategy. It basically boils down to if the owner can not eat the product, neither should the pup. This tactic has drastically increased sales, surging them 45 percent to $10.5 billion since 2009. Due to these new innovative brands, the traditional and well known brands on Twitter are faced with a major problem: step up their marketing game in the face of this competition or lose sales. Purina dog food, a well known dog food brand, recently bought Merrick Pet Care, and is now producing certified organic wet and dry dog food. Purina even has a market for senior dogs. Their senior dog foods come from a recipe made with medium-chain triglycerides, a type of fat that comes from coconut oil. This certain type of fat makes it easier for older dogs to digest and metabolize. Purina also has a line of dog food called Beneful. It was founded in 2001 and as of 2012 Beneful was named the fourth most popular dog food brand. Beneful is regarded as Purina’s most significant brand according to revenue, which annually totals approximately $1.5 billion. Beneful’s greatest strength is its nutritional content. Also, similar to the premium and luxury brands of dog food I have mentioned above, it resembles stew and contains beef pieces – unlike typical dog food. Beneful can certainly fit the strategy of “eat-like-your-owner” because of these certain characteristics. Purinastore, with its brand Beneful, has attempted to “humanize” dog food. Beneful is also much more cost efficient than typical humanized (e.g. Blue Buffalo Company and Freshpet) dog foods.