If you are seeking an attorney of excellence, you want Todd Levine. He is schooled not only in the spirit of the law, so to speak, but he makes research and the law come together! Now, Todd Levine brings much experience to the table as an attorney. He is a credit to the law community, and knows his stuff! He is a top commercial litigator, and works on finding creative solutions to business disputes. Todd Levine is a founding member of the law firm known as: Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and Levine, P.L. He is adept at working with commercial real estate litigation. He represents real estate brokers, buyers, sellers contractors, subcontractors, institutions, and property managers. That’s a lot of litigation!

It is interesting to share, that Todd Levine is more than an attorney. He is creative, and uses his analytical skills to solve cases. As an attorney, he will focus or hone in on a piece of evidence that has been thoroughly researched and overlooked by other lawyers. Also, his arguments in litigation show that he seeks to find clarity in disputes.

On a personal note, Todd Levine is a musician and skilled artist. Many feel that Todd Levine is such a successful litigator because he combines his musical skills and creativity with his knowledge of the law. He can think inside and outside the box. He is your go to lawyer for real estate disputes, that’s a certain! He was educated at the University of Florida, and earned a degree in finance in 1988. Moreover, he attended the University of Florida Levin Law College. It was at Levin Law College where he earned his law degree, and with high honors in 1991. He is listed in Best Lawyers of America, US News and World Report for Real Estate Litigation 2018-19. His civic and community involvement is noteworthy, as well. He is a supporter of the National Parkinson’s Foundation. Lastly, don’t think Todd Levine is only committed to real estate litigation; he has handled many cases in the entertainment and sports field as well. He is without a doubt a master litigator, musician, artist, clever thinker, and citizen- a man for all reasons.

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Betsy DeVos and a Pleasant Union

Betsy DeVos is just one woman. That may come as a bit of a surprise to many people, however. That’s because the things she gets done would say otherwise. She tackles all sorts of projects. She accomplishes so much each year. People find her efforts pretty mesmerizing. They find her results just as mesmerizing. President Donald J. Trump thinks that Betsy DeVos is an impressive woman. Dick DeVos thinks that, too. There are so many impactful people in the United States and around the planet who hold DeVos in seriously high esteem. No one can blame them.


Why does Betsy DeVos work for the United States? She does so because she genuinely has a penchant for the huge nation. It’s been her homeland for decades. It’s been a place that has done so much for her lifestyle. Her kids were brought up in the United States. She was brought up in the country, too. Working on President Trump’s massive administration isn’t something that she finds silly. It’s something that makes her feel all the promise in the world. She adores being at her desk on a daily basis. She adores knowing that she can make an impact on the nation and on the planet as a whole.


President Trump likes to confide in DeVos. He knows that he can trust her with every word that comes out of his mouth. He has an interaction with her that’s rare yet effective. People often find their rapport quite enviable. They know how to bounce ideas off each other. They know how to give each other constructive criticism as well. DeVos isn’t afraid of feedback. She actually embraces it. Feedback always seems like a totally new beginning to her. It makes her feel like the sky is the limit. She revels in being able to analyze her actions in an unbiased manner. There are many people who aren’t able to do this at all. DeVos, though, is nothing like most humans. Some people refer to her as being superhuman. She never thinks of herself in that way.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is a major presence in America. It’s a not-for-profit favorite, first of all. It’s a group that’s been doing things for people all around the country since the closing of the eighties. Although the organization is nowhere near brand new, it never feels stale to Dick or to Betsy. Their donations honestly do not stop rolling in. They like to make routine donations to the foundation. These donations push the foundation forward each day of the week. They make the foundation’s aims a lot more realistic.


Betsy DeVos wants to do great things daily. She wants other people to follow suit. She thinks that marriage with Dick is pleasant. She also thinks that it’s motivating. Dick and Betsy are two individuals who influence each other in incredible ways. Dick makes Betsy want to be a better person. It works the other way as well. They don’t like to be disappointments.


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Dick DeVos Wears Hats for Both Business and Philanthropy

Dick DeVos comes from a wealthy family, and has always used his wealth and influence in politics and philanthropy. Education has been one of his biggest initiatives. Dick DeVos can add to his credit an aviation high school at Grand Rapids International Airport. His wife, Betsy, is also on the same track. The family’s goals are to help children from poor families have access to the same opportunities the DeVos family children had.


While Dick DeVos and his wife make a powerful team, their efforts to shape public opinion have not always been successful. In 2000, voters rejected the DeVos plan to create vouchers funded by taxes. Students attending private schools would have benefited. Those opposing the amendment felt that tax dollars would divert from public schools. Dick DeVos also lost a bid to become governor in 2006.


The DeVos family is not one to give up easily once they have their mind set on something. They simply shifted their push for private school vouchers to specific areas of the country. As a result, there are 24 states, including the District of Columbia, that allow for some form of school vouchers for students to attend private schools.

The advocacy of Betsy DeVos is what attracted the attention of President Donald Trump. This is why he appointed her as U.S. Secretary of Education. She was narrowly confirmed through a heated debate over her qualifications.


Dick DeVos is also known for his leadership role in Amway where he held a number of high profile positions. His father started the company. His leadership allowed the company to open new markets in 18 countries besides North America. Dick DeVos brings a lot of business savvy to all of his business enterprises and philanthropic efforts.

Dick DeVos hopes that charter schools have had a positive impact in Michigan. He feels that traditional schools will have to take a closer look at their programs and begin to make improvements.


Much of the charitable giving offered by the DeVos family goes to education groups, think tanks that lean conservative, and business development initiatives in their home state of Michigan. The DeVos family is a dynamic force.


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Aaron Lupuloff Shows Dedication To the Mission Of The Gwinnett Public School Foundation

Businessman Aaron Lupuloff recently raised money for the Gwinnett Public School Foundation’s Hall of Fame Induction. There were six new inductees into this in 2019 crowd favorite David Saville. David has Down syndrome and recently graduated from Clemson University. During his speech, David said that a bad attitude is the only disability.

Down syndrome is a condition that leads to intellectual delays. David Saville was a student in the Gwinnett Public Schools system growing up. After graduating from high school, he became a student at Clemson and served as the football team’s equipment manager. Aaron Lupuloff said that he was inspired by the story of David and all that he has overcome.

Aaron Lupuloff is a graduate of the University of Alabama. He has a degree in business administration and been in management for more than 20 years. Among the financial companies he has worked for are Bear Stearns, Fifth Third Street Bank Securities, JP Morgan, and Raymond James. He started working in the financial services sector in 1982.

He joined the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation (GCPSF) several years ago and is now its senior executive director. Aaron Lupuloff said that he wanted to give back to the community and make the educational better. The GCPSF is dedicated to helping attain world-class standards in this school district. It has donated over $450,000 to this school district in just 2019 alone. They have also issued 139 scholarships.

GCPSF holds events and fundraisers throughout the course of the year. Aaron Lupuloff invites the public to get involved by attending these events. These events raise money for this nonprofit and make a big impact on both students and teachers. He has had children attend Norcross High School and personally knows the difference his nonprofit makes in helping students graduate from high school and move on to college. You can checkout for more information.




A Look at Betsy DeVos Charitable Giving

Consider yourself extremely lucky if Education Secretary Betsy DeVos cares about your cause.



As one of the most generous women in the United States, Betsy DeVos has long been appreciated for her contributions in the American education and in politics. Her family has donated millions of dollars towards the education sector and created policies aiming to take the standard up a notch.



Perhaps it’s the reason why President Trump gave her a slot in his cabinet as the Secretary of Education, which she has held since February 2017. Her commitment to improving the field of education has been definitely felt, and in fact, she was once appointed as one of the administrators for the American Federation for Children (AFC). AFC has been working hard to make sure all American students have an education of choice and with their curriculum, many students are given a chance to pursue their future careers.



As the Education Secretary, Mrs. DeVos has pushed for better policies that have enabled many children to attend a school of their choice. This freedom, she believes, will help students shape and achieve their careers. It’s the reason why she also backs Kids Hope USA, a non-profit organization which facilitates mentoring relationships with at-risk children through a church-school partnership.



The accomplishments of Betsy DeVos are a testament to her power and influence, and with the help of her husband, Amway heir Dick Devos, these accomplishments have doubled throughout the years. Together, the couple owns and manages the DeVos Family Foundation, an organization that funnels all their charity work. Mrs. DeVos, in particular, paid attention to the development of charter schools using vouchers, and provide students with public funding so they can afford private education.



In the year before Mrs. DeVos was appointed for her post, she and her husband donated money into over a hundred organizations across a wide spectrum of causes. The DeVos Family Foundation reportedly donated a total of $14.3 million to various charities, according to 2016 tax filings given by the foundation to The New York Times.



Not limiting herself in philanthropy alone, Mrs. DeVos is a former Republican Party chairwoman in Michigan. She was also one of the key people in President Gerald R. Ford’s campaign team in 1976. Holding different positions as a Republican has enabled Betsy DeVos to acquire experience and make a name for herself in the world of politics.



The DeVos Family Foundation continues to support causes in many fields including politics, education, art, and medical research. The couple also founded Windquest Group, which invests in manufacturing and technology. In 2010, they gave $22.5 million to the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, which at that time was the biggest private donation in the complex’s history.


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