Every Time is Giving Time at Stream Energy

Corporate America gives. Companies give to those in need, especially when things are looking up, and the profits are huge. It is not something that just happens. A lot of planning goes into it, and there is always the usual hype about the particular company’s philanthropic efforts.

Interestingly, a lot of companies that give during good times do nothing when their benevolence would make the most impact.

One company, though, differentiated itself from the rest by moving fast and helping those in distress after Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston. Their giving was purely altruistic and unplanned — they helped because they cared.

When Hurricane Harvey Hit Hard

The disaster happened fast, leaving in its wake death, suffering, and destruction of property. Most companies in the affected area and across the United States just watched and sympathized, but not Stream Energy.

Patch featured the Stream Energy for having moved fast to give a helping hand to those the catastrophe had left homeless and devastated. It is clear the hugely successful energy selling business gave to alleviate suffering and not merely to gain recognition.

Stream Helped Texas Tornado Victims

Thousands of people in North Texas lost their homes and businesses the day after Christmas in 2016. Working alongside the Salvation Army, Stream Energy associates raised a lot of money to support the affected business people and homeowners. The company matched the donation, doubling the funds.

Stream Energy Cares Deeply

The Dallas-based company has always extended a helping hand, earning deep respect from the beneficiaries and others in Texas and beyond. The company has always supported those in need; their philanthropic efforts go back more than a decade.

Recently, the direct selling company launched a foundation, Stream Cares, whose sole mandate is to carry out charitable work in Texas and the rest of the country.


Executive Appointments by Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a direct selling firm and a provider of services connected to life. The company was founded in 2005 and is located in Dallas. Through the use of direct selling, the company innovatively revolutionized the energy industry. For twelve years, the company generated over $8 billion. This led it to become one of the largest players in the worldwide energy market in terms of direct selling. Energy, wireless, protective and home services offered by Stream Energy work together to suit the consumers on-the-go lifestyles. The customers stay connected full time wherever they are. Apart from energy services, all other services offered by Stream are available nationwide. Currently, energy services are available in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington D.C, New York, Texas, Georgia Maryland, and Illinois.

Recently, Stream Energy celebrated the unveiling of Illinois, one of its most recent energy markets at Navy Pier, Chicago. Its independent associates, who are also its salesforce, enjoyed a fun-filled day that came with business training as well as company updates. One of the biggest updates was the addition to the sales team, Steve Fisher, the chief sales officer.

Other than being the most successful independent Associates, Fisher is also the founding leader of Stream Energy’s direct selling. He became one of the top earners of the company by achieving the topmost position in leadership of the company. Fisher has been Stream Energy executive team’s trusted advisor. Since then, many other successful independent associates have been mentored and developed by him. Fisher was an analyst of airport operations at American airlines before starting his Stream Energy business.

Joined by Ryan Morris, the vice president of sales whose appointment was also announced during the launch, Fisher will oversee field activities and operations of Stream Energy. This includes training compensation. Known for reaching the highest position within a record time, Morris is a top leader within the associate organization of Stream.

Larry Mondry, the CEO, and president of Stream Energy expressed his pleasure in welcoming Fisher and Morris to the corporate team. According to Larry, field representation and leadership are very vital for the success of Stream Energy and its associates.

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