Hurricane Harvey Victims Receive Stream Energy Aide

It is devastating to even think that one day you may have a life and the next a natural element leaves you at the mercy of others. This is the exact scenario that happens in Houston a while ago. A town that had been an envy was reduced into ruins by the Hurricane Harvey and nothing much was salvaged. The neighborhood was utterly destroyed, houses and other properties were brought down, the farms flooded, animals and human beings sadly lost their lives, financial loss and the trauma to say the least. There was nothing really to do, as the 56 inches’ downpour was much to risk your life for.

However, after everything settled and the rains and storm were no more, this marked a time to rebuild Houston all over again. The Stream Energy alongside other companies such as Hope Supply Co. went down to help the victims who were already homeless and could not even afford food raise up to their feet. Stream energy through their Stream Cares Foundation that is this philanthropic vehicle helped build houses to the victims. It also came on board in the provision of basic needs and offer emotional and psychological support altogether.

This Dallas based oil and gas company, Stream Energy have been offering more than just its line products. It has proved to be humanly sensitive and cares for the well-being of others. It is believed the company channels a big portion of its profits into the corporate philanthropy to which it is committed and has over a decade offering care, charity and support to victims of hazardous events through the foundation.

About Stream Energy

Stream Energy is an oil and gas exploring, producing, marketing and selling company based in Dallas, Texas. It was launched in 2005 by Pierre Koshajki and Rob Snyder by is currently headed by Larry Mondry. In the course of time, it has added other services such as wireless and home energy services and electricity provision which has made it expand and also increase its market base. It uses a multi-level marketing model and is one of the largest energy providers in the United States of America.

Every Time is Giving Time at Stream Energy

Corporate America gives. Companies give to those in need, especially when things are looking up, and the profits are huge. It is not something that just happens. A lot of planning goes into it, and there is always the usual hype about the particular company’s philanthropic efforts.

Interestingly, a lot of companies that give during good times do nothing when their benevolence would make the most impact.

One company, though, differentiated itself from the rest by moving fast and helping those in distress after Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston. Their giving was purely altruistic and unplanned — they helped because they cared.

When Hurricane Harvey Hit Hard

The disaster happened fast, leaving in its wake death, suffering, and destruction of property. Most companies in the affected area and across the United States just watched and sympathized, but not Stream Energy.

Patch featured the Stream Energy for having moved fast to give a helping hand to those the catastrophe had left homeless and devastated. It is clear the hugely successful energy selling business gave to alleviate suffering and not merely to gain recognition.

Stream Helped Texas Tornado Victims

Thousands of people in North Texas lost their homes and businesses the day after Christmas in 2016. Working alongside the Salvation Army, Stream Energy associates raised a lot of money to support the affected business people and homeowners. The company matched the donation, doubling the funds.

Stream Energy Cares Deeply

The Dallas-based company has always extended a helping hand, earning deep respect from the beneficiaries and others in Texas and beyond. The company has always supported those in need; their philanthropic efforts go back more than a decade.

Recently, the direct selling company launched a foundation, Stream Cares, whose sole mandate is to carry out charitable work in Texas and the rest of the country.

Stream Energy – An Ever Expanding Company

Stream energy is a rapidly growing energy provider based in the United States. The company currently services Texas, Georgia, and states along the east coast. Through the use of directing selling methods through a multi-level marketing program, they have generated billions of dollars in revenue since the company was founded in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji. As the years have gone on, Stream Energy has continued to expand at a steady pace and shows no signs of slowing their expansion efforts any time soon.

What really sets Stream Energy apart from its competitors in the energy services market is their direct sales methods and hard working sales associates that bring the benefits of the product right to your front door. In an era where most business is now conducted through the internet in an impersonal fashion, having an actual person guide you through all the steps of purchasing a product and making informed decisions can be a huge and now uncommon benefit. Stream Energy and its associates do the best they can in order to make their customers satisfied, which is why they have recently been able to further expand their operations to Delaware.

As of Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 Stream Energy began offering all of its energy services to customers in the Delaware area. Customers are able to choose from either a 6 month fixed rate payment plan that is cheaper than any other competitors in the market, or a 12 month fixed rate plan that is also very competitive.

The expansion in Delaware marked the second state Stream Energy has expanded to in the year 2017. While the company currently offers its wireless and home protection services nationwide, they are still aiming to offer their complete package of energy services by expanding to one state at a time.

Recent upward trends in the company make 2018 an exciting prospect for Stream Energy, and they will no doubt look to make their energy producing operation even larger as time goes on.

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