Your Icon’s Engineer: Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson has worked with some of the premier artists in the music business. From New Kids On The Block to Kid Rock and many more. He has an impressive resume of multi-platinum recording giants. This hard willed entrepreneur is known for his work ethic in every task and position he undertakes.

Who Is Clayton Hutson?

He’s a multi-talented and is capable of music engineering, rigging, project managing and has even utilized his knowledge in the corporate entertainment field. He has successfully overseen operations for Billy Graham. He’s been at the helm of some of the most unforgettable tours for the likes of Pink, Guns’ n’ Roses and more.

Creating His Own Company

After absorbing the inner working of the entertainment field Clayton Hutson decided to create his own company. He currently offers services ranging from:

Production Designer

Production Management

Event Producer

Monitor Engineer

Logistics Management

Stage Manager


He has acquired the experience and wisdom of creating and running successful events. From show productions to live tours, he understands every aspect of creating something special for those in attendance. He wakes up early and is constantly striving for perfection until his job is done. He has a team of highly qualified professionals on his team who ensure he gets all the support he needs from the opening to the close of the event.

A Visionary

Clayton Hutson sees his goal and theme in his mind and then manifests it into reality. With several years of success under his belt, he has the ability to streamline concepts and ideas and bring a great time into fruition. He constantly tweaks and re-checks and calibrates equipment before the first fan comes through the door. He understands how the sound will vary from place to place and understands what works for arenas as well as smaller venues.

He loves his job and gets pleasure from impressing his clients. When you love what you do it shows. His attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond is what makes the best of the best keep hiring him. He only works with the best technology and utilizes his own proven methods for attaining success in the entertainment industry.

Beyond The Job

Clayton is a man of morals and beliefs. He loves his family and believes it should be family over everything. He also strongly believes in politics and manners. With more than two decades in the music industry, it seems like Clayton Hutson is only getting started.

How Ryan Seacrest Manages his Busy Life

Ryan Seacrest is a professional who has been so fortunate in his career life. At only forty-three years old, the American based serial entrepreneur is very successful, and he is envied by both the young and old. The businessman recently changed his residence, moving from Los Angeles to New York City where he is currently doing so well. The primary reason for his relocation was a TV show that he is currently hosting. The show, known as Live with Kelly Ripa comes to the televisions in the morning, and it has attracted the attention of so many views in the United States. The businessman has also been a vital figure in the radio industry. For a long time, the producer has been hosting one of the most prestigious nationally recognized radio shows. His audience loves the performance he has been giving since he joined the station several months ago.

There are many television shows and series that have been showing for the audience in the international community. Many people, however, do not know that Ryan Seacrest is behind some of these shows. The American Idol and Keeping Up with the Kardashians have been doing so well because they are produced by the businessman. Although he has so much in the communication industry to accomplish, the businessman still runs one of the most successful skincare and clothing stores in the country. These responsibilities can be overwhelming when they are given to one person. However, Ryan Seacrest accomplishes them so well by planning his activities well.

Ryan Seacrest starts his day early. In a recent publication, the businessman says that he has to be up by six o’clock so that he can get prepared for work. Before leaving for the office, the producer has to shave and shower. He has also invested in a personal trainer who ensures that he is fit. There are challenges that come with aging, and the producer has done his best to ensure that his body remains healthy by working out. In the past, this was not the case. Ryan Seacrest chose the personal trainer so that he could be able to work according to his schedule. Ryan is also busy with his charity called The Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Get in touch with Ryan today:

Alex Pall Loves Being Able To Connect With Fans Of All Ages

Musical artists find a great deal of personal satisfaction in what they do. Creating songs that fans really love is something that is truly rewarding. One person who has discovered just how much he can connect with authors is singer and songwriter Alex Pall. Pall is one half of the highly successful duo The Chainsmokers. In this role, he’s been half of an impressive duo that has continued to take the world by storm in the past few years. During this time in his life, he’s been a source of musical inspiration for many other singers and songwriters. He’s also come to the marvelous realization that people of all ages enjoy his music. He’s learned that it is possible to create songs that small children love to sing but also those much older also love. Many fans have let him know that they have children who love the songs he writes. He’s also seen this happen with his own mom. One of his great moments as a singer and songwriter is when his mom walked into a room with him and started to hum one of his songs.

Somebody with @trapbobbybrown is out! It’s #12 on iTunes lets get it top 10!

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Feeling an Emotional Connection

As a very creative person, part of his life’s greatest satisfaction has been able to make connections with others. Being able to make connections emotionally through his music is something that motives him to do what he does each day. It also pushes him t think about the world through the eyes of his fans. While Alex Pall and his partner make music for themselves, they also make music for others. Being able to form this kind of emotional connection with others has been something he and his partner have found incredibly satisfying. Knowing that others love his work and appreciate his ability to make music that others love so much has been an amazing experience. It is this sense that he can connect with others of just about any age that continues to motivate him in his work. He and his partner look forward to many years of satisfying musical collaboration on the world stage.