Jeunesse Global: Wellness Products Receive Honors

Jeunesse Global is breaking new ground in its packaging and marketing department. Recently, the Communicator honored the company for the Reserve and RVL packaging. The Communicator is a business that studies packaging and grants awards each year. Their award system is divided into two parts. The highest prize is the Excellence trophy. The other level is called Distinction, which Jeunesse Global won 13 of, and they won 11 Excellence trophies. 

It is not often that you get to hear about packaging being honored, but it is something that is very important to consumers. Because of this, Jeunesse Global spends time and energy perfecting their dispensers, exterior designs, and boxes. Jeunesse Global believes that the outside of their products should be the same quality as the materials that go in their items.

Jeunesse Global is a direct selling company. This means they work with entrepreneurs who work from their home. The home-based workers sell the companies items instead of having to create their own. In turn, the company provides training, support, and technology.

Some of the products the entrepreneurs can focus on are beauty, nutritional supplements, or weight control. One of the most popular systems the sellers have access to is YES, which stands for the youth enhancement system. This program combines many products to make a complete package. There are nine items total, and each one focuses on an individual’s wellbeing both inside and out.

Reserve, one of the winners in packaging, is in the YES program. It is a gel-like liquid based on real fruits and plants. The solution is an antioxidant powerhouse. The packaging is unique because it is in a single-dose pack, and to take the product, you simply tear off the tab across the top and squeeze the solution into your mouth. Because of its size, it is easy to keep a few in your desk at the office or in your handbag. Store some packets in your glove box if you are on the go a lot. The size, shape, and dispensing tab are so convenient. It makes the product easy to have around so that you can be sure you are getting plenty of vitamins.

Ashley Brasier Takes Pride in Connecting with her Entrepreneurs

Ashley Brasier is, by most business people’s standards, still very young. Yet she has a long list of accomplishments under her belt. For one, she graduated from the prestigious Duke University. Upon graduation, she worked different jobs including Bain and Company, and the tech startup Thumbtack. She kept herself very busy at Thumbtack, jump-starting their Events and Wedding Platform and going to graduate school at Standford. Naturally, with all these accomplishments she was yearning for more and Brasier landed the perfect job at Lightspeed Venture Capital.

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Ashley Lightspeed experience is giving her the opportunity to help budding new businesses get their feet wet and get long-term, sustainable growth. How does someone this successful manage their time and energy though? To begin with, Mondays are a little different as she drives down from San Francisco to the office in order to meet with her colleagues and even her business school friends. This gives her excitement and motivation to keep going throughout the week. No matter what, she has meetings throughout the day and ends the day with self-reflection.

It amazes Brasier to think that within the next thirteen years, America’s demographics will change. We will have more people that are older than we will children. Through Ashley Lightspeed experience, she believes that the Boomer generation will be able to stay home instead of in nursing homes because of financial services, our ability to be connected through technology, and care services that are provided.

One of the best things learned through her experience is to befriend her customers. She prides herself on this, making sure that her calendar is set with important dates that are happening for each of her clients. This allows Ashley Lightspeed advice to happen when it is needed the most.

While young, Ashley Brasier is onto something and we can all take note and help each other out.

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If you are seeking an attorney of excellence, you want Todd Levine. He is schooled not only in the spirit of the law, so to speak, but he makes research and the law come together! Now, Todd Levine brings much experience to the table as an attorney. He is a credit to the law community, and knows his stuff! He is a top commercial litigator, and works on finding creative solutions to business disputes. Todd Levine is a founding member of the law firm known as: Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and Levine, P.L. He is adept at working with commercial real estate litigation. He represents real estate brokers, buyers, sellers contractors, subcontractors, institutions, and property managers. That’s a lot of litigation!

It is interesting to share, that Todd Levine is more than an attorney. He is creative, and uses his analytical skills to solve cases. As an attorney, he will focus or hone in on a piece of evidence that has been thoroughly researched and overlooked by other lawyers. Also, his arguments in litigation show that he seeks to find clarity in disputes.

On a personal note, Todd Levine is a musician and skilled artist. Many feel that Todd Levine is such a successful litigator because he combines his musical skills and creativity with his knowledge of the law. He can think inside and outside the box. He is your go to lawyer for real estate disputes, that’s a certain! He was educated at the University of Florida, and earned a degree in finance in 1988. Moreover, he attended the University of Florida Levin Law College. It was at Levin Law College where he earned his law degree, and with high honors in 1991. He is listed in Best Lawyers of America, US News and World Report for Real Estate Litigation 2018-19. His civic and community involvement is noteworthy, as well. He is a supporter of the National Parkinson’s Foundation. Lastly, don’t think Todd Levine is only committed to real estate litigation; he has handled many cases in the entertainment and sports field as well. He is without a doubt a master litigator, musician, artist, clever thinker, and citizen- a man for all reasons.

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Bernardo Chua Is a Multilevel Marketing Master

Philippines native Bernardo Chua has worked for years in multilevel marketing, or network marketing and has headed and founded a few successful companies over his career. A few years after beginning his career with Gano Excel, Bernardo “Bernie” Chua expanded his network and the company itself to Hong Kong, Canada and eventually to the United States. Shortly after the company expanded to the US, Chua moved to California and became president of Gano Excel U.S.A. The company specialized in food products such as instant coffee; something that would occur again in Chua’s career. See more on twitter for more information.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold with the vision of selling an array of healthy, bioactive coffee products worldwide. Part of the health factor of Chua’s Organo line of products is in selling coffee products containing Ganoderma lucidum, a derivative from the lingzhi mushroom. Chua had previous knowledge of this mushroom and it’s health benefits from his childhood as he has Chinese heritage. Chua has since become a household name in the world of direct sales and marketing as Organo has grown in scale and size throughout the world. The company has also partnered with a few local coffee chains in the Pacific Northwest where the coffee is sold in retail stores and cafe’s. In 2015, Organo Gold rebranded as simply “Organo” and expanded it’s consumables from not just coffee but dietary supplements as well. Many of which containing the powerful herbal benefits from the Ganoderma lucidum. Bernardo Chua is can be found on social media with a Facebook and Twitter; though his posts are not frequent. Bernie tends to stay busy behind the scenes, innovating in the world of direct selling and multilevel marketing. Organo will probably expand even further as they move to worldwide distribution and marketing of their coffee products and lingzhi derived products.

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Steve Ritchie Is Bringing Big Changes At Papa John’s

Pizza is one of the biggest passions of Steve Ritchie and he is now leading the efforts at Papa John’s to change the culture and the brand in general for the better. Recently, the businessman took over the position of Chief Executive Officer for the company after working for the brand for several years in different positions. As of January 1, 2018, Steve Ritchie became the Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s after formerly starting out at the company as an hourly team member working in their call centers. Over the years, his dedication and love for the company have led to him being promoted several times.

When Steve Ritchie began his career with Papa John’s, he was only being paid an hourly rate of $6 an hour as a customer service representative. It was 1996 when he began with the company and in 2006, he became the operator and franchise owner of his own store within the company. Steve Ritchie moved up again in 2010 after being given more responsibilities before eventually becoming the Chief Operating Officer of Papa John’s in 2014. The title of President was later given to him a year later in 2015.

Papa John’s isn’t just a job for Steve Ritchie. He has stated that he truly has a love for the company and enjoys his career with them. He was humbled when asked to take on the position and he will be helping to develop the company globally through their customer experience online and in-store as well as their marketing. Most of the managers of Papa John’s began their careers as hourly employees and Steve Ritchie is proof that at Papa John’s, hard work can be recognized and lead to great career opportunities. He believes that any opportunity is achievable at Papa John’s and he will be focusing on the members of his team.

Marc Beer, a true leader in the Biotech World

Marc Beer is called upon and delivers when it comes to finding business solutions and developing strategies to not only improve but boost companies into success. 

With a vast background in leadership and a superior education from the University of Miami, his career path led him into pharmaceutical sales and marketing. He is driven by his devotion to the field, natural business talent, as well as his desire to support the inadequately served population with rare medical diseases.

It was his role as Vice President of Global Marketing at Genzyme that propelled his career and led him to become an entrepreneur. Viacell, a biotechnology company, was his first company that launched in 2000. It was his drive and motivation and helped this company find success in cutting edge technology and medical advances with the preservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells for development and use to treat a variety of conditions in the human body including Parkinson’s Disease. Beer sold this company seven years later to PerkinElmer for $300 million. PerkinElmer continues to explore Beer’s concepts and made medical advances through stem cell research and regenerative medicine. 

Through triumph and turbulence including the untimely death of his wife, Beer continued to balance family life with his career. After a couple of years of focusing on his children after his wife’s passing, was when his 14-year-old daughter encouraged him to put more time and effort into his second passion, business, and medical advances. 

It was at this time, he found himself partnered with Dr. Iglesias and Yolanda Lorié to found Renovia. Once again, Beer took his passion for helping others, researching innovative ways to medically support disorders and diseases that impact the lives of others and co-founded Renovia. Renovia focuses on pelvic floor disorders that impact 25% of women. It was the leadership in Beer and the motivation Dr. Iglesias in finding an alternative treatment to surgical interventions that birthed this company. Millions of women have been helped by Renovia’s breakthrough preventative and therapeutic interventions. 

Seven years later, Beer as the co-founder and CEO finds himself and his team of experts Nominated for MedTech Company of the Year at the New England Venture Capital Association’s 2019 NEVYs Awards.

Through triumph and turmoil, failures and successes, Marc Beer’s humble approach to his life and his accomplishments pharmaceuticals and medical advances makes a likable person but is a depiction of what true leadership is. Learn more:

Bernardo Chua Establishes Highly Successful Supplements Company In Canada

Bernardo Chua is an entrepreneur who lives in Vancouver, BC. He first arrived in Canada from the Philippines in 2003. While in the Philippines, he had been an executive at Gano Excel, a firm that sold supplements. He arrived at this company after having been very successful managing a travel agency.

He joined the supplements industry after having been recruited due to his extensive knowledge about traditional Asian medicines. Growing up in a family that was from China, Bernardo Chua learned all about the herbs, mushrooms, and other consumables that help people be healthy.

He founded Organo Gold in 2008 and is the chief executive officer. His company sells healthy beverages including coffee, tea, and shakes. Each of these products has been infused with Ganoderma Lucidum. This is a substance that is derived from the lingzhi mushroom. It is believed to have several health benefits as it boosts the immune system and is a good source of antioxidants. More information about Chua and his company can be found on Linkedin

Bernardo Chua is an expert when it comes to selling products through a direct sales system. Rather than selling his products in stores, they are only sold through independent contractors. His company now has a million independent contractors that work in Canada, the United States, Asia, and Europe.

He makes sure that Organo Gold remains at the forefront of health trends. His latest supplement is one that contains grapeseed oil extract. Grapes are very healthy as are its seeds. This extract contains Procyanidolic Oligomer which is a powerful antioxidant. This compound removes free radicals from the body. Other healthy things in grapeseed oil extract are flavonoids, Linoleic Acid, vitamin E, and resveratrol.

As a philanthropist, he also established the OG Cares Foundation. This charitable arm of Organo Gold teaches leadership skills to teens and young adults. These skills are taught to be around the world. To learn more, visit at

From Rags To Riches

In 1998 Asia was going through an economic crisis. Vijay Eswaran and his partners decided to take advantage of the situation. They purchased office space and hired high skilled tech workers and Vijay became founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. Today these companies are a multinational conglomerate with interests in direct selling, real estate, education, technology, and hospitality.

In the last 20 years, his network of skilled workers trained and empowered over one million entrepreneurs across the world’s most emerging industries. He created a system reducing the time and cost of starting a business. Asian hospitality brands are reshaping the global travel industry. Malaysian entrepreneurs are changing traveling within the region with the ride and share concept created by Grab. China’s company, SenseTime is the world’s largest AI start-up in facial recognition technology. Singapore’s company, Visenze is revolutionizing e-commerce businesses through an image recognition tool. India is in a great position for startups to create business solutions affecting their daily basic needs.

The accomplished entrepreneur, economist, motivational speaker, and philanthropist Vijay Eswaran is also an author. “Two Minutes From The Abyss, 11 Pillars of Life Management” is a book that master the elements in life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This book motivates you to do better, inspire you to reach your goals in life and enlighten you spiritually. In another one of his books “In The Sphere Of Silence” he shares his life’s secrets to success and how to be still and listen from within to accomplish life goals.

From rags to riches Vijay Eswaran and the QI Group has changed the landscape of Asia, Malaysia, China, India, Singapore and many more. They have increased government investment, improved educational facilities, and led the way for advancement of technology that will dominate industries of all kind around the world.

Jeunesse Global Is A Highly Reputable Network Marketing Company

Jeunesse Global is one of the most reputable network marketing companies out there. The company has highly knowledgeable professionals on its advisory team and is fully committed to ensuring the highest quality products and service. 

Jeunesse Global often has events where the company presents valuable information about the industry and what works. These events can help you establish business relationships with others in the industry.

When you see the team behind the organization and when you meet like-minded people at the event who are doing very well, you will develop a strong belief that you can achieve success in the industry. You will no longer have doubts about your ability to join the ranks of successful network marketers. You will discover that the leaders and top income earners in the company are just ordinary people like you. 

It is highly recommended that you find out when the events take place and sign up. Attending these events is critical for business growth and personal development.

When it comes to choosing a network marketing opportunity, you need to consider the quality of the product line, compensation plan, and reputation of the company. Although there are many companies in the network marketing industry, not all of them are created equal. Although there are many companies out there, it’s imperative to choose carefully. You’ll want to go with a company that is well established in the business world.

Jeunesse Global is a top-rated company and has built a strong network of sales representatives. Its representatives are well trained and are highly knowledgeable about the industry. 

Jeunesse Global has a track record of developing and marketing top-notch products, and customers rave about the outstanding service and excellent products they have received. The company has been in business for years and has a great reputation.

Jeunesse Global encourages its members to serve others with humility. Jeunesse Global recognizes that customers are their greatest assets, and the company is dedicated to providing its sales representatives with the training and tools they need to promote and market its line of products successfully. Jeunesse takes appropriate steps to ensure that its representatives reach their financial goal.

Smita Shah Overcomes Challenges In The STEM Fields & Recommends Other Women Do The Same

The science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields have been filled with riddles since they first became industries, which is something that Smita Shah has always had a passion for. Shah has worked in the engineering field for her entire career, something which stems from the fact that she excelled in math and its related areas while at school. Because the field is typically male-dominated, she notes that it has often been difficult for women, among some minority groups, to excel in.


However, Smita Shah has been able to overcome many of the challenges that this has placed in her path; she currently serves as the CEO of Spaan Tech, a company she founded in 1998 and grown extensively in the two decades since then. Despite the barriers that many women may face in the engineering field, Shah encourages them to pursue the career, as she highlights the fact that women can often become much more successful in the area than they might believe.


Smita Shah has noted that engineering, as well as each of the other STEM fields, is an important and noble profession which can be incredibly rewarding for those that enter it, which is one of the primary reasons why she recommends women work the niche. However, she’s also noted that women should support and help each other throughout their journey in the field, which is something that she has extensive experience as a keynote speaker and influential business leader within the industry.


Since launching Spaan Tech, Smita Shah has led it to become an award-winning company, receiving accolades from Inc Magazine and much more. Much of this has been driven by her passion for solving riddles, which has allowed her and the rest of the Spaan Tech field to tackling complicated projects with relative ease. When challenges have presented themselves, Shah has been known to embrace them with a calm mind so that she can more easily overcome them, which has played a significant factor in both her and Spaan Tech’s growth and experience in the past two decades.


In the over 20 years since it was started, the business has handled various bridge and road construction projects, as well as public system integration and much more. Spaan Tech has also been involved in a variety of tech-related engineering projects, ranging from roofing to solar panel installations and grid integration, among many others. Learn more:


In the years since she began her career in the field, Smita Shah has been involved with a variety of companies and organizations, often serving on their board of directors, where she has received various accolades. She also holds experience working in a White House administration and has received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor for her work.  Connect with Smita on LinkedIn