The background of Shaygan Kheradpir

Most of you may not have heard of Shaygan Kheradpir. He is a business and technology executive which is currently employed at Verizon. However, there is some history behind his steps to becoming an executive at Verizon. His education begins at Cornell University where he received a bachelors, masters and doctorate degree in electrical engineering. This is the stepping stone to his career, which he started at the GTE Corporation. The GTE Corporation eventually merged with Bell Atlantic and in the year 2000 Verizon was formed. While at Verizon, Shaygan Kheradpir contributed to the deployment of FIOS. He also developed Pingit mobile money systems. While at Verizon, Shaygan Kheradpir was responsible on for creating new ideas for products. While creating products for Verizon, Kheradpir also was doing what he could to keep the technology budget under control. He reduced their operating budget from 6 percent to 4percent. Additionally he reduces the IT staff by 20 percent and technology vendors by 30 percent. Kheradpir out-sourced some of the labor to India, specifically programming positions. He aggressively negotiated to eliminate a policy against purchasing IT equipment from failed dot-com business off of EBay. Kheradpir’s team of 7000 would often work hours late into the evening developing new products such as Verizon Fios. They also took Verizon’s core systems, such as automated customer service systems, website, and call center. Additionally, he and his team integrated separate systems from his predecessors NYNEX, GTE, and Bell Atlantic. In his tenure at Verizon, Kheradpir aided in the company’s contribution for the diversity of a broader range of telecommunications products and services, including the automation of operations. Kheradpir have earned respect for his abilities to deliver new products on schedule.After leaving Verizon, Kheradpir went to Barclays in 2011 as the Chief Operating Officer of the Global Retail and Business Bank. For the first time in Barclay history, they have a technological executive on their team. Kheradpir was with Barclay for three years before moving to Jupiter Networks in January of 2014. While he was at Jupiter Networks, Shaygan Kheradpir launched an Integrated Operating Plan which aligned with the activist investors recommendations. The objective was to increase dividends, reduce spending, and buy back stock. In November 2014, Shaygan Kheradpir resigned from Jupiter as the result of his leadership and with respect to customer negotiation. It was apparent that Kheradpir and Jupiter had difference of opinion on this matter. Approximately 4 months later, Kheradpir retired at the age of 55.

Joseph Bismark Accepts UNGC’s Certificate of Membership on behalf of the Q1 Group of Company

The Q1 group of companies was given a certificate of membership after joining the United Nations Global Compact Network. This is according to an article that featured on Yahoo Finance. The UNGC network is one of the biggest corporate sustainability initiatives. At the International CSR Summit held in 2015 in Singapore, the company pledged to embrace sustainable and responsible business practices.

The UNGC Network was set up for businesses that are ready to adopt the ten universally accepted principals in human rights, environment, labor and anti-corruption sectors. Joining the initiative was a way of the company to show its commitment in adopting good business practices for business sustainability and social development.

The certificate was awarded by Ms. Ursula Wynhoven, General Counsel, Chief, Governance and Social Sustainability. Accepting the certificate on behalf of the company, Joseph Bismark, Group Managing Director, said that it was an honor and privilege to be a part of the UNGC. According to him, this association is in line with the company’s plan of improving in areas such as human rights, environment, labor rights and anti-corruption.

One of the many benefits that will arise from joining UNGC is the adoption of a policy framework that is globally recognized. The policy framework will assist with the development and implementation of social, environmental and governance policies.

Another benefit is the opportunity to partner with a number of stakeholders such as civil society, governments and UN agencies. The partnerships will provide a platform through which the best and emerging practices can be shared. Bismark reiterated that the company will take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the United Nations in issues of sustainability and development.

Bismark became the company’s Managing Director after a corporate restructuring in 2008. Being among the company’s founding directors, he has played a big part in building a foundation upon which the business has grown. His leadership style can be described as open and consultative. Being a firm believer in spiritual growth through service to mankind, Bismark is involved in philanthropic activities including the RHYTHM foundation.

Bismark has excelled in various fields that he has involved himself in including Yoga instructor, philosophy and martial arts. His interest in healthy living is what has influenced the company to venture into wellness and healthy foods. The Q1 group of companies has regional offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Malaysia. It also has presence in around 30 other countries.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Dressed For Success Jared Haftel weather it be an office or a classroom I am dressed for success. Once we all hit college that is our first step in deciding where we want to take our life. After starting with Duke University in 2009 I found that investment banking was my calling. Five years later I graduated with an BA in Science, Mathematics, and Economics. Including an internship at Credit Suisse. Those degrees along with my internship opened the floodgates for me into the world.

The next step life brought me to was the corporate world. With my ambition I secured an array of high profile jobs such as, an analyst with Merrill Lynch. Soon thereafter I had began to work with Bank of America as an analyst as well providing my knowledge for companies such as GeoEye. As my vast knowledge and experience continued to grow more doors opened for me. The next door that opened was an associate position with Vector Capital.

The biggest thing that helped me get to where I am today is my immaculate focus on gearing my resume towards my accomplishments. In the corporate world you must make yourself stand out. Ways of doing so are knowing that time is key. Having an overbearing resume will lower chances since, most are generally glanced at quickly. Also stick to the basics exaggeration may make you sound good yet doesn’t always open a door. Lastly talk to people in that field already they know better then anyone what companies are looking for. Even with all of that experience my know how wasn’t complete. My thirst for knowledge and experience hasn’t ended there.
Currently I am going for my MBA at the Stanford School of Business to even further my education. Education is key to the corporate world since, we all know knowledge is power.

Never allow yourself to be downsized by your accomplishments. Every step taken is the right one in order to impress you must present yourself as an impressive person.

Why Being an Economist Rocks

Economics has over the years been ignored by the masses as students opted for business courses. However, as businesses get more complex, business owners and the government are now recognizing the edge economists have when it comes to problem solving and analyzing technical subjects. Are you considering a career in Economics? Here are some reasons why being an economist rocks.

You get to work with a variety of employers
Studying economics opens the doors to different prestigious employers. Economists can basically work in consulting firms, government agencies, and banks to non-profit organizations. Additionally, economists can work in prestigious institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Economists are always in demand
Students who’ve studied economics are always in demand. Unlike other courses like marketing which experience a boom and a recession, economists can always access work in various institutions. Economists can also work in other fields such as marketing. They help to analyze the market and formulate pricing strategies that will see a company maximize its profits.

High remuneration rates
Economists are some of the highly paid individuals. Their skill level and amount of time spent in a project normally dictate their salaries. This means that the more experienced you are in the field, the higher your remuneration will be.

You are able to give advice
Economists are always ready to give advice on national policies, budget and even the national income. An economist can explain why the economy is in a recession without having to think about it twice.

Christian Broda is the University of Chicago academic and hedge fund manager. The professor addresses issues in macroeconomics, finance and international trade. Having earned his PhD, Christian’s work has been published in the American Economic review and the journal of International Economics. He also plays the role of a researcher at the National Bureau of Economic research.

Kenneth Griffin Donated Money To His College

How would you like to have the Harvard College financial aid office named after you? How do you think that that would feel? Well, Kenneth Griffin got to see how that feels recently when the college renamed their office after him. Why did they do it? Because of a very generous donation that he gave to the college.
Kenneth Griffin is a man who has had a lot of success in his career as a financial executive. He has gained fame because of the work that he has done, and he has gained riches, too. But, he has not kept all of his wealth to himself. He donated $150 million to Harvard College recently, and that is why they are renaming their financial aid office for him. He has given them a large chunk of money with which they will sure to be able to do a lot. They will be able to change a lot of lives with that kind of money.
Kenneth Griffin was able to attend Harvard college, and he says that it had changed his life. By donating the money he hoped to give other people the chance to succeed in life, as well.
Without Harvard college would Kenneth Griffin have made it so far in his career? Maybe, or maybe not. He owes a lot to the college, and he realizes that. He’s donated a lot of money to the college because of what it has done for him. He’s made a way for others to be able to go to the same college that he loved so much.
People like Kenneth Griffin, who are generous with the money that they have worked hard to earn for themselves, are rare in this world. It’s nice to see him giving back to the college that he attended years ago. It’s nice to see him looking out for the next generation. He is providing a better life for many people, and that is awesome of him. He’d not keeping all of the wealth that he has obtained to himself, but instead he is sharing a piece of it with people who are in the same position that he was once in himself, before all of his success.

Keeping It (Real) Estate: New Jersey Property Picture Looks to Rebound

After the bottom dropped out of the market in 2006, the national real estate picture began a slow upward climb. According to a recent article in the July 2015 edition of Realty Today, however, New Jersey has lagged behind this upward trend most notably due to a high number of foreclosures and a smaller state population. 

Nonetheless, experts predict this will soon change and cite several reasons why they expect an uptick in the Jersey market. It’s believed that low down payments and interest rates will attract buyers, particularly from neighboring New York. Aggressive marketing of properties on social media and SEO optimization also get the word out on properties and allow prospective buyers to track options. Real-time agents are also available online to provide property details. Although families continue to be the primary buyers, demographics show an increase in singles purchasing homes. 

All of these signs pointing to a rebound come as no surprise to Omar Boraie, president of Boraie Development LLC. Mr. Boraie is the visionary behind such urban refurbishing as New Brunswick’s One Spring Street Condominium, which opened in 2007 and sold out in two months. However, Mr. Boraie is quick to give additional credit where it’s due to companies such as Johnson & Johnson. “If Johnson & Johnson didn’t decide to live in New Brunswick, none of this would have happened,” says Boraie. 

Boraie Development’s current projects include The Aspire, a seventeen-story residential building with 238 units. Mr. Boraie believes that luxury accommodations will bring many professionals back into the fabric of New Brunswick and other New Jersey cities and contribute to real estate growth in the state. “Every morning I look out and see Johnson & Johnson. I see Rutgers. I see the medical school. I see the hospital expanding ….It’s the combination that is building downtown New Brunswick,” says Boraie. This combination, indeed, appears to be part of the winning blend that will bring New Jersey real estate back on the upswing.

Vijay Eswaran Award Winning Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Vijay Eswaran, the CEO of QNET and the founder of the QI Group, is a
successful entrepreneur and philanthropist alike. He has even been
referred to as a saint by affiliates of his direct selling
conglomerate. Vijay Eswaran received CEO of the year in 2013 by the
Asean Business Advisory Council Malaysia and his company QNET was
more recently voted one of twenty best companies to work for in Asia,
by HR Journal Group. The fate of the QI Group and QNET were
solidified when Vijay Eswaran and his partner attained the rights to
sell commemorative coins for the Sydney 2000 Olympics in 1998. It
was always in Dr. Eswarans vision to help his fellow man to achieve
higher economic status. His partner and himself came up with a
formula to merge direct selling and e-commerce. In 1999 the company
was recognized as one of the first Asian companies to use and master
online network marketing techniques. This enabled his company to
reach out and provide services to customers and affiliated businesses
all over the world.

From the beginning of Dr. Eswaran’s entrepreneurial journey he lived and
worked by wise words passed on by his father, “Service above Self.”
It is his dedication to personal customer service and daring to
never give up that brought his business from humble beginnings to the
multinational conglomerate he now runs. Over the years he has said
in interviews that he has realized that great employees have less
commonly assessed attributes such as being as determined, true and
loyal to a shared goal as he is. He extends this somewhat familial
viewpoint further than just his employees and works to change the
lives of people outside of his company as well according to

Vijay Eswaran’s first largely publicized philanthropic work was to hire
Disney on Ice for 200 orphaned children in Malaysia. Over the years
QNET has sponsored hundreds of children, actively participated in
natural disaster relief, made donations to relief organizations, sent
disabled children to major sporting events and the list goes on. For
this man even that is not enough, he wants to build a completely
green Harvard of the East and has been doing just this in partnership
with Blair Education Services and the Sate of Perak, Malaysia.