Donata Meirelles – Success in Fashion

Little Tea on Ms. Meirelles

When in Brazil, do as Brazilian’s do; and that is to follow the fashion sense of the one and only Donata Meirelles. She is one of the most renown fashion guru’s in the world, according to French fashion stylists. Ms. Meirelles has been in the fashion arena for more than three decades; and has made a name for herself when it comes to all things stylish. Her name is synonymous with Vogue, and she is currently their Style Director and has been so for more than five years.

Life Before Vogue

Before her life of being a fashion guru and working for Vogue, Donata Meirelles attended college at Columbia University located in New York. After finishing college she moved on to take her studies into a real life career. She started her illustrious career at Daslu Boutique in the early 90’s. She was such a success for years and began to be recognized by influential French stylists, buyers, and editors. This success parlayed into becoming the Editor in Chief of Vogue Brazil in the early 2000’s; and this was the beginning of her rise to fame. Follow Donata Meirelles on Twitter for more fashion.

Personal Life, Beliefs, and Goals

Donata Meirelles is married to a successful entrepreneur, Co-Founder and Partner of the ABC Group, Mr. Nizan Guanaes. ABC Group is one of the top communications holding company and is predominately in Latin America. Ms. Meirelles is also the Founder of the Women in the World Foundation, in which she has been honored with several awards on its behalf. She is also renown for her advocacy for aiding those that suffer from HIV and AIDS.

Donata Meirelles’ believes that fashion is her passion and has always been apart of her lifelong journey. She feels that here travels to other countries have have aided her in keeping up with the every changing trends of fashion. She strongly believes in building a brand that has a purpose and can be of use to those that utilizes it. Her fashion sense will continue to influence worldwide followers for years to come. Read More:

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