The Dauntless Enhanced Athlete Continues to Soar High Despite the Obstacles

It takes boldness to continue moving from one level of growth to another especially when a company is facing obstacles. Nevertheless, that seemed not to affect the functionality of Enhanced Athlete and their commitment to offering quality services to their customers. The productivity of the company is expected to even go higher after it won the lawsuit against Nutrition Distribution who failed to present any tangible evidence of how the company led to their loss of sales. There is no way Enhanced Athlete could allow itself to be their victim hence it presented substantial evidence of their clean operations.

The Court Judge of the California District had no option than deny the lawsuit and gave justice to Enhanced Athlete. Mr. Scott Cavell, the Chief Executive Officer of the company said that the claims of Nutrition Distribution are just but mere shakedown schemes. It was clear that the prosecutor was not showing how the advert, which was a promotional technique done by the Enhanced Athlete, affected their sales volume. And because no link was established between the operations of the two, the case was dismissed hence the incredible Athlete company winning the case.

It has been noted that Nutrition Distribution has filed more than 70 lawsuits against similar companies operating in the same line as EA. The lawsuits by ND seemed as a scam to bring down their competitors; however, EA seems to be beyond their grip. According to Mr. Adams, who constitute the legal team of Enhanced Athlete says that ND is well known to be having such claims against a number of companies yet it doesn’t present any evidence to prove their claims. As a matter of fact, EA’s advert never affected Nutrition Distribution sales hence no link could be found between the two.

Enhanced Athlete is owned by Tony Hughes and he happens to be its founder too. The company deals with fitness and is based in Cheyanne. Soon the company is set to improve their products so as to enhance and increase quality and compliance with an aim of satisfying their esteemed customers all over the world. One of the major improvements that clients should expect is the introduction of the new ingredients which will boost the efficiency and effectiveness of their products.

The growth of Enhanced Athlete is quite recommendable and surprising to many companies. It has grown to have two sister companies namely: Enhanced Clothing and Enhanced Coaching. Coaching plans provides the client with nutrition advice and other helpful tips.