Lincolnshire Management Firm Activities

Lincolnshire Management firm was launched in early 1986. The principal aim behind this establishment was to promote the middle market companies as well as invest in recapitalization, acquiring new private corporations, management of buyouts among others. This firm has headquarters located in the Greater New York Area, but it has also established new regional offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. To ensure that the company runs smoothly and serves a wide range of clients, about 100 employees have been hired. The employees strive to provide high standard services to all the corporations acquired.

Lincolnshire Management has managed to control over $1.7 billion in equity funds as indicated here ; it has also invested in more than 70 acquisitions in about two decades. Some of the private companies acquired include Gruppo Fabbri Vignola that was purchased in early May 2014. This success has resulted from teamwork among the employees, and extensive investment experiences acquired. Lincolnshire Management firm has adopted the use of advanced technologies for its website to communicate with clients. Some of the techniques used include; mobile Compatible, Google Analytics as well as viewport Meta.

Lincolnshire Management faces stiff competition from various related companies including Sentinel Capital Partners, Irving Place capital among others. This competition motivates the Lincolnshire Management team to be on toes to maintain the company’s status. The Lincolnshire Management website has been ranked in top positions as it hired Daniel Aronovitz an expert in an analyzing the company’s equity.

Recently, Lincolnshire Management sold the private they had acquired Fabbri Group to Argos Soditic. Argos has set a good reputation in the middle market as he owns various equity firms. He has established offices in Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, Milan, and Paris where he can buy and sell corporations with the help of his management team. This sale also included Stella Group and William Blair who served significant roles. For instance, William was the financial advisor to both parties and CBA as the legal counsel for the sale. These transactions aim at promoting the growth of Fabbri Group using unique investment strategies that will enable the firm to expand to other places including Russia and US.

Beneficiaries of Equity First Holding’s Lending Facilities

Are you in need of urgent financing for your business or to cover non-purpose capital needs? Do you need a personal loan to help you deal with urgent expenses? If so then you are probably among the people that stand to benefit significantly by working with Equity First Holdings.

When it comes to obtaining non-conventional lending services in most parts of the world, Equity First is usually at the top of most lists and there is good reason behind this trend. For starters, getting a regular loan involves a lot of red tape and bottlenecks. Not only is it difficult to get around these but the time it takes may also prove to be too long. Not to mention the fact that same day loans will probably cost you an arm and a leg. Click Here for more .

Equity First Holdings specializes in helping clients who need to borrow money quickly and inexpensively. The main clients targeted by the company are usually either business entities or individuals with high net capital. And so comes the question- why do they only prefer high net worth individuals?

Assuming you need a loan but you do not have any significant or acceptable physical assets that you can put up as collateral, most lenders will not even touch you with a long stick. And they still won’t if you have intangible assets like shares in another company. But not Equity first. When you borrow from Equity First, you can directly transfer your shares to the company and they will hold that as collateral against the loan that they are going to give you. The returns on the shares will be paid back eventually along with the loan. The entire process is fast and efficient which makes it ideal both for short term and for long term borrowers. This unique lending approach adopted by the company has enabled it to expand into most of the largest cities in the world. for more .

Here Are A Few Reasons Explaining US Money Reserve’s Success

US Money Reserve is the premier distributor of precious metals, with the most commonly traded precious metal being gold by far. There is a wide range of gold coins that have been printed by the United States Federal Reserve Bank, along with a few silver and platinum coins.

US Money Reserve has a very positive footprint when it comes to dealing with customers and other businesses. Customer service is arguably the most important aspect of businesses for US Money Reserve because resolving any conflicts, struggles, or doubts that customers may have about a product or a service ultimately results in more sales and less returns. This amazing company has given lots of money to more than sixty-eight different charitable, NPO’s, including some of the best causes in the United States of America such as the Air Force JROTC Booster Club, American Cancer Society Relay for Life, and the Salvation Army.

Most people are not frequently involved in the purchase, sale, saving, or overall trade when it comes to precious metals, so it would come as a surprise to most people if they were told that US Money Reserve is one of the most important distributors of gold, silver, and other precious metals in the entire world. This is because of the great policies that US Money Reserve consistently honors and the very low fees that are charged for US Money Reserve acting as an intermediary that provides clients with one hundred percent, actual, real gold.

For anyone interested in hearing about the stories of people who have purchased gold, silver, platinum, or palladium from US Money Reserve, simply visit their website, look for the tab that says “Testimonials,” and start to read more about these people who have bought gold from US Money Reserve. You can also watch some Tv Commercials about the company. Every single testimonial on their website is from actual customers, rather than actor portrayals or reviews written by paid writers.

Anyone with any doubts regarding US Money Reserve can squash them in their tracks by contacting US Money Reserve by either e-mailing, calling, or visiting their website and seeking for the answers that they have doubts about. US Money Reserve is able to answer any question that a person may have, no matter if it is a very difficult question or one that is self-explanatory. Do not hesitate to call US Money Reserve because they will never try to attempt to make a hard sale of their precious metals — they will only try to help a person out.

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Gold As An Investment

Gold is a precious shiny metal dug out from the ground. Investing in physical gold is one of the ways investors can use to protect their assets from reducing their original value. There are several reasons as to why gold investment is encouraged. One of the major reasons is that gold has proven its capacities to protect against inflation as well as hold value over time. It’s also important for an investor to at least diversify a couple of their portfolio percentage in gold buying because this will help them secure their wealth.


Money Reserve is located in the United States. It was established by people who had great experience in gold market. These veterans were influenced by the need to combine important guidance, market knowledge and quality customer service necessary when buying precious metals. Philip N. Diehel who worked formerly as the 35th director of U.S Mint is now the president of the money reserve company. The U.S money reserve has been acknowledged as one of the most trusted and world’s largest distributors of U.S. government silver and gold coins. Over the years, most clients have consulted this company on issues relating the choice of coins that have the ability to record the highest value.


The U.S Money Reserve Company provides the U.S.Government with products and services such as gold coins, guides on gold buying as well as graded and certified coins. It also sells precious metals in the form of bars and coins. This company holds to a limited inventory which is divided into four categories which are; Certified, Silver Bullion, Bullion bars, and Gold Bullion. Other than this, the U.S Money Reserve Company clearly lists its prices on the website so that it is easier for one to order services online. This is seen as a cheaper way because ordering using credit cards is a little bit expensive.


Investing in gold is a profitable choice and its worth to be considered as an option to be added in one’s portfolio. Gold is one of the things that have very high demand and its cost tends to continually go up over the years. This is a metal that requires no maintenance hence one does not have to count extra costs on its maintenance. Gold is a universal commodity that investors have to invest in because its value increases ever even if inflation is recorded within a particular economy investing in gold is one of the wisest decisions one can ever make in a lifetime.

Joseph Bismark Accepts UNGC’s Certificate of Membership on behalf of the Q1 Group of Company

The Q1 group of companies was given a certificate of membership after joining the United Nations Global Compact Network. This is according to an article that featured on Yahoo Finance. The UNGC network is one of the biggest corporate sustainability initiatives. At the International CSR Summit held in 2015 in Singapore, the company pledged to embrace sustainable and responsible business practices.

The UNGC Network was set up for businesses that are ready to adopt the ten universally accepted principals in human rights, environment, labor and anti-corruption sectors. Joining the initiative was a way of the company to show its commitment in adopting good business practices for business sustainability and social development.

The certificate was awarded by Ms. Ursula Wynhoven, General Counsel, Chief, Governance and Social Sustainability. Accepting the certificate on behalf of the company, Joseph Bismark, Group Managing Director, said that it was an honor and privilege to be a part of the UNGC. According to him, this association is in line with the company’s plan of improving in areas such as human rights, environment, labor rights and anti-corruption.

One of the many benefits that will arise from joining UNGC is the adoption of a policy framework that is globally recognized. The policy framework will assist with the development and implementation of social, environmental and governance policies.

Another benefit is the opportunity to partner with a number of stakeholders such as civil society, governments and UN agencies. The partnerships will provide a platform through which the best and emerging practices can be shared. Bismark reiterated that the company will take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the United Nations in issues of sustainability and development.

Bismark became the company’s Managing Director after a corporate restructuring in 2008. Being among the company’s founding directors, he has played a big part in building a foundation upon which the business has grown. His leadership style can be described as open and consultative. Being a firm believer in spiritual growth through service to mankind, Bismark is involved in philanthropic activities including the RHYTHM foundation.

Bismark has excelled in various fields that he has involved himself in including Yoga instructor, philosophy and martial arts. His interest in healthy living is what has influenced the company to venture into wellness and healthy foods. The Q1 group of companies has regional offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Malaysia. It also has presence in around 30 other countries.

Source: Yahoo Finance

The Many Types of Investment Banking

The world of investment banking is very complex but it can be extremely rewarding. Knowledgeable investment bankers are able to pull in huge clients and generate large returns for themselves and their companies. Investment banking firms don’t only work with individuals and small businesses. The majority of investment firms work with large corporations in a variety of practices. Some of the practices that investment firms and investment bankers engage in are mergers and acquisitions, the buying and selling of stocks and bonds, hedge fund management and investment consulting. These practices allow investment firms to be extremely profitable in the current financial climate and in the future.

Another service that investment banking firms provide is asset management. Asset management is the practice of maintaining and monitoring anything of importance and high value for an entity. Many investment banking firms dealing with asset management handle hundreds of millions of dollars, some firms even handle billions of dollars. These firms work with large companies and work on their behalf when it comes to their assets. These companies expect the investment firms they are working with to get them extremely high returns on their money. When it comes to asset management, investment firms also handle the investment funds of their clients.

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm that primarily deals with asset management. Highland Capital Management manages assets totaling approximately $21 billion. They are on of the largest alternative credit managers. Highland Capital Management specializes in credit hedge funds, separate accounts, collateralized loan obligations and private equity. The firm is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and they have offices in Seoul, Singapore, San Paulo and New York.

James Dondero is the Co-founder and the President of Highland Capital Management. James Dondero of nexbank has more than thirty years of experience in equity and credit markets. He focuses primarily on distressed and high-yield investing. In addition to being the President of Highland Capital Management, he is also the chairman of Nexbank, CCS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare. He also serves on the board of MGM Studios and American Banknote. Prior to founding Highland Capital Management, James Dondero was the chief investment officer of Protective Life. While there, he helped build out its subsidiary and help acquire over $2 billion in assets. In the 1980s, James Dondero worked at American Express as a Portfolio Manager. He is very active in many charities, supporting causes such as public policy, veteran’s affairs and education.

Christian Broda Had What It Took To Make It Far

What makes a person a good economist? What sets them apart from all of the others who have tried to make it in this field and who have not done well in it? Well, what makes a good economist is what makes anyone good in any field. It is the dedication that they are giving to their career. Without a good amount of smarts, dedication and passion for a job, there is no way that one will succeed at it. It takes time put into a career in order for it to really blossom and grow into something great.

Economists are just like anyone else in that way. They are people who have been driven to succeed in their field. They have put aside everything else and focused solely on their career, so that they can have the success that they have been longing to have. Economists cannot be afraid of the hard work that needs to be done, but instead they need to embrace it.

When they can do that then good things will happen for them.
Christian Broda knows as well as anyone the hard work that it takes in order to get to a good place in the field of economics. But he, like many others in the field, did not shy away from the hard work. He was not afraid of dedicating all of his time to making this happen for himself, and his dedication for the work is what has put him ahead in the field. He has been able to succeed because of it, and because of the passion that he has for the work that he does.

Smarts, dedication and passion. Those are the three things that one will want to bring with them when they start out on the path toward success in any career. They will want to have the smarts to be able to learn a lot about their field. They will want to have the dedication to stick with the learning even when times get tough. And they will want to have the passion that will drive them to succeed. If they have all three of those things, then they will be sure to end up being a great economist.

Economists and Future Leaders like Christian Broda

Economists may be people, but they are also tools for the global system to function better financially. To be referred to as an economists, a person must have attained their PH. D. in economics, however, their aren’t strict regulations placed on them for practicing this discipline like there is medicine or law. This is probably due to the fact that economics is a social science as opposed to medical or legal science, but economists can still earn a fantastic living in contrast to other social science fields because they are seen as invaluable to the private sector, academia and especially government.

Despite economics being a social science, an economist must still meet some standards before they’re hired as an economist. The United States government requires that a person complete 21 hours in economics, and they have to complete 3 hours in calculus, statistics or accounting before being recognized. An economist isn’t truly and economist in the world of academics until they’ve attained their PH. D. This may be unique to academia, but it’s considered the standard in pretty much every field that needs to hire an economist for consulting too so they’re usually very well educated people that have spent a lot of time writing and crunching numbers.

Aside from teaching or working for the government, economists are employed in many areas of finance such as: marketing, accounting, banking, commerce, business management and even for non-profit organizations. These are still very broad professions with each containing even more specifics jobs and needs for an economist. Many politicians and people running for office will also hire an economist to help them formulate an economic policy for the people the represent. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a politician to have experience as an economist, and that is a great selling point when running too. It should always be kept in my that developing policy is more of a philosophical approach than it is scientific even if it is based on analysis of markets.

There are a lot of well known economists in the public eye and in history, but one name that people need to get familiar with is Christian Broda. Christian is well known within his field of economics, and he’s very young to have accomplished all that he’s known for. He received his B.A. for Economics in Argentina from the the Universidad de San Andres. Then, he went to MIT where he received his Masters in the discipline, he later obtained his PH. D. of Economics from MIT as well. In addition to his published works, he was a professor at the University of Chicago, and he currently is a Project Manager at Duquesne Capital Management in New York.

Keeping It (Real) Estate: New Jersey Property Picture Looks to Rebound

After the bottom dropped out of the market in 2006, the national real estate picture began a slow upward climb. According to a recent article in the July 2015 edition of Realty Today, however, New Jersey has lagged behind this upward trend most notably due to a high number of foreclosures and a smaller state population. 

Nonetheless, experts predict this will soon change and cite several reasons why they expect an uptick in the Jersey market. It’s believed that low down payments and interest rates will attract buyers, particularly from neighboring New York. Aggressive marketing of properties on social media and SEO optimization also get the word out on properties and allow prospective buyers to track options. Real-time agents are also available online to provide property details. Although families continue to be the primary buyers, demographics show an increase in singles purchasing homes. 

All of these signs pointing to a rebound come as no surprise to Omar Boraie, president of Boraie Development LLC. Mr. Boraie is the visionary behind such urban refurbishing as New Brunswick’s One Spring Street Condominium, which opened in 2007 and sold out in two months. However, Mr. Boraie is quick to give additional credit where it’s due to companies such as Johnson & Johnson. “If Johnson & Johnson didn’t decide to live in New Brunswick, none of this would have happened,” says Boraie. 

Boraie Development’s current projects include The Aspire, a seventeen-story residential building with 238 units. Mr. Boraie believes that luxury accommodations will bring many professionals back into the fabric of New Brunswick and other New Jersey cities and contribute to real estate growth in the state. “Every morning I look out and see Johnson & Johnson. I see Rutgers. I see the medical school. I see the hospital expanding ….It’s the combination that is building downtown New Brunswick,” says Boraie. This combination, indeed, appears to be part of the winning blend that will bring New Jersey real estate back on the upswing.

Susan McGalla’s Quality of Work Has Taken Her To The Top of The Business World

Susan P. McGalla is a 41 year old CMO and current president of the brand American Eagle Outfitters. She began at the teen retailer in the year of 1994 at a time when executive offices clearly reflected the roots of the chain as a store that focused solely on male customers.

Susan McGalla on ChrunchBase had previously worked in the department stores of Joseph Horne Co. and felt that she was always being judged as a part of the American Eagle Outfitters management team. Despite making the vast efforts of arriving first in morning meetings, she felt that she was still being judged for the ideas she brought to the table.

She received her current title of being in charge of design, marketing and merchandising for teen American customers last May. In the month of October, she wore jeans to assist in leading a celebratory event on the South Side to publicly announce the plan of the retailer to relocate its headquarters there. Governor Ed Rendell has remarked that he has rarely seen a president at such a young age.

Ms. McGalla’s take on being a woman in her respective field of business may not fit the traditional expectations. At one point in time, a group had approached her by asking her to apply for a “women’s executive award”. She talked about growing up in the city of East Liverpool, Ohio with a father who was a football coach and two brothers. She was always taught that she was a person, not a woman or a man. In other words, she should be judged on the quality of her work, not her gender. Her family has had a helpful role in teaching her to have confidence when presenting her ideas and herself as an individual. She has attested that following their guidance has served her well. She’s made sure to never play the “woman card”, or the easy way around things as it’s often seen as being. Besides having the ability of talking sports just as passionately as her interests of shopping, she has the ability of engaging in conversations with just about any and everyone.