Revolution in Financial Market with Equities First Holding

Having been started in 2002, Equity First has grown rapidly to one of the global leaders in the lending financial market. The company has strong root in nine different countries, and is led by well-informed leaders who can read the trends in the market and adjust accordingly to suit both the needs of their clients, employees as well as the welfare of the company itself. Among the top leaders is Mr. Al Christy Jr, the chairman of this globally recognized company and the managing director Mr. Jeff Smith. The primary objective has been to provide security based kind of loans to businesses as well as high-net-worth individuals or investors.

With the current trend where banks are shutting out most people, making it very hard for most individuals as well as businesses to qualify for loans, Equities First comes in to help. The company saw the gap and stepped in to fill it while reaching out to a lot of firms and individuals who can now access loans without necessarily having tangible collateral as the banks demand. Here, one can just use the stock as collateral for a loan. This move has been welcomed by Equities, making them the best financiers and making it possible for them to widen their market. To qualify for the credit, the company analyses the risk involved with your stock or bond, and looks at their performance in the market. If the applicant qualifies, the loan is processed.

The process of acquiring a loan here is simple, elaborate and very transparent. All the client does is to call in with the proposed collateral terms as well as the amount of money he/she would want as a loan. Equities First goes through the conditions and, upon qualification, the client signs the relevant documents and is funded accordingly. The collateral is later returned upon completion of loan repayment. for more.


Sanjay Shah And Solo Capital’s Beginnings

Solo Capital is a company founded by Sanjay Shah. It is a worldwide boutique institution with headquarters in England. Solo Capital was constituted in 2011 and is regulated by the UK. Since inception, Solo Capital has made a number of great as well as positive changes.

It was established following Sanjay Shah’s decision to leave his accounting job at a bank situated in North London. He handled different accounting positions for a number of years that the served in the finance field. However, he became jaded with working in the financial organizations. His time was wasted by the morning and evening travels. He decided to quit his accounting profession after feeling wasted. Prior to quitting his career, the finance sector was struck by the 2008 financial crisis. Many professionals were retrenched Sanjay Shah among them. He opted out of employment completely after the retrenchment.

Sanjay Shah went on to rent a tiny room outside London making it his office. The small office is where Sanjay Shah begun his brokerage firm that has achieved so much growth. With only a few employees at the beginning, the firm currently employs many people. Additionally, it has moved offices and now has its own buildings. Sanjay Shah has also been able to own other firms in different locations across the world.

About Sanjay Shah
Sanjay Shah is British businessman that owns Aesa S.a.r.l. The firm manages Solo Group Holdings, which runs Solo Capital Partners. Sanjay Shah owns numerous other companies. The companies are situated across London, The Cayman Islands, Malta, and Dubai. The other locations where he has offices include The British Virgin Islands and Luxembourg.

Additionally, he is also active with charitable causes. Sanjay Shah contributes to autism research through Autism Rocks, an organization he created in 2011. It supports autism research endeavors. The organization also works on spreading awareness about the condition. It raises funds for the two causes by organizing private concerts that host various celebrities. In 2015, Sanjay Shah spent $100,000 to spread more awareness on autism. He spent the money on the domain name “Autism.Rocks“ for the organization’s website.


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