A Look at Why George Soros is a Leading Philanthropist

George Soros is undeniably among the world’s most leading philanthropists. Over the years, he has donated about $18 billion to his charity organization, Open Society Foundations. As a result, the network has grown into the second-largest philanthropic group across the US with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation topping the list. What’s more, the massive donation marks the largest wealth transfer ever made by an individual donor to a specific foundation.

Founded over three decades ago, the Open Society Foundations are best known for promoting human rights and democracy in over 120 nations. In recent years, the network has shifted a significant portion of its focus to the US whereby it has invested in programs that minimize abuses by the police and protect lesbians and gays. Additionally, Open Society is known for various efforts such as funding a center for Roma art and culture and treatment centers during the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

George Soros has made significant donations in the political space, which include financing Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid and among other Democratic politicians. This endeavor elicited criticism from the Republican side. During the recently held presidential elections in the US, Soros also donated millions of dollars to support anti-Trump super PACs.

Over the decades, George Soros has made annual donations of nearly $800 or $900 million to the Open Society Foundations. Nonetheless, his increased contribution in the recent years propelled the organization’s endowment to approximately $18 billion in 2017. The Wall Street Journal was the first to reveal the total donation. Moreover, George Soros is anticipated to make at least $2 billion in donations to the Open Society Foundations in the oncoming years.

According to Patrick Gaspard, the VP of Open Society Foundations, the organization had dealt with various leaders in civil society. The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Stacy Palmer also cited that Soros’ donations will make keep his name at the focal point of political and social debated to come regardless s of how the funds were spent.

About George Soros

Billionaire cum philanthropist, George Soros is a popular figure in the global financial space. In fact, he is the chairperson of the Soros Fund Management LLC. As a prominent and accomplished financier, George Soros’ opinions on economic and investing matters garner a wide following. He founded the Open Society Foundations in 1979 after deciding that he had made adequate money for himself. Open Society entails a network of projects, partners, and foundations that operate in over 100 countries globally.

Over the years, Soros has carved a name for himself as a leading philanthropist, having donated billions of dollars to date. Most of his generous funding goes into supporting organizations and individuals across the global divide, especially those fighting for an accountable government transparency, equality, and the freedom of expression. Away from philanthropy, George Soros is a prolific author of several popular books to his names. His work provides insight into how he approaches business and investing as well as his opinions on open societies, globalization, politics, globalization, economics, and philanthropy and more