US Money Reserve Podcast & It’s Correlation to George Soros

Recently, George Soros, a business investor, magnate, and philanthropist, predicted an economy in the making, like it was in 2008
, according to TheStreet, Inc. And rather this prediction is true or not, it’s always important to invest in trustworthy and reliable sources for wealth insurance, just in case.

In a recent US Money Reserve podcast, the organization’s president, Philip N. Diehl, expressed some of his background with the company, their benefits, and how they are distinguishable from their competitors. In hearing the podcast, just about anyone would be ready to use their products and services, to ensure their financial stability and retirement, regardless of the economy.

In the podcast, the interviewer, Eric Dye, and Mr. Diehl touched on the following topics:
•Effective leader of U.S. Money Reserve and the most rewarding aspect of his job-
Diehl replied that he continually encourages commitment to customer service to his whole staff- the sales and back office staff.

•U.S. Money Reserve’s offerings and what appeals to customers and their demographic- Diehl replied that most of their products are gold, silver, and platinum coins produced by the US Mint. They’re a legal tender of the US, their weight and purity are guaranteed, and these products are backed by the strongest economy of the world. This company also started a self-directed, precious metal program to use gold as wealth insurance to protect their retirement, and that would also give clients an opportunity to benefit from rising gold prices.

•The difference of U.S. Money Reserve from its competitors- Diehl stated that they are committed to customer satisfaction- no one matches them in this respect. They also are strong in their product selection, where people can trust them.

•Why own US Government minted gold and silver coins instead of gold bullion or bars? He responded that the weight and purity in gold bars are not legal tender, and they are not backed by the US. Some of these products are proven to be counterfeits from some overseas who infiltrated to the US. Some of these counterfeits are so good, that it’s hard for even the experts to decipher.

•What mostly impacted the gold market over the past decade? He stated that it was four factors: 1. The 2008 financial crisis- which caused a lot of fear, and a lot of fear causes flight for quality and wealth insurance. He further said that gold has played that role for many years. 2. The new demand of gold, which is gold ETF is electronic plans that came from the 2008 financial market in which the Federal Reserve monitors, and the downtime is accelerated. 3. Another factor is the aging value of the dollar, which outsets gold demand for gold, and number four, puts pressure on prices especially with the market in China.

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