This Beauty Blogger Took A Risk And Tried A New Hair Product

Do you live for great hair? Do you obsess over fashion magazines particularly those who focus on hair trends? Do you find yourself up late at night reading twitter tweets and getting hair care tips from all of the hair professionals in order to get the hair you desperately want? Do you think that you are defined by your hair? Are you tired of going from product to product trying to figure out what works for you? Do not fret. You are not alone. Thousands of women and men each day struggle with bad hair days and even more men and women struggle with how to maintain good hair. It can be challenge finding what works and what doesn’t work and if you’re like me it could take forever to figure it out because who wants to slip up and use the wrong product and lose your hair?
Recently while up late at night I stumbled across‘s website. Chaz Dean. the creator of WEN is the celebrity hair stylist you wish you woke up to each day. He has done hair for all the greats and has us all wishing we had better hair days. While scrolling online on facebook one day I stumbled across an article by a beauty blogger who took a leap of faith on this hot new product. for days she only used Wen By Chaz on her fine hair and every day she took readers through a day by day summary of how the product worked on her hair. After a few days you could begin to see the transformation taken place and as a reader and follower I was impressed. While I may not like taking risks on my own hair was I was impressed by the results and it has peaked my interested in wanting to learn more about this great new product. For more info, see